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New Things
New Things
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K knew that he... wasn't good enough for his girlfriend, Gina. He was just far too innocent, far too... uncomfortable at the smallest of things. But even then, she didn't seem to mind. She seemed to care for him anyway. And to K, that meant everything. After years of this, years of this slow-burn love, of being there for each other... K let slip his deepest, darkest secret.

K had always been interested in... trying... certain things, but... as a girl.

And then he had a problem. The problem wasn't Gina's reaction. No, the problem was that Gina wasn't the kind of person to leave her partner's wishes unfulfilled. Because of her, K, for once in his life, had the ability to choose to... give in to his deepest desires.

K had a choice to make.

Gender BenderGirls LoveMatureRomance
Awkward Protagonist Character Growth Cute Protagonist Female Protagonist Heartwarming Male to Female Oneshot Reluctant Protagonist Timid Protagonist Transgender
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  1. New ThingsMay 7, 2021
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