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/ Series / It Started with Slime
It Started with Slime
It Started with Slime
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An alchemical experiment has gone wrong and results in a Micro Slime - Resh! This story follows a Micro Slime that has some level of consciousness and there is more to it than meets the eye. Micro Slime is just the beginning of course as it struggles to improve itself and works hard to grow and become stronger just to survive its harsh new reality. There is a lot more going and only time will tell if this Micro Slime can become strong enough to make it through to the other side.

This is a story with a Monster Protagonist, I am not going to be using any profanity nor include any sexual content, there will be violence and fighting description, hence Traumatising Content. I am a native English speaker and so the English here should be to a good standard, that being said even though edited there may be some corrections and typos so if you see some let me know! If it bothers you a lot, I am working to make sure all chapters have no typos but of course, some might slip through, will endeavour to correct any that are picked up though! Also, I started this a few months ago and so any feedback is always appreciated, also reviews! If you like or don't like the story let me know in the detailed reviews! That always helps me know what good and what needs to be worked on.

Working on releasing chapters twice a week, will try to increase that as time goes but at the moment that is what I am able to release, Patreon has more. If the story gets more popular then I will increase the releases. Aiming ultimately for a chapter a day if I can get to that. Chapters are roughly 1500 words with Interludes every 5 chapters being more or less than that! Enjoy!

Note: The language and writing are a little basic, to begin with, this is on purpose to reflect the simplicity of the MC also because I just started writing. Hopefully, you enjoy it anyway and the interludes should help break this up to start! Anyway, thanks so much for reading!

Cover by: Faren


This story is published and available on Royalroad, Webnovel, ScribbleHub, Wattpad, Neovel, Novel Online, Booknet and extra chapters on Patreon!

Comedic Undertone Dark Elemental Magic Evolution Fantasy Creatures Game Elements Magic Near-Death Experience Reincarnated as a Monster Reincarnated into a Game World Skill Creation
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Table of Contents
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