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/ Series / The Demon Lord decided to marry the hero to win
The Demon Lord decided to marry the hero to win
The Demon Lord decided to marry the hero to win
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What's the worse thing that can happen to a hero? Getting killed by the demon lord, watching the world get destroyed right before your eyes, or suddenly being proclaimed the wife of the Demon Lord.

Marcel, the hero since childhood had always wanted to be like the proud, gallant and valiant heroes who came before him, although they all didn't return. The demon lord has remained undefeated for as long as anyone can remember since well, the demon lord does nothing to threaten the balance of anything. All he does is boss around the nobles who offend the people, sometimes destroying them and dealing with the heroes sent after him. You could say he's the epitome of not the demon lord, more like the best hero ever with the exception of eliminating the real heroes. He makes all his demon subjects have a comfortable and carefree life, not worrying about the human world. The demon realm flourishes in abundance with happiness and prosperity.

A prophecy arrives from the demon lord's trusted adviser, the seer who mentions that the demon king will be defeated by the next hero who comes to the demon realm.
He panics for weeks and then he had an idea, what if he just made the hero his loyal wife, then he won't have to worry about getting defeated. He hastily tells the spirit of the world his plans and the spirit of the world hastily grants Marcel, who was ten years old the title of Hero and Demon Lord's wife.
Now, who will be defeated in the end? The headstrong hero or the moral Jesus that is the demon lord.

Warning: NSFW content. You've been warned. This story is going to be a slow burn.
Updates on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

ActionAdventureBoys LoveComedyFantasyMatureRomanceSmut
Accelerated Growth Appearance Changes Boy's Love Subplot Dragons Dungeons Elves Evolution Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Gods Interdimensional Travel Magic Mpreg Mythical Beasts Mythology Overpowered Protagonist Reincarnated as a Monster Souls Weak to Strong Witches
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      Status: general
      Jan 31, 2021

      Great novel. The only thing is the rape part, which I feel could and should have been avoided, as this has a lot of potential. At LEAST the ML did feel pretty guilty and was ready to apologize, not that it makes it justified. The ML thought that the MC knew he wss his bride and assumed that it was okay since that's whay couples do, but didn't know that the MC was unaware of that.

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