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Morgan Mackenzie had a very bad day. First at work, then at home, and then her bathtub fell through a portal to another world, with her in it. Now she's stuck thousands of miles from any sort of civilization with nothing but the bathtub and a lace puffball scrubby. But she learned magic, so that's sorta nice. Now if only she could find some clothes...

Cover art by SourMonkey and Tox

Accelerated Growth Adventurers Alternate World Beautiful Female Lead Blacksmith Character Growth Divination Dungeons Game Elements
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      New Sosseres
      Status: skyclad – epilogue: winds that whisper
      Jul 31, 2019

      This book has many good things going for it. Engaging world and interesting characters.

      Its biggest problem is the expectations it sets up. Reading the description, tags and first chapters you are expecting a book about a transported person that needs to somehow make it in a LitRPG world and you do get that for roughly 1/3 of the book.

      Then it moves on to become a book about a massive cast with ~10 main characters as important as the first one. The LitRPG gets removed from the writing (but is still there driving the world). So the book switched direction as the author realizes what it wants to portray. I wanted to read more of the first 1/3 and less of the last 2/3.

      I will not be continuing on to book 2 since the direction change was on purpose. Especially the LitRPG things will probably be edited out further in the published version, that is the direction the author wants to pick and I wish him/her luck!

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      New SovietWeeb
      Status: c41
      Jul 24, 2019

      I genuinely liked this a lot at the start. While I think it has lost a lot of the charm and interest around Chapter 40 compared to the beginning. 

      I do think that the thing that has kind of made the story lose a lot of its appeal is the need of adding Otherworlds as the story calls them. I tend to prefer a story where it is just the MC or at most two people being isekaied. This story has tons of them. We will get an entire chapter of just a POV of one of the Otherworlders and they tend to be quite appealing. 

      I don't think I really like any of the characters introduced that are Otherworlders. Some characters that are from the planet aren't bad like the oracle or the girl who lost her limb. But the Otherworlders just aren't that interesting. Such as Diana, I feel her story should be interesting but I find myself just completely uninterested. 

      The Lufa is the best character by far. 

      I do find myself kind of wanting to see the MC return to Earth though. Especially with all her OP powers. I find it a bit sad she can't return. But I also want to see her return and go around completely baffling people with her newfound athleticism.

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      Status: c15
      Mar 29, 2019

      I mean, Morgan is wearing NOTHING but the sky..... and a sentient lace puffball scrubby. For those of you who want confirmation that Skyclad is worth the read, let me be simple.

      - It is.

      - Why the hell are you still here?

      -Oh, a wiseguy, eh? You want me to point out what makes it worth your time? Well then, sit down, shut up and let me tell you why YOU are going to read it.

      Now, there are SOOOOO many things wrong with a story where the MC gets her powers from being nude, but I just can't bring myself to care about any of them. Skyclad just might be the first of it's kind, and I reccomend you read it before a few knockoffs come around and spoil the experience.


      The image of an iron, soap-filled bathtub falling out of the sky and crushing an entire nest of [Giant Eagle Chicks] will forever be imprinted in my mind. And that's only the second chapter. Storywise, the beginning has SOME similarities to Randidly, but is better done. So, far, its been both a very good serious story and a barrel of laughs.

      While we have Morgan (and her lace scrubby) tromping through one of the largest, and most dangerous forests in the world, the singular side chapter has given much appreciated perspective as to events happening about the world. I was also quite satisfied with the System, as it provided an interesting read in itself for both casuals and number crunchers. On another note, the usual 'Class Selection' was handled in a VERY unique and satisfying way. Kudos to that. (I'd like to see some other stories try and rip that off).

      So far, there is a picture painted of a grim world, where humans aren't exactly on the top of the food chain. While limited so far, the monster selection and naming has been good. Tyrannorabbits and Electric eel hydras, anyone? Pass me the charred Shadowlands Lynx, if you would.


      Ah, now we get to this. I usually don't have much to say about Styles, but this one more than gets the job done. It doesn't just vividly paint pictures in your mind, the author's use of wry humor at the right moments injects some lightheartedness and humor into other wise grim situations. The prose and wording flows smoothly, giving you a delectable read.


      Nothing so here, people, move along. Yes, yes, its perfectly done, I assure you. Take it up with my lawyers if you want to disagree.


      So far, a cast of three. Well, more or less the MC, her lace scrubby, and Rella, a side character. But, even with those small numbers, it is surpringly strong. The characters make an impression from their very first meetings with the reader, and only build from there. They're people, they screw up, they do things. They aren't paper cutouts, devices to advance the plot or souless machine moving from one stain to the next, eager to obliterate it. (Well, maybe Lulu. But hey, isn't that the purpose of it's life?).

      The point is, the characters are great. So, UNLIKE Randidler, the MC isn't an introverted sociopath. Yay. We can actually cheer for Morgan here. And maybe imagine ogling her too. Just for lulz. Before she hands our asses to us.


      A good idea transformed into a great story. I don't know why this isn't Top 100 YET, but it deserves that spot. Keep on trucking.

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      Status: c23
      Jun 17, 2019

      Great story and relateable characters. You can see the struggle each character has to go through and smile when they triumph. RPG elements are handled in a great unique way, especially class selections. Even though the otherworlders have OP powers they still struggle to survive. 5/5 would probably reread once I get caught up.

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      Status: chapter 30: entrenchment
      May 14, 2019

      Best thing on this site if you don't mind imagining the main character naked the whole time. I don't care for some of the other characters that the story focuses on other than The Broken but when it gets back to Morgan I forget all about them and bathe in the glory of the mighty Lulu!

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