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/ Series / Harem Spirits but with whom!!? (Date a live fanfic)
Harem Spirits but with whom!!? (Date a live fanfic)
Harem Spirits but with whom!!? (Date a live fanfic)
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Warning: +18 content and Lemon.

Mio didn't die, and Tohka stayed with him.
shidou finally had his happy ending, where his loving ones stayed with him.
he thought he could finally stay a little away from his typical crazy life...

he thought so but...

why have Spacequakes suddenly started to appear again?

And who are those new Spirits that start to appear without mio involvement??

And why do they claim to be males even though they are in a female body!!!??

kotori: "back too work Onii~Chan

Shido: "I thought i had my happy ending"

basically a comedy fanfic about gender-bender versions of some male protagonists of some famous works.

fem-Shirou, fem-kazuma, fem-Touma, fem-goku, fem-Naoufumi, and so on (you can choose who to involve)

grazy idea right?

but I got the idea in those weird 3 AM thoughts so I said why not

ActionAdultComedyFanfictionGender BenderHaremRomanceSlice of LifeSmut
Date a live, Toaru, dragon ball, the rising of the shield hero, fate stay night, fgo
Alternate World Body Swap Contracts Cooking Male Protagonist Male to Female Yandere
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Table of Contents
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