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Harry Potter with Technology System
Harry Potter with Technology System
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4.0 (97 ratings)
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In an innovative reimagining of the Harry Potter universe, this novel introduces a unique twist to the beloved story, focusing on Harry Potter's journey enhanced by the Technology System (TS) and his interactions with Nigel, an AI assistant.

The narrative follows a young Harry Potter, who is not just a budding wizard but also a tech-savvy genius, thanks to the advanced Technology System embedded within him. This system, operating through a symbiosis of magic and technology, provides Harry with unprecedented magical analysis, data storage, and real-time spell and potion assistance. At the heart of this system is Nigel, an AI with the personality of a British gentleman, known for his dry humor, sarcasm, and witty remarks that often add a humorous touch to Harry's adventures.

As Harry prepares for his first year at Hogwarts, he delves into potion brewing and spellcasting with a proficiency far beyond his years, thanks to the Technology System's virtual environments and Nigel's tutelage. His unique approach to magic, combined with his technological edge, sets him apart, promising a future where he surpasses his canonical counterpart.

The Technology System, especially the Virtual Potion Crafting Room, becomes a pivotal tool in Harry's magical education, allowing him to experiment and master potions in a safe, controlled environment. This feature, along with the System's ability to analyze and store vast amounts of magical knowledge, becomes indispensable to Harry's growth as a wizard. The novel is a fresh take on the Harry Potter story.

1. Smart MC
Expect a Harry Potter who is not just magically gifted but also technologically adept, using the advanced Technology System to enhance his magical abilities and knowledge. This version of Harry demonstrates a level of intelligence and problem-solving skills that surpasses his original portrayal.

2. Witty and Sarcastic AI Companion
Nigel, the AI assistant with a personality reminiscent of a British gentleman, brings humor and sarcasm to the narrative. His interactions with Harry are not just helpful but also entertaining, adding a unique flavor to the story.

3. Evolved Relationships
Watch as the dynamics between Harry and his family, especially Aunt Petunia, transform dramatically. The story explores the emotional growth and understanding that develops between them, influenced by magical and non-magical factors.

4. Enhanced Magical Skills
Harry's proficiency in magic, particularly in potion brewing and spellcasting, is heightened through his use of the Technology System. His approach to magic is more analytical and precise, leading to a faster and more profound mastery of magical arts.

5. Manipulation
Lots of and lots of manipulation.

6. Adventure and Exploration
Harry's journey is filled with adventure and exploration, amplified by his technological edge. From uncovering family secrets in Gringotts to experimenting with new magical techniques, each chapter brings new discoveries and challenges.

7. Unique Magical Training
The Virtual Potion Crafting Room and other innovative features of the Technology System offer a unique perspective on magical training. Harry's learning process is more interactive, experimental, and efficient, showcasing a different approach to mastering magic.

8. Humor and Levity
Nigel's presence ensures that the story, while rich in magical lore and technology, does not lack humor. His witty comments and sarcastic quips provide moments of levity throughout Harry's journey.

9. A Fresh Take on Canon
The novel reimagines the Harry Potter universe, offering a fresh perspective while staying true to the essence of the original story. Expect familiar settings and characters, but with new twists and turns that set this novel apart.

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Harry Potter
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Table of Contents 144
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Table of Contents
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    Status: cdada

    Maybe it’s just not for me but I don’t really like it. The grammar, spelling, and paragraph structure are actually really good, one of the better ones I’ve read on this site. I have two critiques that kind of go hand in hand. 

     1. The chapters are a little short. 

     2. The Ai, Nigel. I think the author mentioned that he eventually stops using him as much but wow is it really bad. The main character has no agency. Nigel is a guide and the MC is a child so it kind of makes sense, but it just feels like a crutch. Nigel only “suggests” things but of course the MC always listens to everything he says regardless. The story would be a lot more enjoyable if the author had just given the MC the system and had him figure it out himself instead of just being told how to do everything. A good chunk of the story is also filled with Nigel just making inane quips and the MC laughing. This happens multiple times a chapter. That, combined with the fact that the chapters are small, brings the progression of the story to a snail's crawl. It’s been over 30 chapters and 50k words and we’re still not even at Hogwarts.

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    20 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 60

    Definitely would say its unique, the origin story and the changes are quite impressive. However, in the end all we have is another Dumbledore hater to add to the million already written. The golden trio being phony. It all just makes me gag.  And making potter a slytherin comes in 2nd as the greatest HP cliche behind Dumbledore hating.  Throwing an orphan in slytherin makes zero sense, no matter his lineage. Should of been a hufflepuff or stuck around to fix Ron and Hermione just to spite fake Dumbledore.  And the fact that Daphne greengrass didn't even show up in the movies other than a quick glimpse shows how far off the reserve we are with fanfics at this point. She was made up by the fanfic community, including her personality.  She's the 3rd biggest HP cliche. Sad to see this story fall into mediocrity after such a good start. Im bored of fanfics making the good guys evil and ignoring the actual villians as if they aren't evil or wrong in their pursuits. Everyone's a hypocrite, lol judging heroes for it and not villians.. Folk are just nuts. Just another author disillusioned by the fanfic community but I guess there is a small minority that does appreciate this so I guess it does make a few lonely folk happy. Other than that I do appreciate the story, hard to look past the cliche but possible. Hopefully an actual villian does rise up in this other than Dumbledore and if so ill change my review. 

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    11 Likes · Like
    Status: ch77- thunderbird

    My opinion: Don't expect replication of muggle tech and other scientific-magical ineventions

    The story, grammar and paragraphs are all good but the conversations, even bots are better in that regard, they are just too mechanical and perfect for 11 year old kids no matter how smart and cunning. 

    The technology system has nothing to speak of technology. Did Harry got an implant? No. Does it provides technological guidance?? No. It only helps in practicing spells and potions in a virtual environment and nothing more. It is more accurate to call if analysis or simulation system than technology system

    System AI Nigel, just reiterates the said thing in a posh sophisticated way and has actual to No humor and sarcasm that the author speaks of and his comments and Harry's reply to them just prolongs the story (77 chapters with only first week in hogwarts).

    The reason for 3 stars is because it actually made me believe in a good Petunia (with Author's image otherwise no way in a 100 years I can think of that horse-faced woman being decent)

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    11 Likes · Like
    Status: ch17- altering dreams

    The story is good but the internal monologue is making me cringe and how harry becoming more like slytherine, cunning

    Read More

    5 Likes · Like
    Status: ch117- yule ball

    One amazing story by a well established wordsmith.

    The characters experience greate growth and are well depicted.

    One of the best HP fanficitions I have had the pleasure of reading.

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: c39

    An interesting spin on the HP lore. What if Harry was empowered with a system that helps him deconstruct spells and potions and enhance them in new and varied ways? What if this system helped him navigate his personal relationships to improve the outcomes and make his life better?

    Solid start to the story but only just beginning.

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    1 Likes · Like
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