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/ Series / The Mother of Monsters
The Mother of Monsters
The Mother of Monsters
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4.7 (117 ratings)
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Immortality is an illusion.

Ianna Kovac’s first moments of a new life after her own uneventful one comes to an end are marked with fear, pain, and yet another death. Faced by the guardian of an ancient tomb she experiences firsthand the horrors of her new home. She will need to find allies; horrors, monsters, demons, warriors, and kings to help her.

No solution is out of the question, no means are off the table to survive and make her place in a world terrified of her very existence. Even if that means becoming a monster herself. After all, nothing is immortal in Orum, not even the gods. - Discord Link - Patreon Link

Normal Release Schedule is 1 Chapter per week on Thursdays

ActionAdventureDramaFantasyGirls LoveHorrorIsekaiLitRPGPsychological
Adopted Protagonist Alternate World Battle Competition Character Growth Death Demon Lord Dungeons Fantasy World Female Protagonist Level System Magic Manipulative Characters Monsters Naive Protagonist Non-human Protagonist Overpowered Protagonist Pragmatic Protagonist Resurrection Ruthless Protagonist Sentimental Protagonist System Administrator Torture Transformation Ability
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Table of Contents
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    New Cpzombie
    Status: chapter 070 – interlude i

    First of all, the synopsis is just bait. If you come into this wanting a pragmatic and ruthless protagonist willing to become a monster to survive, you'll be severely disappointed. Honestly, most of this is very well-written... aside from the characters. I know there's the naive protagonist tag, but there's a difference between "naive but learning" and "hfs how did you survive to adulthood". MC is definitely the dumbest, but her companion is honestly not that much better.

    I was really counting on that "character growth" tag, but it's unbearably slow. I keep trying to continue, but honestly it's just sunk cost fallacy and I'm giving up. There are small hints of MAYBE growing a brain, but I can't take much more of her stupidity. If the synopsis wasn't promising a MUCH better character, this would probably be a 4... although I also wouldn't have started reading it, because I really dislike brainless MCs.

    Some examples of incredibly moronic things MC has done:


    Spills all info about reincarnation + her powers and system to the first person she meets, within a day. Constantly tells first girl everything, even after first girl confrontationally asks about future plans + says mages will be very interested in her. Doesn't automatically scan everybody. Gives super valuable magic item to first girl, and even gives her a power stone. SHE EVEN WASTES A LIFE-SAVING ABILITY TO AVOID RISKING A FEW VILLAGERS DYING. She then tells the whole reincarnation system story to even more people she has just met, for no reason. She is worried that a power stone will make her evil, so she just leaves the super powerful evil artifact to some village chief she's met twice for like 10 minutes. She even gives skill shards away!!!


    Those aren't even all of them, just the biggest ones. That's not even getting into stuff like her hypocritcal rants about how a certain people are evil for having slaves... while she carries around a bunch of slaves everywhere (summons). She's not the only idiot either... 

    Honestly, if you don't mind below 70 IQ main characters, you'll probably enjoy it. If they annoy you nearly as much as they annoy me, don't bother unless you have the patience to get through probably over 100 chapters of it.

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    New QueenOfCardGames
    Status: chaptchapter 177 – heroes ier 177 – heroes i

    Guys it's so good. There are a few pretty major plot holes earlier on, but like, this is so,   so good. A true monster woman. Its amazing, the story is gripping, the characters are engaging. Just give it a read.

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    0 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 102 – heart xvii

    What I like most about this novel is that I never quite manage to predict what will happen. There are clues as to what the future might hold, the most obvious being quests as part of the LitRPG system. Despite that, things deviate from the expected in believable ways--be that from subverting or altering tropes as depicted in other webnovels, or just the world being organic enough that it doesn't feel scripted when things go off rails.

    I emphasize this because these subversions of my expectations don't feel like a total ass pull like in so many other webnovels; instead, I enjoy the story not despite but (also) because of them.

    The prose of this story is neither purple nor prosaic, I find, but strikes a middleground I think most would appreciate.

    As for the grammar side of things, there is little to complain about. The biggest issue I can think about is that sometimes dialogue is written like '"..., " She said' instead of '"..., " she said;' so unless you can't stomach the occasional ensuing inconsistency with this capitalization and the like, you should have little issues reading this novel.

    All in all, this story deserves to be read by more people than it is as of the time of writing this review.

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    12 Likes · Like
    Status: c105

    This is a great novel, I loved the world and character building. It's a very original story with endearing characters, with a healthy dose of adventure, horror and heart-melting moments. It's amazing!!

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    2 Likes · Like

    Very good novel, I can’t wait for the next volume, this is definitely heavy based on character growth, at first the MC annoyed me but now she is one of my all time favorite characters. I also have no complaints about the story.

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: c50

    Intresting start but by chapter 50. It got a bit boring. I feels a bit like skyrim quests, while this worked for the game due to interactivity, it got too boring for a book. Theres no twists in the story so far and the story also appears to be mistagged with "evil mc" even tho we have a MC basically doing skyrim quests, that may involve killing some things but ultimately MC appears to be the "good guy" by quest design. An additional thing I disklike but dont want to hold against the story (since it was tagged) is the GL elements. Its just annoying in my opinion and the story could have done entirely without romance, at least thus far.

    The main reason I will be dropping this was because I was looking for an evil protag and this is not it.

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: aoa chapter 011 – legacy v

    Magnificent storytelling with many twists and plot points alongside an amazingly crafted world filled with personable and interesting characters. 

    The main protagonist is a little spacy but she catches on and she's very charming and charismatic especially after she comes into her own. Good sense of humor and very good pacing as I never felt any part dragged on or rushed too much.

    This is genuinely one of the best stories I've ever read on the internet. 

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