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Arclight Online
Arclight Online
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Once a revered professional gamer, Aaron lives a secluded but modest lifestyle; playing video games and occasionally working on computer programming in his off-time. With the breakthrough in Virtual Reality Gaming in 2074, there is a rumor percolating around the web about a multi-billion dollar game title that would be released to the public.

This game is Arclight Online, a Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Game that trumps any past predecessor of Virtual Reality games to date, containing a vast amount of data and scale that has never been before dreamt of.

With the anticipation of the release of the game along with a difficulty that leaned towards hardcore players, ex-professional gamer Aaron steps back into the limelight of what seemed to be a lost passion. To do what? Obviously, conquer this new game and be ranked number one.

I mean, he has nothing else to do, right?

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Alternate World Battle Competition Cruel Characters Cunning Protagonist Determined Protagonist Dungeons e-Sports Guilds Kingdoms MMORPG Monsters RPG Strategic Battles Strategist Strength-based Social Hierarchy Trolls Unique Weapons Virtual Reality
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      Status: --
      Nov 6, 2019

      It's good read don't get me wrong mostly the characters I guess, but when it come to the VR part of the story it's had a pretty stupid feel for a VRMMO settings. 

      Why? Get this, Rather an the most advance game the story proclaim it to be but in truth it's just a old MMO put in VR style... How? 

      1. NPC is nothing but a NPC plain boring.
      2. LVL restrictions quest in VR? What's the point? Even Skyrim don't show that sh*t obviously, what more it look stupid in a VR game
      3. Questing is generic old school which look very silly and dumb for a VRMMO like "collect this" or "go kill 10 of this monster"
      4. it's freaking advance VR game with the latest tech in it, but why the fck it has channel for crowd control like those long dead old school MMO?
      5. While Status window is nice or perhaps normal in a VR game.... but do it have to appear in basically everywhere in any notification in every single thing you do in game? Normally it's overwhelming and kills the mood while playing.
      6. Why do always appear in a city at the start of the game like an old MMO? Can't the player choose the place wherever the fck he what to start on his own risk? And explore anywhere in the world as much as they like it's VR for that reason.
      7. The game setting feels suffocating for a VR game that normally offers player freedom beyond that of reality with all those old MMO setting & restrictions in place.

      Its a good story but have bad game mechanics in it as if your not sure if it's VR or just a Old MMO... Basically its underwhelming for a proclaimed advance tech game the story suggest it to be if it's a actual game in reality such game would be a miracle if it last a 2 years before dying like all the dying MMO genre this days

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      Status: Chapter Six: Profession
      Jan 16, 2019

      Although the premise of the novel isn't anything groundbreaking, the author takes great care in the mechanics of the game world. Characters are also unique and interesting, would like to see more.

      Edit: It's been a few months since the author has updated, but I just wanted to follow up on my thoughts. I still think this is probably the best VR-MMO on Scribblehub, and the writing and dialogue are very enjoyable. The characters remain ever unique, and the new game concepts are explained, but arent too overbearing to the point where it's loads of exposition. Still excited towards the direction of this novel, and still intrigued to see where it will go.

      Some qualms I have though is the release schedule. It's all over the place. Sometimes he's consistent, other times there are like a few months hiatus. I just hope he releases consistently because I actually super enjoy this series.

      Another thing is tenses, I feel like the messes them up just a bit. Not a huge problem, and I think the author is fixing those mistakes (at least, from what I can tell re-reading.) So, ditto to that.

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      Status: chapter eleven: arachnid
      Jun 22, 2020

      tbh, I don't like VR that much, aside overgeared, I can't find a good VR novel. But this novel, its have so much potential.

      The side character was good, the MC it's ok, and I enjoyed the story so far, so pls check this novel if read this review!

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      Status: chapter eleven: arachnid
      Nov 20, 2019

      So far I'm loving Arclight, it might not do anything particularly new but everything is does do is done well. The writing quality is some of the best I've seen and the chapters being longer than most other books is nice. The only negatives would have to be the lack of releases and release consistency. The author being able to do math better than a toddler is something I didn't know I needed but is nice to have. Thank you for writing Arclight, I'll be waiting for more.

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      Status: chapter nine: dungeon
      Nov 4, 2019

      Jesus, this novel is pretty good. Good enough for me to make an account and review it.

      Characters: 4/5

      Very good characters, varied cast. Interesting enough to make each of them unique, but not overloading to the point where you can't remember their names; the problem with most MMO stories. Nothing is bland about the assortment of characters, other than the random background ones he encounters (but who cares about them anyway.)

      Setting: 3/5:

      The setting comprises a few inspirations of Norse mythology, but other than that we don't see anything too interesting yet. It might still be early on, but who knows. Still not bad, just generic towns and zones at this point in the novel. Nothing to really set the bar for unique locations just yet.

      Story: 5/5

      This is probably the best out of the bunch. It has an amazing cast coupled with great action scenes. The author explains in great detail about the mechanics of the game along with the worldbuilding (which is a lot of exposition, but he mixes it up nicely.) Hopefully, this story can deliver because if it's 500 chapters of rinse and repeat dogpile, it will truly be a waste of a good novel.

      The bad: 

      Updates are far and few between, and sometimes the dialogue can be disjointing. However, something to take note of is that the author's chapters are very long, 5k words on average. Some events that happen to the MC can be pretty unbelievable, but he honestly might just be lucky. At least he isn't completely OP from Day 1. This novel is certainly a hidden gem in my eyes, and something I would catch up if given the chance.

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      Status: chapter nine: dungeon
      Nov 3, 2019

      I would like to say that this is one of my favourite VRMMORPG stories. Now the author does a lot to develop background, characters, actual reasons for interactions and some game mechanics. However I feel that the author has trouble properly conveying how the game works in response to certain actions. Also the updates have a long wait. 

      I believe my first issue may be fixed later on in further chapters or if the author decides to edit previous chapters. The released chapters are long and well edited so I guess we can forgive the author for the long wait.

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      Status: chapter four: boss
      Jan 20, 2019

      The good: MC forming connections with people looks pretty natural. The mechanics we've seen so far have the feel of something intended to be balanced, with even subtle things like damage dropoff from hitting multiple enemies in a line.

      The eh: Author takes great care to explain all the different gamer terms for those not in the know. But since they're there and not in a footnote or something, it ends up adding a lot of empty girth to what could be much more concise bits of story.

      The bad: For such a groundbreaking new technology, the focus of the writing so far is less on what's different about the game and more on what makes the game the same as any other MMO. After the initial moment of "wow, he sounds like a real person", all the things that are different from a regular MMO become offhand remarks. Sure, showing what bits ARE the same is a good technique to emphasize what isn't, but a little too much of that is happening here.

      The physicality of combat takes a backseat to the activation of skills, and only pain is mentioned to be awkward. Even if we assume that the MC became extremely proficient with bladework from the tutorial alone, there's no mention of how Skills feel from control perspective. Is there an interplay between controlling your body and relinquishing it to the system? MC can supposedly activate a defensive stance to react to an attack, but does "Stance" means he actually has to reposition his body, or is it a glorified buff?

      What, is it weird I gave it 4 when I said so much in the bad? It could very well be that the things I mentioned WILL be covered later, and that it's more important to make action happen in between the constant exposition. I can understand that. Also..... the bar isn't high. This is already pretty good as it stands. I can't say I'm a fan of punchclock alpha male side characters, but then again a lot of real life people are actually that bad.

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