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/ Series / The Legend of the Fake Hero
The Legend of the Fake Hero
The Legend of the Fake Hero
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*I don't own the cover image
**This has the Tragedy Tag; please no genre hate. Bad things can happen to good people, just like in real life (not that they will. I almost didn't put the tag there as it doesn't really fit the genre. I like happy endings.).

The year is 201X, and the line between reality and the imaginary has become blurred. Approximately nine months ago, the event which became known as "The Convergence" occurred. People on Earth began to obtain powers. Some received them for seemingly no reason while others had obtained them after they had returned from the many different worlds that they had unwillingly been abducted to. These new worlds existed beyond time and space, and many could have different rules different from what we know as standard reality. That is because these many worlds seem to have traits taken from imagination. Things from stories and myths, like magic and plots, existed in these worlds as if they were inspired by them, and that was only a start.
On earth, there was a young man. On appearance, he could be considered only slightly better-than-average. The only thing he was known for was his incredible mind that left him feeling bored and out of touch with reality. But soon he would leave this reality altogether. One moment he was lying in his bed. The next, he was face-to-face with a beautiful young lady who he had just woken up upon him falling into her bed. This young man has an incredible fate and will soon visit many worlds, gain many powers, and meet many women who, like the young girl whose bed he had fallen into, will blow him away.

Release per week will be based on chapter/word count (see upload schedule) and donations
Upload Schedule (Updated 2/28/2020)
Upload every-other Saturday or when donations when reach the threshold.
Breaking Fate/Origin Arc
(Done) Albion Arc: Vol 1 - Origin, Vol 2 - Rise of the Red Dragon
(Done) New Earth Arc: Vol 3 - New Earth
(Done) Dealing with the Past Arc: Vol 4 - Ghosts of the Past, Vol 5 - The Dracul Descends, Vol 6 - War of Fate
Bound Fate Arc
Fake Hero Arc
Vol 7 - Martel (Current)
Side Stories #1
Shield Hero Arc (DELAYED)
Vol 8 - Second Chance
Vol 9 - The Adventure Begins
Vol 10 - TBD (Writing [31-39%])
(Multiple Future Volumes TBD)
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      Status: the legend of the fake...
      May 22, 2020

      I am not going to write a load of fluff no one wants to read the story is simple but good and there are 3 things that make it great.

      First the grammar/spelling is on point which IMO is required for a good novel. 

      Second the story is good and keeps you guessing this help massively with bulk reading as it doesn't get boring or dull.

      Finally no one is safe loss hurts but is required for any good book look at Tolkien or game of thrones and it there however the author has said that the MC will get a second chance so there is always hope for a happy ending.

      all in all great read it might hurt a little a times but it worth it.

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      Status: vol 2: ch 5 – the place i...
      Nov 10, 2019

      As I write this review, I know fully well that either my theory is correct, or it isn't. Including the fact that this theory will not be able to affect the outcome of this story.

      For the record, this is an amazing novel. It is extremely interesting, provides variety to it's characters, while still including some of the familiar tropes we all know and love (except for some) *stares hard at the tanned/blonde combo*but I digress.

      But while this story is an AMAZING read, it also provides some of the familiar frustrations*glares at the blonde/tanned combo like they killed my parents*and recurring villains.


      And based on the introductory chapter, we learn that Freyja, sadly, falls to the filthy degenerate introduced in chapter 8. Now while I acknowledge the fact that this is (regrettably) a natural turn of events, given his foreshadowing, all I can do is hope Martel pulls a Nowun, and is able to change the future, by way of a prophecy, dream or something.


      But as I've stated before, I write this fully expecting this to be disappointed, sad as it may be. This review will not change the course of events that the author has planned, as we who read it are simply in for the ride, for better or worse. My opinion is just that, an opinion.

      So, I thank the author for what he has done, and for his willingness to share what he has created, even when it was not his initial plan. So, I thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

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