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Ane—is a telepath. That's not surprising however, since everyone in the world is born with psychic abilities. Normally, a birth ability is something simple or underpowered. Telekinesis for instance, with the strength to maybe lift a carrot. Or perhaps Control of time, but the best you can do is haste yourself by a tenth. Ane on the other hand was born with the Phantom ability, a passive connection to the senses of those around her. Sight, Smell, Taste, Hearing, Touch, and Kinesthesia; she felt them all. To infant Ane, her mother is simply an extension of her body, one she cannot control, but still a part of her, nine months of natal life taught her that.

Lia—Highly skilled Biokinetic healer, priestess of the Hidden Moon temple, holy prostitute, and mother to Ane. Little time or interest in children, and never expected to raise one. All holy prostitutes send their children to the temple orphanage, that is expected. Those children are loved, and raised by all of the priestesses and acolytes of the temple. However, once Ane was born it was found that she could not be separated without trauma. This is troublesome, tiring, and not at all what Lia had expected to do with her life, she had patients to heal and lords to pleasure.

This is the story of Ane, her friends, her family, and their struggles. She is a troublesome child growing up with even more troublesome abilities. Her struggle is to define who she is while being unable to separate herself from those around her. With no sense of boundaries and no proper fear, she walks through life tossed on the waves of feelings, sensations, and thoughts inflicted upon her against her will.

The world itself is a realm of power struggles; physical, psychic, and political. On the verge of technological renaissance while also on the verge of another awakening nightmare. As the population grows along with their powers, so too do the dangers that lurk in the wildlands. Old lessons from the age of mythology have been forgotten and must be relearned.

Updating every weekday.
There is a power chart I'm working on, though unfinished and needs to be reformatted a bit. Will post the powers in the glossary as they come available in the story. If I forgot one leave me a note please!
you are also welcome to join my discord server
Currently submitting to royal road under the name Omo

BDSM Bisexual Protagonist Brainwashing Caring Protagonist Character Growth Child Protagonist Childcare Coming of Age Complex Family Relationships Cruel Characters Depictions of Cruelty Incest Pregnancy Prostitutes Psychic Powers Sexual Abuse Torture
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