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Saskia thought her life was finally getting back on track after the accident. Then she got trolled. Now she’s up a tree the size of a planet, and all who meet her either run screaming or attack on sight. If everyone would just calm down and stop trying to kill her for one moment, she might get a chance to explain that this has all been a horrible misunderstanding.

Contains light GameLit/LitRPG elements, but no number crunching.
Cover art by Mrzombie.

Alternate World Caring Protagonist Demi-Humans Demons Dreams Druids Dwarfs Elves Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Female Protagonist Game Elements Gods Magic Misunderstandings Monsters Multiple POV Non-humanoid Protagonist Pacifist Protagonist Tentacles Transported into Another World Trolls World Tree
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      Status: Perplexed
      Jan 4, 2019

      A bit strange that we're allowed to review our own series... I may be a little biased here, but I think this webnovel is really, really good. You should read it.

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      11 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: book 2, chapter 10: underneath
      May 16, 2019

      I'm really glad that I found this story while randomly browsing Female Protagonist tags. 

      The characters being the best part and unraveling the mystery behind the MC and her heritage. 

      I will admit that I wish and hope we get more of the MC on Earth, I thought it was actually really interesting seeing the MC deal with her struggles and how she lives her life. Makes me kind of wish for a story about something similar to or even slightly worse then what happened and the MC slowly gaining powers and healing. 

      The story progression is greatly paced and even when I found myself thinking a chapter wasn't gonna be interesting, I would be surprised to be fairly infested. The only time I didn't really like a chapter would be Garrien in his early adventures trying to find the MC.

      I do hope the MC will eventually be able to return to Earth and have her human appearance but with her Troll abilities. I want the Dwarf to come along with her also.

      The relationship between the MC and the Dwarf female (Can't remember her name) Is honestly nice and kind of sweet at times. If this was a girls love story then I'd defiantly put them together.

      It's just a fun and good story to read. 

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 14: chosen
      Jan 17, 2019

      This is a really good and engaging novel. I was so sad once I clicked for next chapter and nothing happened. The world, or what I see so far, is very interesting and intriguing. The different race and their outlooks so different than I expected, in good way. The protagonist is very interesting to read about. Her life before feels very real, as does her experience once in this world. The whole pacifist approach is also very nicely done, but how long will it last? It is another reason to keep reading and to see if she will change and if, how? The explanations given for skills and something else are very satisfactory, they make sense (much more than usual magical abilities). The demon thing was a very nice twist. The foreshadowing was real. Please continue writing as well as you did until now, this shows a truly great promise. I hope it will stay as good as it was until now. Thank you for creating this and sharing it here. 

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
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