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Offered a second chance, Talivi wants to live the childhood she didn't get to on Earth. Born to a village of harpies, and without memories of her previous life, she lives a peaceful life among her sisters.

Her peaceful life doesn’t stay peaceful for long. If she wanted that, being born as a rare elemental harpy dealt her a tough hand. So much for growing up simply among friends and family.

The outcome of a dice roll is neither cruelty nor benevolence. It is entropy.


This is my first time writing long form prose. Feedback is welcome, I'd love to hear what you readers like and where you think I could have done better.

I'm shooting for a chapter a week. Trans/Reincarnation moment for MC is in chapter 11 flashback.
Also, smut will be part of the story, but aside from character moments, readers should miss nothing by skipping those chapters if they want.

Regular releases will be Monday nights, GMT -5.

What to expect:
A take on the hero's journey
B plot Romance and clearly marked skippable smut chapters
Themes of identity and self told through trans and cis lenses alike
A story ending with around 100k words

AdventureFantasyGender BenderIsekaiMatureRomanceSmut
Age Progression Alternate World Caring Protagonist Complex Family Relationships Determined Protagonist Devoted Love Interests Enemies Become Allies Family Family Conflict Female Protagonist God-human Relationship Gods Magic Non-human Protagonist Past Plays a Big Role R-18 Reincarnated as a Monster Reincarnation Siblings Skill Creation Transgender Weak to Strong
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