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/ Series / I Wanna Be A Catgirl When I Fight The 100th Demon Lord
I Wanna Be A Catgirl When I Fight The 100th Demon Lord
I Wanna Be A Catgirl When I Fight The 100th Demon Lord
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The God of Evil and Destruction, Dommon has summoned a hundred Demon Lords across a hundred worlds... The gods of light and order banded together, hoping to find a hundred heroes to face this threat.

They only found one. And he's had to reincarnate each and every new time he's faced a Demon Lord. Then there's the fact that Galatea, the goddess of reincarnation kept giving him the 'default' settings in character generation for each world!

Finally given a choice to be whatever he wants when he faces the last obstacle in his path to freedom from this destiny... He chooses to be...

(This is my first attempt at writing something serious in a long, long, time. Comments and critiques are highly welcomed and encouraged!)

Female Protagonist Summoned Hero Sword And Magic Sword Wielder
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    Status: chapter 2: being born as a...

    The prelude to the action is snappy and well done. The action itself is well paced and the fight scenes make sense. The reasoning for why our hero is the one used throughout all of the worlds make sense as something that can happen without being contrived and the characterization for all the people shown is very well done.

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