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/ Series / Aden Strong: Avatar In DC
Aden Strong: Avatar In DC
Aden Strong: Avatar In DC
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A chance to be extraordinary.

A chance to be a pioneer.

A chance to show the world what being a Hero really means.

Aden Strong is whisked away from his normal life to one of the most terrifying universes, where alien invasion are a normal occurrence, Supervillains seeking to take over the world and powerful beings like Superman are not too out of place.

With his Avatar System, watch as he turns the world over on it's head and shows them what it means to be a hero.

So begins the Saga of Aden Strong: Avatar In DC.

*Cover Pic ain't Mine.

30 advance chapters in my Patreon.

DC Comics
Antihero Protagonist Elemental Magic
Table of Contents 130
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Table of Contents
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