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/ Series / A (Not So) Simple Fetch Quest
A (Not So) Simple Fetch Quest
A (Not So) Simple Fetch Quest
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Oh great hero! The evil Demon Lord has once again arisen to terrorise our lands, and we have summoned you to save our people!

No, we don't want you to fight the demon lord! Of course not; we're the good guys! What sort of good guys kidnap people from other worlds and force them to take part in wars that have nothing to do with them? That would just be plain evil! We'd be no better than the demons!

Katie, after her summoning by an excessively loud mage suddenly takes an unexpected twist, is sent off on a simple fetch quest, with a promise that she'll be back home in five minutes at most. She doesn't even need to leave the building. Alas, when a goddess' blessing causes her wish for an actual adventure to be taken rather more literally than she expected, she finds herself lost in a dark cave, far away from the sword she was supposed to acquire and far too close to a population of giant bugs. Still, at least she wished her life wasn't in any danger. Among other things.

Be careful what you wish for. You might just get it.

This is a dark litRPG adventure, both in terms of Katie accidentally wishing all the lights out, and also in that she loses as often as she wins, often with horrific and disturbing consequences. Luckily, Katie isn’t the sort of person to let a mere grizzly death or two get her down, and is prepared to try, try and try again to get her hands on the holy sword and finally complete her ‘simple’ fetch quest. Or perhaps—with a few resistance skills under her nightie—she might even come to enjoy losing. Not that she’d ever consider forgoing revenge, even if she did.

I’ve ticked all the content warning checkboxes for this one. There’s no explicit sexual content, but there are enough references to justify the warning. Profanity happens rarely, but Katie isn’t averse to swearing when she gets particularly angry. As for gore, it doesn’t get much worse than the first few chapters, but there will be occasional chapters that have extra content warnings.

Published here, royalroad and amazon.

Beastkin Brainwashing Demons Dragons Dungeons Female Protagonist Game Elements Monsters Pragmatic Protagonist RPG Summoned Hero Transported into a Game World Weak to Strong Zombies
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    New Xaelscythe
    Status: chapter 44: visitors

    This is definitely worth the read, I stayed up an entire night just binge-reading. Really surprised that this isn't more popular. This is now one of my favorite stories.

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    0 Likes · Like
    Status: Chapter 38: Mirror

    A very very enjoyable dark litrpg. 

    To put it simply, I'll be checking daily for updates. Love what you're doing, author, so don't give up.👍

    Read More

    0 Likes · Like
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