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/ Series / Tenets of Eden – A Romance Urban Fantasy Cultivation Story
Tenets of Eden – A Romance Urban Fantasy Cultivation Story
Tenets of Eden – A Romance Urban Fantasy Cultivation Story
15.9k Views 547 Favorites 64 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 377 Readers
4.9 (17 ratings)
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When Fio found a broken gateway back to her home world, the last thing she expected was to become one herself.

Unfortunately, she is now faced by the keepers of the gates. Creatures that seemed so elusive and uncaring before, and now want to tear the gateway from her soul, taking its power for themselves.

But Fio can't give up either of the worlds she lives in. Both hold her families and friends, and if that means she has to go through the keepers to hold onto her freedom, so be it.

She's always worked well under pressure.
What to expect: strong lesbian MC, double life between "normal" planet and fantasy world, themes of found family, cute and sad character interaction, queer people. Basically expect action adventure, meets found family and lesbian fluff, meets a bit of family drama.

ActionAdventureFantasyGirls LoveLitRPGMartial ArtsRomanceSlice of Life
Character Growth Complex Family Relationships Cultivation Determined Protagonist Evil Gods Evil Organizations Family Family Conflict Fearless Protagonist Female Protagonist Gate to Another World Hard-Working Protagonist Level System Magic Multiple Realms Power Couple Siblings Care Spear Wielder Strong to Stronger Unique Cultivation Technique Xuanhuan
Table of Contents 64
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 10

    If you've read SCOG it definitely has a similar feeling. 

    By chap 10 you'll already have a solid grasp on who MC is in general. Fights are good, description of the foes/monsters feel a bit lacking but easily understood regardless. A number of side characters to expand upon already, and despite only brief interactions they're interesting enough to want to know more about. Worldbuilding is still being setup but for 10 chaps it does get one interested about both sides, tbh im more interested in the 'mundane' side of the world than the 'supernatural' other side.. 

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 10: dealings on the other...

    A few interesting plot points have been revealed and It's keeping my Interest. The fights were explained relatively well and are main character has a clear character. The reason this is a 4 star Is because I want to know more about the other characters, of course It's only ch10. As of now It's worth reading. 

    EDIT: For Anyone that likes this there's about 20 more chapters on Royal Road as of the 22 of December 2023

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