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/ Series / The Consequences of Meeting a Dragon
The Consequences of Meeting a Dragon
The Consequences of Meeting a Dragon
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Sixteen-year-old Thenio Iterune has a simple plan for his life: Work hard. Do well in school. Become a qualified wizard. Earn a good living. And maybe even make his parents proud of him someday.

Unfortunately, the plan isn't going too well....

Thenio's magic power is becoming increasingly difficult to control, which leads to a series of accidents that are about to cost him his hard-earned spot at the Kafron Royal Academy of Magic. And things don't get any better when he finally discovers the source of his problems: He has an extremely rare and unstable magic affinity. And it's going to do more than just get him expelled. It's probably going to get him killed.

Before he knows it, Thenio has gone from diligent student to disabled dropout. And forget about career plans...he'll be lucky if he even lives long enough to need a job in the first place.

Enter Iggy, a tiny black dragon who loves chasing birds and has a remarkable nose for magic. He takes an immediate liking to the scent of Thenio's unique magic and convinces his wizard partner, Ariom, to help find a way to stabilize it.

Are a genius enchanter and his slightly crazy dragon familiar enough to keep a chronically explosive boy alive? Maybe. But that's before demons get added into the mix....


Updates on Saturdays.

Also on Royal Road.

DramaFantasyMysterySlice of Life
Complex Family Relationships Dragons Dreams Familiars Fantasy Creatures Inscriptions Magic Magic Beasts Male Protagonist Reincarnation Subtle Romance Wizards
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 43 – message from a mythic...

    Okay, soo many places to begin this review... I think I'll start with a basic synopsis:

    The Consequences of Meeting a Dragon is a cute magic academy tale featuring Thenio Iterune, a kiddo who got accepted into a prestigious magic college, but whose elemental affinity is literally TRYING TO KILL HIM. Luckily, Iggy, a cute black dragon manages to convince Ariom Denifors, his Grandmaster Enchanter handler, to investigate and find a way to help Thenio do this cool thing called Not Dying.

    The world is built spectacularly, with interesting things from little trinkets here and there to LEGENDARY CREATURES OF MYTHICAL MIGHT. Thenio, our poor STILL A KID, gets to deal with all of this. Oh and all this on top of getting through his coming of age because that's a thing.

    The core strength of this book is its cuteness and fluffiness, and Rynn makes amazing use of magic familiars, which are smol, adorable, have their own personalities, and are instrumental in helping Thenio feel like people like him when he's been cast away from people all his life (Magic has this bit of an I'm The Boss aura to it, and Thenio's has mucked with people all his life without him even knowing.)

    In the later chapters, the scarier stuff is starting to show, and so the cuteness will get multiple opportunities to blend with magic badassery to give an exciting read that will snuggle you and try to give you chicken (just don't eat it raw please, you're not a dragon), and Thenio is starting to figure himself out, and OOOOH MY GOSH IT'S AMAZING.

    The Consequences of Meeting A Dragon is perfect for binging when you're wanting something that will leave you feeling chipper and fluffy-fuzzy-hearted. With a dash of scary feels to make you want to hug all the characters and tell them everything's going to be okay.

    Oh also the magic system is like super detailed, and many many spinoffs can be made just on how Ariom goes about fancy magic research. It doesn't go into exact specifications, but this is from Thenio's specifications and it would be INSANE to expect someone to invent an entire field of engineering from scratch for small details that Thenio wouldn't know what to do with (you know, the Main Character). Also when high-level mages discuss magic, you FEEL how deep the field goes. It's amazing.

    Read it and let the cute dragon cheer you up.

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    Status: chapter 17 – the dragon princess

    4.5, because of the clunky style, but the plot deserves a 5, so that is what I am leaving. This is a good story, with believable children, and well-placed fluff. The MC is not perfect, but he is a human. I think he is overthinking the distaste he thinks his parents feel towards him. I can understand why he is bitter. He is still a child. 

    Then again, there is this thing which repels people from him, and his parents are not even mages, and can't protect themselves from it. Kind of like how Harry Potter's Horcrux made the Dursleys hate him. Or they may be just horrible people. Both books are vague on the inner workings of distant family members. 

    The one who steals the show, most of the time, is the dragon Iggy. Dragons are not these fearsome beasts, which we know from pop culture. Instead, they are small, and adorable. A fresh take, to be sure. Iggy is a treasure, and he makes the toughest moments in the book lighter, somehow. He also helps the MC, Thenio, cope with the stress of his sickness. 

    All in all, it is a good story. I already gave my suggestions for the style, in the first chapter. I don't see a point in giving them here as well. This story is a gem. An unpolished one, but still a gem. Give it a go, and watch as the bread crumbs in the book lead to the secrets of Thenio.  

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