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Dragon’s Dilemma
Dragon’s Dilemma
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A Sovereign's Scorn - Book 1 of The Dragons Dilemma Series

Typhoeus is a dragon. To the humans hunting him, he is nothing more than a monster. A mindless beast to be killed for levels and glory. To him, adventurers are not that much better.

Exiled from his home due to a trait on his status, and so very tired of killing adventurers on a near daily basis. Armed with a millennium of mystical knowledge and a new skill, Typhoeus decides to seek refuge hidden amongst the cowed remnants of humanity that populate this world.

This is his story.

Book 1 - A Sovereign's Scorn (157.3k words, avg 3.9k per chapter)
Book 2 - A Warrior’s Ire (180k words, avg 4.0k per chapter)

Updates (Tuesday and Fridays),

Read up to 15 Chapters ahead on Patreon, or ask me questions on discord.


This story contains the following: British English, Profanity, Cliffhangers, LGBT+ Characters & Themes, Explicit Sexual Content, Sexual Threat, Gore, and Overarching Plot.

So no-one is surprised, this story features a strong romance storyline between a shapeshifting genderqueer dragon and a human woman.

If that's not your thing, feel free to stop reading here.

ActionAdultAdventureDramaFantasyGender BenderGirls LoveLitRPGRomance
Adventurers Arrogant Characters Beautiful Couple Bisexual Protagonist Dark Dragons Dungeons Fantasy World Girl's Love Subplot Human-Nonhuman Relationship Level System Magic Manipulative Characters Monsters Multiple Protagonists Non-human Protagonist Orphans Protagonist Strong from the Start R-18 Romantic Subplot Strong to Stronger Sword Wielder Transformation Ability Unreliable Narrator Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents
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    New Kagaros
    Status: dd2 chapter 007

    As said in the description, Dragon's Dilemma is centered around the romance of a gender-bending dragon and a normal human. However I unfortunately find it hard to recommend to most others given the downhill direction the romance has been going if not for the interesting adventuring and overall fantasy world plot that keeps me hooked.

    For the first stretch of the story, the romance is good and steadily growing from being a relationship where Typh, the protagonist, wants to use Arilla as a tool for her own disguise but it ends up turning into a real romantic one. It unfortunately spirals down hard as the two end up with a terrible relationship dynamic where Typh is constantly vying to keep Arilla with him and practically kneels over for her every demand while Arilla ends up being a very unlikable character because of her often hypocritical actions, a severely lacking sense of remorse, or just being downright verbally abusive. 


    Throughout the story Arilla constantly bugs Typh about revealing the secrets she holds but more often than not ends up being unable to take said secret or truths well, on account of her being brainwashed as a orphan. When she eventually learns the big secret of Typh being a dragon she's just ends up being so nasty in the way she treats Typh where Arilla would hate and call her a monster for killing/eating humans (forget about the time Arilla also already ate ogre meat, another sapient) but still at the same thing wants Typh to listen to her orders and proceeds to manipulate Typh in commiting a full massacre for her. 

    So far nothing's been resolved at all. They still have this sh*tty relationship months after where Arilla takes advantage of Typh's feelings for her but doesn't want to keep a romantic relationship anymore, still calling her a monster. Despite that she still tries to find excuses to tag along with a Typh on her adventure. Arilla hadn't even yet found any fault in how she treats Typh besides the fact that she's sad about having killed and gained levels from humans. Typh's been frustratingly passive with everything that you'd think the main character was Arilla, not the dragon. She's just been trying to get Arilla to be her girlfriend again and just has no thoughts on the way she was being treated terribly because she's blinded by love.


    The action/drama in the novel is for the most part pretty average. For Typh, the fight scenes or drama often tries to create false suspense by limiting the MC's powers often the sake of him just wanting to maintain his appearance of being weak or just being too emotionally unstable to use his full power. Even though it's a LitRPG it's often not the focus as the process ends up being very slow.

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    0 Likes · Like
    Status: c37

    I only have one question :


    The world building is absolutely top-notch, the characters, particularly the MCs, are fleshed-out and believable, there's some progression despite a slice-of-lifey style, the middle-ground really. And I could probably continue spewing praises for a while.

    Typh's journey, despite starting like a hare-brained scheme to survive, is full of emotions, realism, and self-discovery that will probably leave you gobsmacked on your behind, not really knowing why you're now so invested in a disfunctional relationship, praying to all that is (un) holy that it'll work. Oh, and maybe they'll do some good while they're at it.

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: c0

    Love this!!! I really have no complaints or anything. Now I just to wait for more chapters to be released😭. 

    [Edited 9/29/21] 

    Before I said I didn't have any complaints but I could definitely do without all the constant multiple pov's, if you don't mind a whole bunch of pov's than I still recommend this a lot.

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