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/ Series / The New Chimera
The New Chimera
The New Chimera
351.4k Views 10976 Favorites 105 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 2287 Readers
4.1 (147 ratings)
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Lucas was your average college student until he stumbled into possession of a djinn's lamp. A few wishes later he finds that not only has he become (potentially) one of the most powerful beings in existence, he's found a new side to the world that he's not quite sure how to navigate.

And, to top it all off, he's become a woman. Now she has to find her footing in a world she's not fully used to, all while trying to avoid becoming a puppet in the battle for Earth's future.

Edited by Vongrak.

Release schedule is currently one per week on Sundays.

If you want notifications as soon as this updates, consider heading to my Discord:

Currently in the process of being posted to Royal Road as well

This is a rewrite of this series (which has been kept up for archive purposes):

AdventureFantasyGender BenderGirls LoveLitRPGSupernatural
Accelerated Growth Adopted Children Alternate World Appearance Changes Appearance Different from Actual Age Arrogant Characters Beastkin Brainwashing Complex Family Relationships Devoted Love Interests Dragons Fairies God-human Relationship Level System Male to Female Multiple Identities Multiple Personalities Overpowered Protagonist Romantic Subplot Seven Deadly Sins Seven Virtues Skill Assimilation Transformation Ability
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 65: dungeon diving

    This is a story with wasted potential and unfinished characters. I'm going to preface this with the fact I think the author had a really solid foundation for a unique, interesting, and deep story the author, however, didn't capitalize on any of it.

     The characters are all bland. I can see them interacting with each other and they should have their own unique presence... but they just don't... even if they do the author quickly forgets the traits that made them unique in favor of a bland character design. The biggest example of this would probably come from Lilith and her parallels. At the start, they had strong foundations for unique and interesting characters but as time went on you would find yourself hard-pressed to tell them apart except for key moments where maybe one defining trait will pop up for a moment only to be gone a moment later. 

    Another problem is the fact that there is no tension in the story at all or any sense of power scaling. Kali quite literally stops problems from happening and gives the main character power-ups all the time without the main character having earned or a justifiable reason for earning it at all. In fact, Kali's powers (she the administrator of the universe so basically a god.) are quite contrived to what the author feels she should be able to do at any given moment. If she could solve the problem then she can't because she doesn't have enough god power (or worship), but for anything else, she basically has free reign no matter how absurd it is. Basically, the author creates artificial problems and then refuses to solve them to create a fake sense of tension. The tension fails mind you since we have experienced several examples of her interfering when the plot demands it, basically giving the main character a get out of jail free card whenever she wants.

    I could go on about how forced certain interaction and plot developments feel another point that loops back to my original paragraph is how Lilith and Carmen fused together essentially merging their personalities together, plus making them go into a several-year coma. It comes out of nowhere, it's clearly in an effort to make her "organically" weaker than future enemies (doesn't work organically btw.), and the emotional impact of the whole situation is weakened by the fact that most of the characters don't react to it outside of one single chapter. Lastly, Lilith and Carmen's "merged" personality isn't actually any different than Lilith's making the so-called merge pointless. Their are countless examples like this in the story but this was one of the more recent and stand out contendors.

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    Status: chapter 99: the end of an...

    Let me preface this by saying that the later half is the only reason why I was able to enjoy the story.

    In the beginning, everything feels forced and the MC literally says yes to anything, which the author tries to justify laster in the story but is not really convincing. I considered dropping this, but am happy that I kept going as things got better.

    In the second half interactions are still on the shorter side and to the point, but at least the MC gained the ability to make decisions for herself. Things feel less forced after that point as well, although there are still some instances where you want to bash the head on the MC against a wall.

    In general all the characters are pretty much without any depth and can easily be replaced, the story is acceptable, and the overall feeling I have about this is "okay"

    Definitely not a "must read", but if you are in the mood for an easy-going story with an OP MC without any big drama or convoluted plot points, then this is for you.

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    Status: chapter 19: familial bond

    The story is interesting. Supposedly. A lot of cool interesting concepts, interesting world. And even personally for me it contains a lot of tags and tropes that I like.

    But the problem is that the characters don't have any agency. Especially the main character. Pretty much anything any character suggests or asks, everyone else will follow not just no questions asked, but even without a thought or internal justification of agreeing to often outrageous requests. It feels like each character is a device in the service of the plot, without their own goals or motivations.

    Yes Lilith supposed to be not assertive, but she isn't alone. Her aunt at least doesn't feel like someone who would go along with anything, we see glimpses of it at the start, but she's completely lost and basically don't exists very quickly. Every character except Carmen feel like they're followers that MC takes in a game in the party just for bonuses. And even Carmen contradicts her character.

    Most of the time we see a villain (Alex or Raphael at the start) take on an active role, it's revealed that they're also don't have their own agency and just tools of their circumstances...

    I feel like that could've been such an amazing novel with interesting characters, huge plot and a diverse big world, but it very much looks like a series of events that the author thought would be cool. And yeah, they're pretty cool, but good me personally it's hard to feel connection to the story without feeling connection to its characters.

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    Status: c96

    This is a pretty fun story! The character interactions are fun and it feels like our main cast have clearly defined personalities and seeing them interact with each other is a delight. 

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