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/ Series / Destined kNight
Destined kNight
Destined kNight
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“Beyond the armor and the scars, a hero has a heart ablaze with a passion to protect. A hero throws himself into danger for the sake of others.”

Khiron had lived his entire life dreaming of being the hero of his kingdom. To be the knight given the honor of rescuing all of Celestia from the horrific threat of the monstrous Eclipse. Having trained tirelessly with his great friend and fellow knight and confidant, Juna, the day of realizing his dreams has arrived. As victor of the Celestia Hero's Tournament, he is dubbed the chosen knight. His new life as the hero has dawned at long last.

Yet there's a secret task given to the hero which is kept heavily under wraps.

Khiron arrives at his initiation only to be shocked with the revelation that the chosen knight must gain his powers by kissing 7 maidens of the heavens. To make the situation even more unbelievable, Juna is in that number!

How will our chivalrous knight fare as the kingdom’s hope?

Now featuring artwork by @AnankeKeirin within!

ActionAdventureComedyDramaFantasyHaremMysteryRomanceSlice of Life
Beautiful Female Lead Caring Protagonist Childhood Friends Clever Protagonist Cohabitation Comedic Undertone Conspiracies Couple Growth Crime Doting Love Interests Dreams Famous Protagonist Friendship Investigations Kind Love Interests Knights Proactive Protagonist Reluctant Protagonist Secret Crush Secret Identity Selfless Protagonist Sentimental Protagonist Subtle Romance Tragic Past Unconditional Love
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