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Micah Ever After
Micah Ever After
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High schooler Sawatari Mikasa has it all: An aptitude for sports, above-average grades, lots of friends, and a little brother that she loves more than anything in the entire world. However, after learning of the boy, Yuu's sudden hospitalization one fateful day, she rushes to check on him in a panic, and it all gets cruelly ripped away when her negligence throws her into the path of an oncoming car.

When she awakes, she finds herself before the being known as 'God', who offers her a second chance at life in a new world. She accepts, and only has one question:

"What happened to Yuu?"

But God would not give her an answer, and before she knows it Mikasa is brought to a world of magic straight out of a fantasy novel.


...However, she wouldn't be satisfied with that.

Having somehow retained all of her memories of her previous life, Mikasa — now Micah — makes it her goal to find out what really happened that day. Did Yuu survive, or did he die too? Was he also in this world somewhere? Even if she has to become God's enemy, or even that of the world's, she'll do whatever it takes to make sure her brother is safe.

He needs her, after all. And deep down inside of her heart, made fragile by events of the past, she knows... she needs him too.

"'Find Yuu' or 'Find God'. I don't care which comes first."

Micah's journey to find her 'Happily Ever After' had begun.

~Updates every month or two. Or more. I know, I know, but just bear with me. I currently have no plans to drop this.

ActionAdventureDramaFantasyIsekaiLitRPGMysteryPsychologicalSchool Life
Age Progression Antihero Protagonist Battle Academy Brother Complex Caring Protagonist Character Growth Cheats Clever Protagonist Demons Determined Protagonist Different Social Status Discrimination Elemental Magic Female Protagonist Friendship Heroes Level System Mature Protagonist Past Plays a Big Role Previous Life Talent Skill Creation Teamwork Unique Weapon User Weak to Strong Younger Brothers
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 11: heart of snow

    Summary: Overall, this is a very high quality story. This story avoids most of the common pitfalls and tropes that stories of this genre tend to have. If the synopsis or tags capture your interest, then this story is worth a read. For those who are still on the fence about reading, the first two chapters and the extra chapter are enough to know whether you want to continue with the story or not. If you are still on the fence after that, Chapters 3 and 4 should be enough for you to decide.

    This is a very high quality story. The author has a solid grasp on the fundamentals it takes to craft a good book. A majority of the qualities that one would expect from a good book, from the basics like plot and setting to the more complex components like pacing and execution, are at the satisfactory level at the very least. There might be some parts that are a little lacking like the world building, but it isn't weak enough to weigh down the story as of Chapter 10. Of particular note is the writing level of this story. The writing level of this story is noticeably better than other stories that can be found on ScribbleHub, which strengthens this story's quality overall.

    Where this story shines the most so far is in the development of its characters. As of this point, the cast of named characters is relatively small when compared to other works of this genre. This gives the author more time to add to the complexity of their characters. None of the characters in this story are one-dimensional; all characters have a rhyme or reason to their behaviors and actions. Even the characters with not a lot of screentime are given complexity through description or implication. Of course, as the driving force of the story, the main character is the most complex character of them all. Although character writing may not be a priority in other stories of this genre, it is definitely one of the priorities of this story and it shows.

    The average length per chapter is about 8, 000 words. Almost all of the chapters in Volume 1 are written like mini-arcs, which means that they all have a beginning, middle, and end. Except for two specific chapters which make up two halves of a mini-arc, there are no abrupt endings or cliffhangers in Volume 1's chapters. Yet, the chapters are not isolated from one another, with the author adding plenty of foreshadowing and intrigue to keep the chapters connected to one another. This makes Volume 1 follow a half-episodic, half-continuous storyline. Volume 2 so far has a more continuous storyline. Unfortunately, the updates to this story come few and far between, which makes the wait between chapters in Volume 2 more painful because of this. At least the long chapter length helps alleviate the pain of waiting for additional chapters.

    This story definitely deserves more readers than it has now, and this story is definitely worth a read.

    Extra Note: If anyone is curious, I wrote a much longer, much more spoiler heavy comment of my thoughts and expectations about this story on "Chapter 10: The Mistress of All Evil is Now My Big Sister." This comment is very, VERY spoiler heavy, so I don't recommend you read it until you finish that chapter. 

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