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/ Series / The Exalt [Cultivation Fantasy]
The Exalt [Cultivation Fantasy]
The Exalt [Cultivation Fantasy]
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4.2 (56 ratings)
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A young farmer's son, Oscar, is content with living a peaceful life, but by fate's whim, he is found to have the potential to become something greater, an Exalt. A special class of humans who perform miraculous feats and lord over others. Despite his shortcoming and slow progress compared to the geniuses around him, Oscar holds determination as his shield and persistence as his blade.

Who says that a person needs to be a genius?

Who says that a person has to be a prodigy?

With each heavy step, Oscar walks the path of an Exalt.

ActionAdventureFantasyMartial ArtsMatureRomance
Academy Average-looking Protagonist Beast Companions Beautiful Female Lead Blacksmith Body Tempering Caring Protagonist Cultivation Death of Loved Ones Determined Protagonist Devoted Love Interests Elemental Magic Fantasy World First-time Intercourse Kind Love Interests Male Protagonist Marriage Multiple Personalities Mythical Beasts Protagonist Loyal to Love Interest Shield User Slow Growth at Start Spirit Users Weak to Strong Xianxia
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Table of Contents
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    Status: act 1: blue ocean pavilion – chapter 40:...

    To be frank, the cultivation system is okay. The way the cultivation is detailed is also good. 

    But there is something which I found very odd. Just what is the story trying to convey? Is it the rise of Oscar as he progresses? Or is some random guy cultivating and find out their intricacies? 

    Normally, in a story, you expect the protoganist to be somewhat special in some way right? 

    The MC hasn't shown any tremendous talent (somewhat expected from summary) or unique ability or anything special (Except his "will"). 

    Overall a mediocre story. 

    It's heavily lacking on MC front. If he is nothing, special, why are we reading about him? It's not good to give OP cheats but it's equally as bad to make your protoganist a faceless nobody. 

    The weird part is that author is following other cliches of Xianxia novels, like childhood sweetheart abandoning MC, random young masters trying to kill MC over small provocation, etc. 

    The painful part about this is that we don't get any satisfaction from MC beating these young masters. He is just an average Joe.

    If author has any plans on making MC special in any way, I hope he considers putting in the start of the book. It's painful to read so many chapters of constantly hearing how limited MC is without any satisfaction from something. 

    I am at chapter 40 now and if the awaken thing was supposed to be his special thing, then the payoff isn't good. 

    Grammar is good and overall the story is okay. But it's like it has nothing going on for it yet. Why is Oscar the protoganist? Is he special in some way? 

    I can't recommend this to anyone who is actually looking for a cultivation novel. It has some Japanese novel influence mixed with Chinese Xianxia novels elements. And not in a good way. 

    The MC just can't catch a break, if you want to read about how cultivation works in a world while reading about an average person's sad story, this is the one. 

    The MC suffered so much in the first 40 chapters before he got a break but even that was something lackluster. (Yeah, he suffered the first 40 chapters).

    If I have to compare it, it's like spinning a wheel and losing everytime but you continue on, hoping for a lucky break. But when you end up winning it's just 1$. That's the main reason I got frustrated with the novel. 

    It almost feels like the author is doing this on purpose, presenting the bad cliches of Xianxia and making the MC suffer. 

    # (Overall I give this story 3 stars.)

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    Status: act 1: blue ocean pavilion – chapter 33:...

    This novel man! WHY IS IT SO UNDERRATED. Seriously read this it is genuinely better than nearly anything on this site. I don't want to say much as the concept of the novel sounds basic but the execution is flawless. Please I implore you to read this, at least give it a few chapters. You won't regret it. 

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    Status: chapter 210

    Rewrote review 1/20: So after giving this story a proper chance, sitting at chapter 210, I can say it's meh. The biggest issue with this story is it's incredibly inconsistent, often acting as if some incredible bomb shell has been dropped when practically nothing had been said, only to later give an exact percentage, for no apparent reason, on how much the MC's master has mastered a technique over an unknown amount of years to relatively indifferent reaction at the moment. A perfect example is the first few chapters, the very few the author decided to REWRITE, where absolutely no information whatsoever is given other than being told the MC isn't a genius, but the person "teaching" is shocked that MC isn't making up excuses, only god knows what kind of excuse in his ignorant state, and further shocked by the MC's determination, because he asked a rather typical question almost anyone would ask, and another who has been given the exact same non-information pitties him for some reason. This translates directly into entire arcs. One arc will be great, the next will be incredibly boring with nice mini-arcs that get ruined due to the looming main arc, and then the next will completely disregard the whole point of the previous arc.

    Credit where it's due though, the story is really good at letting the MC's power actually show for a good amount of time, with strangers often being surprised at his hard earned strength. This is something many stories refuse to do, just throwing the next strongest thing at them endlessly leaving you to feel like they're getting nowhere.

    I'd usually say something like this has some potential if parts were rewritten, but if the chapters that were rewritten are anything to go by, I have no idea. Despite being rewritten, the first few chapters are somehow the worst in the entire story, with the very stiff sentence structure and the aforementioned terrible dialogue. 

    This review can be treated like a stub for the time being, I may or may not update it in the future. I'm currently stuck in the sunken cost fallacy.

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    Status: Latest Chapter.

    EDITED PART: Notice how all of the bad reviews are only in the beginning parts of the story? 

    ORIGINAL: Started off thinking this was a cliche cultivation trash with the twist of the MC being so damn weak and mediocre without anything special about him. But surprisingly, I find myself rooting for him even more when he achieves crazy feats and gets stronger (trust me, he'll get STRONG). What I really love about this novel is that he wasn't born with a crazy special lineage or blessed with a crazy cheat, he actually worked his ass off to be special, the author made it so every single jump in strength makes sense, feels natural, and just very well done. For ya'll in the beginning thinking "what's the point of this novel? He has nothing special going on" don't worry, he IS special, not gonna spoil too much but he basically


    tapped into another pool of energy that is sort of a secret, in which everyone that knows about it deems it dangerous, therefore very few even practice it (no power without consequences) he'll eventually overcome the "dangerous" side effects of this power and TRULY make it his own. Now if you're wondering how that came to be, then READ THE NOVEL.


    The MC actually puts in the work. With bellow average talent and some luck, he climbs up the ranks through hard work, and we are there to witness every step he takes to get stronger, eventually beating some of his peers and really become, one of a kind.

    Also, about the romance in this novel. The MC isn't some blackhole dense buffoon, he is aware. Also it isn't rushed and I really like the dynamic. Big ups.

    Overall the novel doesn't feel too forced, everything just felt natural, and no bullsh*t that comes out of nowhere.

    I've been really enjoying the series so far, this is currently my favorite novel.

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    Status: act 1: blue ocean pavilion – chapter 7:...

    Cliché novel. 8 parts cliché, 2 parts novel

    The grammar is really good, so far no immersion breaks. 

    The side characters are cliché, typical of a cultivation novel and the MC plays right into it by pissing off more powerful people just so they can beat him and pick on him even though if he just put in the effort and kept his head somewhat down he’d be good. 

    The plot is meh and cliché, I thought it was just going to have the childhood sweetheart separation thing then move on and be a new and fresh novel but it just snowballed into cliché after cliché LITERALLY. 

    The MC himself is or WAS okay, first he’s portrayed as being unusually smart and very literate so you would think okay he doesn’t have good talent so he’s going to be an alchemist prodigy and just go from there but he doesn’t even go anywhere except into different cliché’s. Here’s a small list within the first 10-20ch 

    1. Child sweetheart separation 

    2. Heartfelt friend that the MC can trust with a gun to his heart within 2 chapters from a person who’s complete stranger

    3. Young master cliché and this could’ve not have been a thing but the MC of course puts himself in the situation with where young master that’s literally 4x more powerful than him gets pissed off because of him pretty much directly spitting in his face, also of course he needs to be the one young master with a short fuse. 

    4th And FINAL cliché where an overly powerful being pretty much a god to the other powerful beings the MC knows takes an interest in the most mediocre MC because.... well because nothing, it wouldn’t be a cliché if there was a reason, it just happens and then that’s the reason the MC can progress.

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    Status: Act 1: Blue Ocean Pavilion Chapter 338

    I felt compelled to leave this review after reading some of the recent reviews left in the hope that the author sees it and continues this wonderful story for many more chapters. Much like Oscar the author has persevered in writing such a great story and every chapter advances their writing a little bit more.

    First and foremost, people should be aware that this is a story that follows Oscar. He is ordinary in every aspect except for his desire to improve and his vast willpower. Frankly, that is the entire point of the novel and this is the first thing potential readers should know. Oscar is never, to this point in the story at least, the most powerful character. The only surprise he provides to the strong is that he is still around and kicking and its amazing. In most cultivation novels the character is one of two types. 

    1. The main character is over powered and a genius from the beginning. They rise meteorically from the beginning and everyone else becomes fodder for their path.

    2. The main character is pitifully weak until they expose some type of cheat power with which they become OP.

    Oscar is neither of these. He has an average power and although he does get unique opportunities and powers he never surpasses the true geniuses in the world. That being said, the author in this novel does an excellent job of showing that even with nothing but average talent you can make something of yourself. Maybe you are wondering why follow an average Joe that is weaker than other characters you may ask? Perhaps because only in reading about his struggles will you see true character growth. Oscar fights and claws for every grasp of power he can and ultimately he may yet rise above and it will feel well deserved. 

    Secondly, this story does an excellent job of both of taking the standards of cultivation while not losing the important aspects of improving. Too often these stories become heartless as the main character rises above everyone with only a thought for progression. You will certainly meet those types of characters in this story. Not so with Oscar whom we follow the majority of the time! He will make friends all along the way and continue to fight harder than ever for that human connection. His story is filled with more conflict and nail biting action because of the mere fact that he is the underdog and yet holds to his principles. And thank you to the author for avoiding the harem trap that so many of these novels fall into.

    Third, the supporting cast is excellent. They all come into play and none are discarded frivolously. Even the characters that you see only infrequently have heart. When a novel can make you care if a minor character lives or dies you know the author has put time and sweat into making sure the novel is excellent which is the case here.

    I was skeptical at first when starting this novel, but I've been more than won over by the last 300 some odd chapters. I can't wait to see where Oscar will end up in the next 300 or the 300 after that! Thanks for the great story author and keep it up!

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    Status: [rewrite] act 1: blue ocean pavilion –...

    Status : Chapter 291

    This novel is good because it tries not to stray too far from the original concept: a regular dude, with regular parents, and minimal advantages, interacting with a cultivation world. The cultivation system itself is quite well done, and polished. Characters are likeable and consistent. Cliche is present, but not super prevelent.

    Where the novel falls short is in two aspects, the romance, and story direction. For the romance, it seems a bit too forced to really be able to embrace. Just because MC goes to a library with a princess and they spend time together does not justify the kind of development that has ensued. The romance sub-plot detracts from the more interesting aspects of the story like the cultivation and fights which is honestly kind of a shame. 

    For the story direction, maybe it is because this is still book 1, but nothing really unique has developed. I am alright with using cliche as a foundation to then explore more nuanced story directions, but we really haven't gotten to the "nuance" even after 291 chapters. I am all for a slow story, but I can't help but feeling there could be more seeds/forshadowing placed to give semblances of plot direction. Then when we actually get to those future events there can be plot twists to give a more unique feeling story. 

    Overall : 4/5 stars. Solid story and charaters, with clear but minimal flaws. 

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    Status: act 4: fallen heaven – chapter 641: a...

    Warning.. Slow starting story due to MC's very ordinary start. He earned his power up through his perseverance. And even after his power up in the beginning, his opponent simply outlevel him due to his weakass beginner core. His naivety didn't help either. At times so infuriating I almost consider dropping the series.

    So why the high rating? The story. The tragedy that befalls him. The other characters. Beautifully portrayed. Be it the MC's friends and families, enemies, or mentors.  You will rage at the betrayal, pray for redemption, cry at the tragedies, cheer for each victory as each is hard-earned. The world building isn't that bad either.

    But I still thinks MC should learn alchemy instead.

    Also, glory to the snail! 

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    Status: c200ish

    The novel is interesting at first but the MC is struggling too much because of his poor talent and because he has to rely on the random and unreasonable attention of powerhouses to become stronger. And this happens too often and makes the reading a bit too frustrating.

    The most annoying thing was the bromance between Frederic and the MC, in a very similar way of Sasuke/Naruto. Especially because at some point the focus of the story and the chapters are only about Frederic. These chapters were completely useless to the plot and the growth of the MC, and I gave up on reading seriously the novel at this point. 

    Still I decided to binge up to the 200 ish chapters and it was a surprise to not read about Frederic after all the mess we as readers had to go through: all of the drama for that? 

     I think the novel has some potential if you are willing to skip several chapters as soon as the story is focussed on Frederic (c117 to c140ish). Just skip these chapters, there are useless. The story seems better afterwards but I wasn't reading seriously!

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    Status: [rewrite] act 1: blue ocean pavilion –...

    This novel is too good like the placing not all the time MC has to be a genius but the steady rising best weak to strong Novel have seen so far

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