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643.4k Views 11990 Favorites 89 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 2617 Readers 5 Reviews 183.1k Words Dec 24, 2020 Kotohood
‘A ship is a female after all!’ The man, now known as Abyssal thought to herself.... more>>
528.6k Views 4869 Favorites 63 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 1837 Readers 12 Reviews 134k Words Jun 25, 2020 Sinpathy
White finally leaves his irreparable past behind when transported to another world. Using this second chance he decides to live his second life quietly, but things never go according to plan. ... more>>
265.5k Views 3643 Favorites 82 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 1556 Readers 2 Reviews 291.4k Words Apr 10, 2021 Fighterman481
New series here: more>>
70.4k Views 2020 Favorites 41 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 548 Readers 16 Reviews 94.4k Words Mar 17, 2021 TachimeSan
A fast-paced fantasy Isekai story that deals with politics, romance, wars, and conspiracies.... more>>
38.7k Views 1498 Favorites 37 Chapters 8 Chapters/Week 616 Readers 0 Reviews 108.7k Words 5 hours ago Fighterman481
Lucas was your average college student until he stumbled into possession of a djinn's lamp. A few wishes later he finds that not only has he become (potentially) one of the most powerful beings in existence, he's found a new side to the world that he's not quite sure how to navigate.... more>>
33.9k Views 627 Favorites 51 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 464 Readers 1 Reviews 146.9k Words Nov 7, 2020 XeroDK
After a lifetime of misery, his life came to an end and the boy was reborn as a genderless slime in a magical steampunk fantasy world called Theia. On Earth, he was called a psychopath and a freak. And now, he was a true monster and was hunted by humans. Even the so-called ‘god’ of this world wanted him dead. It was a good thing he was already a bit psychotic or else this situation would’ve driven him mad.... more>>
23.9k Views 702 Favorites 41 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 172 Readers 4 Reviews 155.8k Words Sep 15, 2020 PurpleCatGirl
The Witches of Welland and their Goddess have been using magic with impunity for four years now. Reality has been changed, lives have been affected. Their actions have not gone unnoticed, and their hubris will not go unpunished. ... more>>
13.6k Views 280 Favorites 50 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 163 Readers 1 Reviews 139.4k Words Jan 3, 2021 Trikki
The story of my new life began when I woke up on another planet. Not the strangest thing I’ve ever experienced, but definitely in my top five.... more>>
13.3k Views 139 Favorites 8 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 164 Readers 0 Reviews 17.8k Words Sep 24, 2020 Taxouck
A compilation of short stories about transformation and gender feels. Everything that doesn't fit anywhere else gets put here.... more>>
12.9k Views 322 Favorites 15 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 173 Readers 3 Reviews 54.3k Words Jan 28, 2021 Taxouck
(yet another) queer re-imagining of the original series.... more>>
8.9k Views 249 Favorites 9 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 166 Readers 0 Reviews 35.5k Words Apr 30, 2021 KristenOfTheCoven
Everyone has a bit of magic in them, even on regular old Earth. But it's difficult to find that power when you can’t find yourself. ... more>>
7.9k Views 97 Favorites 20 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 142 Readers 0 Reviews 130.2k Words Apr 28, 2021 Friend
Getting through the trials of being summoned and fighting the demon lord for the kingdom, the young Hero could finally settle down with his beloved princess who'd softened her heart at last.... more>>
6.3k Views 111 Favorites 4 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 213 Readers 0 Reviews 11.9k Words Aug 21, 2020 SarcasticNut
One last job. That was all Harpy needed to clear the debt. And it was an easy one to boot. But she showed up --... more>>
6.1k Views 71 Favorites 80 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 27 Readers 1 Reviews 80.2k Words 8 hours ago tonyswag0
Humans were cast out of Eden for committing the original sin. Now Seven will answer, should Humanity live forever? But first, join Team Six in their rescue mission turned daring prison break from death.... more>>
5.2k Views 165 Favorites 14 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 90 Readers 0 Reviews 24.2k Words Dec 21, 2020 MajorKerina
In an age of fungal computers inside people's heads, the boundaries between reality and illusion are much harder to distinguish.
4.9k Views 67 Favorites 15 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 58 Readers 1 Reviews 20.2k Words Feb 16, 2021 Kaguro
Ray Albright is your ordinary everyday teenager, just out of high-school and already worn out by a dead-end job he struggles to find the meaning of life... until one day the meaning of life finds him. Supernatural forces have integrated Earth into the realm of monsters and magic, turning everything Ray once knew upside down. ... more>>
3k Views 64 Favorites 24 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 43 Readers 0 Reviews 40.3k Words Jan 17, 2021 HappyVainGlory
A world where ascending Babel can grant you the Divine Providence to become a king or queen. One where strength can make right and where knowledge can become might. Where order is kept only through the careful power balance of almighty titans who attained unfathomable power themselves and passed it down through generations.... more>>
2.9k Views 14 Favorites 3 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 48 Readers 0 Reviews 4k Words May 5, 2021 Emeruferu
I missed how the sparrows struggled to escape a cage, which hopeless to leave at. Before I became the slave of the queen, I once was a commoner, no perhaps, I could say, I’m still a commoner as of now. ... more>>
2.9k Views 35 Favorites 6 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 91 Readers 0 Reviews 19.4k Words May 3, 2021 Chaaruzu_Corner
(The image comes from a manwha named White Blood, it is not mind and I chose it just because it fits the look of the main character the best in the story so yeah.)... more>>
2.4k Views 37 Favorites 7 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 42 Readers 0 Reviews 14k Words Apr 22, 2021 LingShan0218
This is a Harry Potter fan fiction in which our MC will be transmigrated as Draco Malloy.
This a fan fiction inspired by another HP fan fiction, Harry Potter’s Natural Villain, by 身中剧毒. ... more>>
1.8k Views 0 Favorites 29 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 17 Readers 0 Reviews 32.4k Words May 9, 2021 AKFinn
Ray Golel might see the world like no one else.... more>>
1.8k Views 7 Favorites 6 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 29 Readers 1 Reviews 9.6k Words Apr 30, 2021 Hollow_
An empty shell of a man rises from a field of ash, blessed with untapped power and crippled by a past life tainted by tragedy. A lone young woman with an umbrella, Lilith, saves him from the cold rain and sets out to help him recover from his trauma-based amnesia. She names him, "Rainer", and they begin a quiet life together as he heals. ... more>>
1.7k Views 30 Favorites 6 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 30 Readers 0 Reviews 22.3k Words May 10, 2021 Plantorsomething
When he came to his senses, Hiroshi Kishino, an ambitious highschool student, found himself in possession of the body of a game’s character. Except, said game character didn’t exactly leave.... more>>
1.3k Views 6 Favorites 4 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 31 Readers 0 Reviews 15.2k Words Jul 3, 2020 bluroses_foryou
A strong and talented soul was formed and as usual for newly created souls, went to reincarnate. This soul was someone who was preordained to benefit society in their world, in some way. As a world renowned doctor, a genius pianist and artist, a natural actor, a righteous and compassionate general, an assassin who only kills evil, and a hacker who exposed hidden crimes and gave justice to their victims, etc. But something unknown messed with his fate. ... more>>
1.3k Views 5 Favorites 2 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 76 Readers 0 Reviews 1.1k Words Oct 3, 2019 Sabruness
The year is 2050. The war against the creatures known as the Hive Agglomeration grinds on into it's twenty-fifth year. The relative stalemate of the war is about to be shattered as plans come to fruition and humanity makes it's first offensive play in the war's history. ... more>>