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All Rick wanted was an opportunity to forge a new life for himself.

Thrown naked into a forest, with no idea where he was or how he got there, he will discover an opportunity to get exactly what he wanted, and possibly even more than he could ever imagine.

Join Rick as he explores the fantasy world of Parva, where he and his newfound friends will rediscover a forgotten, and intimate, form of magic that could change their lives forever... literally.

This series is recommended for readers ages 18 and up. It will explore a verity of fetishes and other things that readers may find to be sexual in nature.

This includes but is not limited to; Breast/Butt expansion, height change, muscle growth, penis growth, and futanari.

ActionAdventureFantasyHaremIsekaiLitRPGRomanceSlice of LifeSmut
Appearance Changes Average-looking Protagonist Character Growth Couple Growth Demons Dwarfs Elves Fantasy World First Love First-time Intercourse Futanari Game Elements Lucky Protagonist Magic Pragmatic Protagonist Quirky Characters R-18 Slow Growth at Start Spear Wielder Sword And Magic Transported into Another World Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents
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    New Kahunabob
    Status: quick update

    • Overall: Fun, easy read. You've got the same fluid, easy to follow writing style RoseOfBlades (How I became Empress of Hell) has. I consider that a plus. Writers like Tolkien, Asimov or Jordan are fun to read, but they get bogged down in prose and details a lot. S*x scenes are not as explicit as Rose's, but that's fine. The combat and interaction between the MC's is where it's at, really 😁
    • I'm calling where you currently are Book 1 (chapter 9.2). It feels like a natural cut off point. The group finished a boss fight, made a new friend to boink and upgrade. There's more than enough meat on the bones of this to write another 'book' or 2.

    Quick addition: The "final boss battle" in 8.2 was a good read.  Good write-up. 

    • Felt like an RPG RTS event in a Warcraft 3 map. Build defenses, strap your heroes in for the ride and go to town. A culmination of what the team has learned and proof that their training and other jobs went a long way towards team building.
    • That King Crab just ripping its limb off and caber tossing it towards Rick was a metal move. Very cool.
    •  The way you described the battle flow felt good. It wasn't too hard to follow. You didn't really get bogged down into too many details. You correctly didn't describe every swing of the hammer, every punch of the spear etc. Just enough to convey that the group was in a kickass fight.

    So, about the cast. I like Rick. 

    • I'd have liked to learn a bit more of his family dynamic. It's hinted at, but I feel it would have explained his duality a bit more. Duality as in he has a lot of respect for his dad and the lessons he taught, but there's also that underlying sense of inadequacy compared to the rest of his family, even his mother who he seems to be the closest to. By all accounts Rick was more than capable from day 1 getting dropped into this world. We also don't know what caused him to get sent to this world. Truck-Kun strikes again?
    • Be careful not to turn Rick into a Superman that can do anything and everything. Make sure he has limits. Even if you haven't discussed them yet.

    Sade is a competent character. 

    • She's smart, goal driven, but can get overzealous. 
    • Her body improvements show hints of body dismorphia or a starting addiction to 'plastic surgery' intimancer style. That suggests a potential event to either reign her in a bit, or get her to spend points to bring her body back into balance. 
    • Her trap is probably turning her into a female Reed Richards: smarts ftw. She's so smart and relatively lucky she can guess or extrapolate everything.

    Tyr is fun. 

    • I figured you went for an Irish or Scottish brogue. AI art confirms it.
    • She comes across as young adult.  Brash, outgoing, enjoying life. There's more to her than what's on the surface. Will be a more rounded character once she gets some more wisdom and maturity under her belt. 
    • She's probably in it for the adventure and the boinking, but she's also loyal to the people she's connected to. She's the girl that brings the shovels no questions asked if you need to bury somebody.
    • The trap I see there is not having her character grow and keep her just as comedic relief.

    LilieI, the resident succubus and healer. 

    • Interesting twist on the succubus trope. Having her emaciated and not having figured out she needs magical juju baby batter to feed her Hunger.
    • She'll get coital points the moment she has normal intercourse. 
    • Maybe her 'flaw' is that she can't get points unless she's full? 
    • Her exasperation at the PUG mentality was fun. We've all been there. And it would figure that in a world that's an litRPG that sort of dynamic would come into play. Haven't seen that before, so kudo's 👍
    • High Elves vs Wood Elves Posh folk vs rednecks. (Redneck in the sense of a hard working outdoors person doing some sort of blue collar work - I mean that as a positive). It'll be fun to see Tyr butt heads with Whatshername, Sade's rival in school.
    • Dwarves. Dude. You use surfer bro's and utterly FAIL to include a Master Yoshi reference and a Kamehameha style energy blast. Come on! 😉 Rick needs to figure that one out, honestly. The Gods of Trope demand tribute.

    Stuff I'm looking forward to to hopefully read more about.

    • Sade sharing her vocation status.
    • Going into the reasons Rick got dumped on this world. 
    • And him coming clean to his team. Clan? Squad?
    • The only discrimination we really have seen is towards mages. Kind of glad that that's the gist of it. Your world feels old enough that most folk have got their prejudice out of their systems. There's maybe no love lost, but no race wars, either. Go into that a bit more - is it a defamation campaign by another country in that world? Or an otherworldy entity setting up for an invasion
    • Dwarves doing Kamehameha's. Seriously.

    Read More

    2 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 3.4 who’s asking? (18+)

    Dislike the disregard of the MC feelings, I feel like things are overly control by other's and the MC just go along with what every the female character's do. He dose not gave a goal. I don't like how someone they just met, barges into their relationship, and they are fine with it? Other wise petty good story until this part.

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 6.1 lucky break

    Intimancer is a bit of an oddity to me. On one hand, it follows the trends that so many other "harem isekais" seem to follow... but then it goes and does something to take that trend and bash it over the head. 

    The best example I can think of is the "standard party composition" that many stories automatically put all their characters into. You have a warrior, a mage, a healer, and a tank of some sort (my own story very much follows this trend). But here we have three characters who are all mages of some sort, but they all have their own roles to play in addition to that. But taking it a step further, it throws the classic "Robe and staff wielding wizard" out the window and shows just how brutal the world really is by making sure the mages are just as armored up as the others. I know this was inspired by a video game series that I am admittedly terrible at... but it works well for the story.

    All of the characters are well fleshed out and relatable, and even with the male MC's class abilities they don't ever appear unrealistic despite the massive amount of body enhancements they all make. If I had to pick a favorite character, it would be Tyr. Her brash, in your face, overtly s*xual nature appeals to me on every level. I love how she is written. I love how her strength is portrayed and how even with all of those more "masculine" traits, she is still incredibly feminine. She is a beautiful combination of power and s*xiness... and I love every aspect of her personality being about "Bigger is better!" Bigger boobs. Bigger muscles. Bigger arrows! Bigger everything! She is absolutely hilarious, and I can't wait to see what other antics she gets up to.

    The only confusing thing for me was the occasional switch between the metric and imperial system. I am a clueless American... so it took my brain a second to process it all. But this is such a minor thing that it didn't impact the quality of the writing as a whole!

    I am excited for all the possibilities that Intimancer brings to the table, and I look forward to many, many more fun, s*xy chapters!! 

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