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[ The Administrator ]
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She used to be a bright child. She was just not fortunate enough to have a normal life. Ill and bed-ridden, she slowly lost affect and cut herself off from outer reality, as her only joy was to construct a complex fantasy world. And eventually, she met her demise.

Nevertheless, her story did not end here. Who is to say that Death is our last path? For her, it was just the beginning. She had been given a second chance. Reborn as a Goddess in the very own world that she created, it was now only up to her to write her own story.

‘This time, let’s try to live normally.’

AdventureComedyFantasyIsekaiLitRPGSchool Life
Age Progression Beast Companions Beautiful Female Lead Calm Protagonist Carefree Protagonist Complex Family Relationships Elemental Magic Elves Female Protagonist Game Elements God Protagonist Gods Half-human Protagonist Hiding True Abilities Hiding True Identity Kingdom Building Multiple Transported Individuals Overpowered Protagonist Past Plays a Big Role Protagonist Strong from the Start Reincarnated into Another World Reincarnation Summoned Hero System Administrator Transported into Another World
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    New Brenster100
    Status: chapter 30

    I really really wanted to love this story and there are parts of the story that I do love.

    But I can't get over the fact that the MC is a doormat sure killing everyone won't solve everything.

    However, we have seen that the MC can break peoples minds so she can do that or she can just leave with her mother and Son but due to the plot we have to watch her being a doormat.

    And then there is her mother whose backstory could have been amazing yet nothing happened with it.

    Her Aunt could have had a redemption arc but nothing happened.

    It has so much potential but I feel it's being wasted

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    Status: c16

    The MC is a massive doormat whenever the plot demands so 'conflict' can occur and very stubborn at other times. It feels inconsistent and the other characters are okay to flat out annoying. There isn't really any reason for the MC to even tolerate the antagonists or their attempts. They have no power, but the story pretends they do.

    The antagonists are very evil and cruel and it can be frustrating to just watch the MC just ignore it. Right in front of her face. Also frustrating is how she typically stands in the way of fun, insisting on things going in a very dull manner. She has a way of sucking both the fun and the immersion out of the novel.

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    Status: chapter 49

    I honestly didn't want to write this, but I feel it must be done. Let me be clear, I am writing this because I care about the story and want to see it flourish, but I AM writing this because I fear if I don't, the story will fall apart. Bottom line: Currently, the main character might as well not be a character and the side characters who have potential keep getting sidelined before it can be properly developed. For far more depth, far more criticism, and far more spoilers, continue on. Be warned, below I get pretty scathing, but I do so because I am honestly passionate about the novel and want it to be amazing, I think the author has a ton of potential here. But I also feel some rather harsh criticism is necessary. If this truly offends or hurts anyone reading this in any significant way, then I am truly sorry, but these are my opinions, nothing more, nothing less. If you agree, great, if you disagree, great.

    And author, if you ever read this, don't let my words, if they do bother you, stop you from writing. If you truly like writing, then don't let me, some random reader stop you. But if you find my criticism can be of use to you, then feel free to use it.


    Honestly, my biggest gripe is: What in the world is with the "she has lost her empathy/humanity" nonsense. Aileen, the main character, supposedly is being forced by the world to lose her empathy, hence why she feels nothing over the lives of those around her (which to be frank, her feeling nothing over murder doesn't bother me, but the way it is all presented and how it is handled does). This is, honestly, complete nonsense and frankly a poor representation of what I believe is intended by the author. I believe, and feel free to correct me, that the intent is for Aileen to have a more worldly and realistic view, so to speak, as gods do not think of mortals in the same sense mortals would. However, this would have literally nothing to do with empathy. Empathizing is the ability to understand the feelings of another, it is not the ability to feel for others. Lacking empathy is simply lacking the ability to understand and relate. Lacking the ability to feel for others... Is concerning. And considering this is the main character through whom the story is told in a personal, and not social approach (in a social approach like in Game of Thrones, there really isn't a main lense and more of a social view, allowing for otherwise intolerable characters to be a useful perspective), one of the last things you want is a main character who the reader cannot empathize nor sympathize with. If a reader cannot understand a character, a reader won't care for a character. And guess what, stating your character lacks empathy (which in turn isn't even quite true based on her actions...) is a pretty good way to lose the empathy, and care, of your readers. I don't mind a character not wanting to stand out and avoiding conflict in the pursuit of her own interests. But when those interests are weakly and loosely defined (what the hell is normality in her eyes, cause being effectively a prisoner of her uncle doesn't quite feel like normal to me), and the character lacks any real descernible passion for anything, they might as well not be a character and just a spectator. And don't give me that "the world is making her this way" nonsense, no it isn't and it wouldn't make any sense if it did. Yoko, Harris, and the goddess of light all have their own passions, their own pursuits, their own quirks that they will actively pursue. But not Aileen, she is just kind of empty. The most character we really see from her is when she pursues a friend or when she seeks revenge for her mother. But that is just about it. And even those are kind of weak. Blaming her lack of character on the world honestly just feels like an excuse from the author, and I really wish it wasnt the case. I wish I could say there is a lack of character development for the main character, but it actually feels like she has been losing character as the story goes on. Compare Aileen's character to Mile's from I Said to Make My Abilities Average, and you will see what I mean. Both pursue a life of normalcy, so to speak, and both have ridiculous power. But Miles has clearly defined goals that she actively pursues, as well as logical and emotional dissonance where her stated goals are not actually the same as her true, emotional goals as made clear to the reader (she doesn't really desire a normal, average life so to speak, but more an average happiness of friends, family, shopping, etc.) Miles claims she wants to be perfectly average, but will not really hesitate to utilize her ridiculous abilities in the pursuit of the things she cares about. Sure she will fake being normal as much as possible, but she knows how to evaluate her desires and prioritize for the sake of making choices and being an active, developing character. Honestly, Aileen just doesn't really feel like she has any real goals or desires. And again, you can't blame this on the world making her a god, since all the other gods that have been introduced have their own goals and pursuits, their own whimsy.

    And on the topic of those other characters, for crying out loud STOP sidelining them. Aileen's mother has an interesting backstory that could make for incredible character development... Shelve it. Aileen tortures her aunt in revenge, causing a drastic change and presenting an opportunity for character development in both characters. Time skip 12 years. Introduce two wacky mid gods with their own unique personalities and quirks. Did somebody say School Arc without those characters being really involved. Introduces intriguing developments with the previously shelved brother character as well as finally giving the main character some friends, a Pokemon, and an intriguing teacher. Oh wait, random slaver arc time... Author, for crying out loud slow the hell down and develop your characters. I feel like the author has a big picture of where they want the story to go and to be, but in his/her haste to get there, they lose that special something that should be in between. The author keeps giving us characters to get involved with, to get the main character involved with, just to rather abruptly move on. And I feel this has probably contributed the most to the empty and bland feeling the main character gives off. We never really see how she experiments with her abilities, we never hear about how she has been personally affected by those around her. When Aileen breaks down and challenges her brother to a duel, it was an excellent moment for her to be a bit more vulnerable, a bit more vindictive. To push her character in a direction, and when the duel ends, it feels like we didn't really go anywhere and the 2nd volume ends with no explanation because random slaver arc time. And before you say it wasn't random, there was foreshadowing with Axis' father's strange behaviors, let me correct you with a no, not really. Since the foreshadow, so to speak, makes no real sense in context. Someone please explain to me why Troy randomly going into a forest in the pursuit of some unknown monster, only to just... stick around for no real apparent reason when he has a currently parentless son at home and a wife who is supposedly being held hostage by slavers makes any sense for a supposedly loving father and husband. It feels like there was a plan for Troy that was tossed out and changed to what we got instead, but there was no proper correction to the "foreshadowing."

    Which brings me to my final point. This novel is not written in stone, it can be corrected, that is called editing. But I won't demand that of the author, since I know how challenging that can be. But I do ask the author slows down and truly establishes with himself/herself, and perhaps even their readers, where they want this story to go and who they want their characters, especially Aileen, to be. I think Aileen, as a character and a perspective, has a ton of potential. But she needs development, real development where her goals are made, her passions are clarified, and her purpose is clear. Because unless all the other gods in the story are stripped of purpose (and I highly suggest you don't do that) then there is no reason for Aileen to be.


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    Status: volume 2 chapter 24 – a legendary magical...

    At the time of my review of this story back in early 2020 I wasn't ever informed on reading in general but now that I've had a bit more experience with the subject. I would like to say this novel was alright at the time it seemed that the main character was just a side note, but I feel that the main character also doesn't have any motivation and seems to stubborn.

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    Status: volume 2 chapter 35 – gesundheit

    My favorite on royal road, happy to see it here too! So there. I said it. It's my favorite. I've read it several times already and here I am reading it again on scribblehub.

    This story is just goddamn hilarious. It made me stay up late at night and even made me wake my parents from laughing too loud. But it does have some serious moments too which will also make your heart wrench.

    Overall, the pace is a bit slow, but the story is just so engaging you won't even notice it unless you actually think carefully about it.

    The only downside for me is the characters. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying they're bad or anything, but since the story is mostly told from the mc's point of view, a lot of them don't get really developed. We do occasionally get to know more about them during the occasional change of pov, but those changes of pov are pretty rare, that's the problem.

    I personally really like the MC. I know it's not the case for everyone and that her passivity will annoy more than one, but she's not perfect. She has her flaws, making her relatable, and more importantly, she gets to change. Slowly but surely, you see her grow as a character. So unless you expect a perfect MC from the start, if you give her the chance, she'll grow on you. I mean, her way of thinking if just hilarious.

    Totally recommended. If you like reincarnation/op character story, just go for it. But if you're looking for a ruthless and evil MC like in Chinese novels, then nope. Not for you 

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: read

    It's Been a Year seen the last time I check and Im still gonna wait I just love this novel !! [I hope the author is ok and well] 

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: volume 1 chapter 17 – meeting

    I like the World building and all of that, I also like the characters but I don't like how forced conflits are : for exemple the conflict with her uncle, you're telling me that the MC, titled goddess of all creation that Can just bend World rules cannot with no hope whatsoever to take her family away of her uncle with no consequences ? You are telling me that her, the goddess of all creation cannot use soul Magic ? You  are telling me that she need to walk into an obvious trap just to make her family free ? You are telling me that she need to respect mortal laws when she is the goddess of creation ? You are telling me that even if she does kill the duke and his family she cannot do anything to hide it from the noblemen/royalty ? You are telling me that even if she cannot hide it from them she can't just destroy the noblemen/royalty once and for all to show that she isn't to be f**ked with ? You are telling me that and exepecting me to think "yup totally makes sense I don't see a problem here" you know what I call BULLsh*t, and MC is too f**king passive like for Real she is I repeat the goddess of all creation, she Can bend natural laws, she is more powerful than any f**king being be it gods, demons, humans, elves, beastfolks, animals, fishes, ANYTHING. But NoOOOooOOoOooo she just stay here and sait for her family's liberty to be held hostage against her and even then she still go right into an obvious trap she could've stopped ten thousand times like the good little mindless muppet she is. I call bullsh*t. And I will stop Reading this because I cannot take it anymore


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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: c14

    The more I read this novel, the more I want to stop reading it. Sry

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    4 Likes · Like

    Not the best story in the world, but I love it and just want the author to know their work is much appreciated.

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: completed

    i want moreeeeeee

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