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Seraph of Ice
Seraph of Ice
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There was once a girl who bore a faint light. Her radiance shone above the rest, surpassing even the brightest stars.

Yet the shadows crept closer as the undying omens muttered of death.

That was the day the light was replaced by darkness. Hope was shattered, fading amidst the ruins of a broken world.

Fear grew within trembling hearts as faith scattered to their stark clutches.

The apocalypse had begun, a fleeting dream wisping away as the world called for a victor.

Regressed were the days of innocence and peace.

Incarnate within her was a kindling flame, fierce and bright to ignite the universe.

Null, would the darkness reign forevermore.

She had been given the chance of fate for a new dawn.

Just this once, salvation would come.

Dungeons Dwarfs Elemental Magic Elves Fallen Angels Fantasy World Female Protagonist Game Elements Magic Reincarnated into Another World Sword Wielder Tsundere
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Table of Contents
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