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The boundless existence contains innumerable planes, realms, and worlds. Within it, life and essence populate its endless expanse. Anything from peasants to star-eating void beasts can be found making their homes here. Here where authority and power are everything, it is the cultivators who use the essence saturating existence itself to fully realize the potential of their own mortal lives that struggle for supremacy.

Within this foreign and warring cosmos, a young man, shaped from tragedy and abuse, refined by hardship and strife, finds himself thrown into an alien world of the expanse.

After a brief encounter with a dubious cosmic being, Kai had finally been granted the opportunity to escape the shackles of mediocrity. With purpose once again finding its way back to his abandoned self, he sets out on a journey of self-discovery, family, and power.

Kai will have to battle against rival tribes, self-righteous empires, and fake gods who will try to steal everything that is his. But beware, Kai's hunger is eternal and world consuming. If he can not tame it and make it his own, it will eventually consume the world, and even himself.

This story features a protagonist with unconventional views and morals. In a world where only strength rules, concepts of good and evil become blurred as they fade to inutility. If you are looking for a goody-two-shoes, upholder of justice, and who goes around unconditionally saving any and all people in distress, this story is most likely not your cup of tea.

It can also get pretty dark and sensual at times, you have been warned.

With all that out of the way, I hope you enjoy!

The cover was commissioned by me from artist FloatingLeaf243.

ActionAdultAdventureEcchiFantasyIsekaiMartial ArtsMature
Scribbly Anniversary V2
Antihero Protagonist Appearance Changes Beast Companions Body Tempering Cannibalism Character Growth Confident Protagonist Crafting Demonic Cultivation Technique Devoted Love Interests Fantasy World Male Protagonist Martial Spirits R-18 Race Change Ruthless Protagonist Slaves Slow Growth at Start Slow Romance Strength-based Social Hierarchy Tragic Past Transported into Another World Weak to Strong Xianxia
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