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/ Series / The Day the World and I Changed
The Day the World and I Changed
The Day the World and I Changed
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4.1 (34 ratings)
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The main character Keven is about to be hit by truck-kun but before it hits him a disaster happens. The event saves him, but the world is changed into a war with mutating animals. Humanity fights back and a few people have gained Esper-like abilities. The protag somehow is not seen for two years. Is it their ability or has something or someone behind their disappearance

PS cover is made with Nemu's Waifu Generator

ActionAdventureComedyGender BenderGirls Love
Appearance Changes Beastkin Beautiful Female Lead Blood Manipulation Character Growth Coma Demi-Humans Evolution Familial Love Female Protagonist Male to Female Monster Girls Post-apocalyptic
Table of Contents 35
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 22: rest and relaxation

    TLDR: Solid Reccomend. This novel has enormous potential and a decent story right from the rip. Don't worry about the rough first couple chapters and read on, it get's exponentially better.

    While it's still quite early for a review, I think this one is good enough to earn it, and I might try to update the review later on once there's more to talk about.

    The Good: Solid characters with believable interactions. While I can't call any of them truly multidimensional yet, that might only be a matter of time. What is there already is fantastic, though. The characters we are shown, both protagonists and antagonists, behave and react like realistic people, assuming you take the apocalyptic setting into account that is. Darkarconkris has the idea of "show don't tell" down for the most part, which makes this story fairly interesting to read.

    The Bad: There are plenty of grammatical and spelling mistakes, especially in the earliest chapters. It doesn't usually effect readability, but it's there. The situation is improving as the novel continues though, so I look forward to their improvement. Punctuation is also a minor issue for many chapters, but that also improves as they get going. There are no major plot holes or inconsistencies that I've noticed just yet.

    [Edit] I initially forgot to mention the world building. The setting, so far as we know, seems intriguing. However, there is currently a lack of details for us to think on, so I can't say too much yet. Hopefully as the MC learns more, so will we.

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