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Iron Blood
Iron Blood
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Billionaire, righteous, philosopher, husband, father. This was Cain Ashel 200 years ago but the life he lived now was totally different

Sex slave, human practise dummy, labourer, lab specimen. He had long lost his hope in people, himself and his circumstances. Eventually, he died.

But he awoke and found himself in a new world. With new beliefs and convictions, he will rise to the top.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a hero story or harem, the main character is not righteous. So if you're looking for that here, you'll be extremely disappointed.

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Cover art doesn't belong to me

I have more chapters on Webnovel

ActionFantasyMartial ArtsMatureMystery
Apathetic Protagonist Bloodlines Evil Protagonist Magic Mature Protagonist Reincarnation Ruthless Protagonist Scheming System Administrator Time Skip World Travel
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Table of Contents
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