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The Unbeatable Game
The Unbeatable Game
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4.2 (25 ratings)
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Douglas hated his part-time job with a passion. As a college student, he worked at a fast food establishment, and as the days dragged on, he began to wonder if anything exciting would happen in his dull life. As if the skies heard his wish, an unexpected answer came in the form of a mysterious hole that appeared in the sky on his way home from work. Before he knew what was happening, his vision blacked out, and he found himself in a girl's body, holding a bow in his hands...

ActionAdventureDramaFantasyGender BenderGirls LoveIsekaiLitRPGPsychological
Adventurers Age Progression Archery Aristocracy Army Building Assassins Beasts Character Growth Conspiracies Demons Determined Protagonist Dragon Slayers Dragons Economics Elemental Magic Empires Fantasy World Game Elements Guilds Knights Magic Male to Female Monsters Vampires Weak to Strong
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    New Corty
    Status: chapter 47 – lure tactics pt 1

     The book drops us into the middle of the story, quickly setting up the starting point from where we move on, following our hero, now turned heroine. We get the basics of the world that was once an MMO he also used to play, with his knowledge giving him the base to survive and find out what even happened to him or probably many others, if not the whole world.

    If you are into MMORPG and VR-dive-like stories, then give it a shot. The story is still slowly developing and being revealed as it is going on, but it is a fun read with fun characters as the MC's team gets built up, finding out that characters who used to be NPCs in the game now act wholly life-like. Is it still a game? Or is it different now? 

    I'll update this review, after we reach another milestone and learn more of the story, for now, I do enjoy it and it is a fun read.

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