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/ Series / The Hero’s Supplier
The Hero’s Supplier
The Hero’s Supplier
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4.2 (29 ratings)
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Rick made new rules for himself every few days. But there was only one rule that he truly always followed- Don’t stretch your legs more than the size of your blanket. The way to success was by not drawing unwanted attention.

But when the Inter-planar wars began, Rick had no other choice than to survive, and for that, he had to give up his laid-back lifestyle.

“Still not gonna be a hero!” Rick vowed.

Superhuman strength, agility, ability to use magic, telepathy, all sorts of talents emerged.

As heroes began to emerge among the population, Rick decided to take up the mantle of being the man in the shadows.

Disclaimer: Although I try my level best to avoid, There definitely are grammatical errors in the chapters, if anyone points them out I will be really happy to make the corrections.

I am trying to post chapters as regularly as possible and sometimes miss out on editing it completely.
I hope you enjoy the story.

This novel is also hosted on Royal Road:

Word count- Approx. 1500 words a chapter.

Join on Discord:

I will publish chapters in quick succession until it catches up with the release on RoyalRoad :

Artifact Crafting Artifacts Beast Companions Cautious Protagonist Demons Earth Invasion Elemental Magic Game Elements Magic Beasts Merchants Monster Tamer Multiple POV Summoning Magic Unique Weapons
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      New Nagatobimaru
      Status: chapter 29: dale’s disciple
      Jan 21, 2019

      It’s good, would definetly recommend, a bit cliched, but still.

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      New Yuna_kuma
      Status: c26
      Jan 19, 2019

      Overall it seems like it has great potential, but the language has some mistakes, though they're no deal breaker. The story is interesting and makes me want to see where it goes.

      Read More

      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c9
      Jan 12, 2019

      Not too bad, but neither great. There are some grammar errors but nothing that makes it unreadable.

      My issues with this story are:

      • The way our MC receives his MC boon at the beginning feels a bit too convenient, though still acceptable.
      • Nearly no information about our MC, we get some information here and there but nothing much.
      • Some logical concerns, like trying to carve runes into a random stone from the street with a kitchen knife, only stopping as the knife is to big to carve detailed patterns and not understanding how all of that should work. I doubt you could carve much as the blade would soon grow dull, resulting in you having to hammer at the stone, if you even can carve anything to begin with so long the stone isn't brittle.
      • It seems to, all of a sudden, turn into some kind of wuxia setting where people see him as weak with some expected face slapping later on...
      • And some more of the like

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      4 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c19
      Jan 16, 2019

      The worst of this novel is the language. It's not horrible really, much better than many translated novels I read, but sometimes it's just weirdly phrased and I can't get immersed in the story.

      One thing I've noticed is that some of the story feel "forced". For example, (slight spoiler)


      the author wanted the MC to have a buddy, so MC asked a stranger to do something super dangerous with him. That stranger was waay too eager to accept. And then they just start living together, with no explanation or talk about it.


      To make it balanced, as all things should be, here's a good point. Contrary to the majority of novels, the sole important female character is not just a weak girl waiting to be saved by MC, nor a strong girl, but not quite as a strong as MC, that is just there waiting to fall for the MC. Overall, it is nice, but not a masterpiece either. Though it's just the 19th chapter, it can get better (or worse, we'll see)

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c25
      Jan 19, 2019

      I love it so far keep going I like the characters the world and  story progress 

      Read More

      1 Likes · Like Permalink
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