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/ Series / Reborn as the Princess’ Knight (GL)
Reborn as the Princess’ Knight (GL)
Reborn as the Princess’ Knight (GL)
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4.3 (50 ratings)
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Kein Rosenguard, a reincarnated girl who suddenly became the crown princess's personal knight!

She fulfills her duties at the side of her highness, Princess Rosarie von Goldheart. A rebellious princess who would rather live her life as dressing as a commoner than attending fancy balls in the castle.

Kein decided she would spend her whole life protecting her Royal Highness but will she succeed in her mission and set aside her growing feelings for her?

Author's Note: Art is not mine. Only the stories, characters, fiction of place and plots are mine. Please support the artist and if you know who drew this please tell me!

Made on: May 31st, 2021

ActionAdventureBoys LoveComedyFantasyGirls LoveIsekaiRomanceSlice of Life
Character Growth Charismatic Protagonist Charming Protagonist Clever Protagonist Clingy Lover Dense Protagonist Female Protagonist Girl's Love Subplot Reincarnated into Another World Royalty Tomboyish Female Lead
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Table of Contents
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    Status: c37

    Its like reading a Marvel's story (too American if I might say).

    - The author is too much/often mentioning about his/her opinion of s*xuality (i get it you are gay, but I don't give a fck) reader just wanted to read your story, not a woke reminder.

    -Too much useless blaber about MC's original World (arts, movies, cultural woke).

    -Lazy plot, too often meeting a VIP person when we didn't have basic understanding of 'this' world.

    -Poor explanation about how magic works, meeting VIP is more important apparently.

    Basically a Marvel's story

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    Status: chapter 54

    I want to like this story, I really do. A lot of fun characters, a world more fleshed out than a lot of other isekai, and an interesting protagonist. However, in the end there are simply too many things that take away from my enjoyment of the story, which have resulted in me dropping the story where I did.

    Firstly, a somewhat minor, but at the same time very major problem: The whole premise as explained in the title and synopsis of the story is absurdly misleading to the reader. A reincarnated girl becomes the princess' knight, while trying to hold back her growing affection for her. Simple enough. And yet, this event, the reincarnated girl becoming the princess' knight - an event that both the title and the synopsis of the story talk about as being what the story is all about - doesn't actually even happen until about 30 chapters in, side chapters excluded. It is not until around chapter 30 that a timeskip happens, which finally gets us to the protagonist actually becoming the princess' knight. This means means this story can roughly be divided into two parts. The pre-timeskip part, and the post-timeskip part, which I'll referring to as the youth- and adulthood parts respectively. Both of these parts unfortunately carry with them their own problems. 

    The prologue of the story builds up the story a girl who had a bad childhood, without a father, and with a mother who mistreats her. One day, a professor rescues her out of that household, adopts her, and teaches her everything she knows. The girl, however, eventually gets ill, and the aforementioned professor wishes that she could get better, even if she'd have to give her own life. Then truck-kun appears to take out the sick girl, and... the professor pushes her out of the way, and it turns out the professor is the actual protagonist of the story, not the girl most of the prologue had been about.. 

    And then we enter the new world, this girl the whole prologue had been about never to be seen again outside of minor callbacks. The professor, now in the body of Kein, is put in your typical 'orphaned noble girl lives with her aunt and uncle and is mistreated' situation. The main antagonists for the youth part of the story are the bad people in this household, specifically one of her two cousins, her aunt, and a trio of maids. The cousin, Lucas, is just extremely childish, in both behaviour and speech. The aunt doesn't do much, apart from ordering the maids to do bad things to Kein. The maids' personalities respectively are the bully, the one who goes along with it, and the reluctant one. In the end these antagonists have little purpose aside from helping to further Kein's relations with other characters. 

    First there is her other cousin, Lenard, who's the only one in that household who treats her well. Then there's the son of a duke, Vincent, who visits the household often. Lastly, there is Rose, a girl who Kein meets when out in the city and the one who we quickly find out is in fact the titular princess. There are others, more people Kein meets in the city, but these are the main ones. Now, the main problem with these characters is a problem that a lot of LGBT+ stories have, which is that, simply put, every 'good' character is LGBT in some way, while the 'evil' characters are never. I support LGBT+ people just as much as the next person, but having every single character the protagonist gets along with be LGBT+ takes away from the immersion of a story in favor of forcing an 'it's fine to be LGBT+' mindset down the reader's throat.

    All in all the youth part of the story functions as a sort of gigantic prologue, letting us meet the characters and the world, see how said characters interact, and letting us know what the backstories and relationships of these characters are. 

    Then the timeskip happens and we enter the adulthood part of the story, where Kein is finally actually a knight. The main two problem I have with the adulthood part is that it ruined - for me, at least - a lot of the things that made the youth part fun to read. Firstly, the romance part of the story is slowly becoming infuriating to read due to a problem I'll get to shortly. And secondly, multiple characters I'd come to know and love are made unlikable, with no signs of them becoming likable again anytime soon. 

    The problem that makes the romance part infuriating to read is not exclusive to this story, and one I've seen in other romance stories as well. Said problem being that the author makes the relationship between the protagonist and the main love interest of the story a plain unhealthy relationship. The part that makes this problematic is that there are more characters than just the main love interest that have been clearly shown to like the protagonist, and in all of these cases, the character is simply way more likable than the main love interest as she's depicted in the adulthood part of the story. 

    In conclusion - because I'm not here to write a novel of my own - the youth part of the story reads as a fun and enjoyable, if somewhat standard girls' love romance story, as long as you don't mind the constant reminders that hey, being LGBT+ is fine by the way! The adulthood part of the story is still a romance story, but unfortunately the romance aspect of said story is no longer enjoyable to read. Instead, we have to infuriatingly read how the protagonist shoves aside characters who like truly her and simply want the best for her, rejecting (or straight-up ignoring) any of their advances while diving straight into an unhealthy relationship with an unlikable character. 

    I have refrained from mentioning nitpicks like the grammar needing a bit of work, or the unusual choice of the author to write any speech in bold text, since those didn't at any point leave me unable to understand the story. There were also some smaller gripes I had with the story that I left out of this review as to not make it even longer. 

    I'd like to finish this whole thing by saying that I have nothing against the story itself. There's a reason I still gave it 3 stars despite the problems I had with it; I did enjoy a lot of it.

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    Status: chapter 5: punishment.

    The story so far has potential but the biggest issue I found a few events within each chapter felt like just useless when it comes to explaining the explaining how the world works like is there magic or none so the story felt different from my expectations.

    Storytelling wise and describing is expertly crafted to the point of wondering if a professional made the series but if you look behind explaining and thoughts that feels boring, you will find a interesting story.

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