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/ Series / The Soul Engine (Isekai/Fantasy)
The Soul Engine (Isekai/Fantasy)
The Soul Engine (Isekai/Fantasy)
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4.5 (34 ratings)
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Summary: Being summoned to another world is supposed to be fun. Or at least exciting. Either you find yourself in a Church being given a divine mission, or you wake up in a forest and have to survive off of the land. And if you're lucky, you get some sort of System as well, or at least a handy Cheat/Power-Up. Waking up in a prison cell with nothing but a pair of pants to your name is NOT the way things usually go. Unfortunately, nothing about Mikael's adventure in another world is going to be 'normal'.

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Ability Steal Accelerated Growth Antihero Protagonist Character Growth Conditional Power Corruption Dead Protagonist Enemies Become Allies Enemies Become Lovers Fantasy World Fast Learner Magic Male Protagonist Near-Death Experience Personality Changes R-18 Threesome Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 1: the cell

    Grammar is great, setup works as a fantastic hook, and the m.c *Seemed* relatable for all of half a chapter.

    My problem is that is not a story about an isekaied individual. The person isekaied dies halfway through the first chapter, and another being assembled itself from the remnants, thus loosing nearly relatability I had with the m.c, and my reason for reading the story to begin with. I feel cheated like a bait and switch. Honestly, I don't think this should be tagged as an Isekai at all. 

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    Status: chapter 12

    4.5 Stars from me. Although the story might be not up to snuff for the Isekay purists the author has the tragic hero and heroines backstory down and by reading some of his other stories I can say with certainty the while this story will have less smut the smut it will have is chefs kiss 👍 good. I also like the fact that the story does not stretch harem limits as I frankly believe that just juggling 2 or 3 partners in a realistic relationship is a mythical deed. I'm not giving it the full 5 stars because the type of story here is a new type for the author and the are still growing pains but I'll stick with it anyway because I enjoyed all original content I could find from this writer. 

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