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/ Series / [DISCONTINUED] The Story of a Girl & a Goddess Whose Souls Became Interconnected
[DISCONTINUED] The Story of a Girl & a Goddess Whose Souls Became Interconnected
[DISCONTINUED] The Story of a Girl & a Goddess Whose Souls Became Interconnected
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For the time being, this story is on hiatus because I have decided to rewrite it.

When it is time to start publishing the new version, I hope you all check it out. Please look at my profile page for updates!

This is the story of two people, a Human and a Goddess, who lost their memories.  The Goddess, Itarr, was sealed up for hundreds of thousands of years and has regressed to being nothing more than a humanoid-like being of red energy.  The girl, Servi, woke up near a forest and died later that night.  Instead of ceasing to exist, she was brought before Itarr, who spoke of a way for them both to live.

Even though she was content with dying and fading away, Servi took Itarr up on her offer, and their souls became interconnected.  Together, as one being, they ventured forth off into the unknown world.

What To Expect: After Prologue One and Prologue Two, the story becomes a slow burn, and It's filled with romance and hardships. Because of the story's slow burn-like nature, character growth and development will take time to achieve. The MC-- Servi-- is overpowered, but the tension is still there. Her conflicts, for the most part, are mainly internal in nature. She has her own sets of challenges and mountains to climb, and they are different when compared to the people around her. In short, Servi's life isn't an easy one even when she has the power to destroy an army. When the main couple gets together, expect there to be descriptive sex scenes.

However, there is a content warning because this story contains depictions of gore, rape, and torture, sometimes to an excessive degree.

Thank you for reading this!

And for the glossary, I plan to update it at the end of every Book. And I have pictures for some of the characters. I'd very much like it if you could take a look at them. You can find them in the glossary.

Note: This is my first time ever writing a story that other people can read. I will do my utmost best!

ActionAdultAdventureFantasyGirls LoveMysteryRomanceSlice of LifeTragedy
Ability Steal Adopted Children Amnesia Animal Characteristics Antihero Protagonist Couple Growth Death Demi-Humans Female Protagonist Friendship Futanari Godly Powers Guilds Immortals Incest Overpowered Protagonist Past Trauma R-18 Rape Sharing A Body Soldiers Spirits Twins Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents
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    Status: book two - chapter 10 -...

    I liked this story.


    Book one was fantastic. Characters, story, pacing, it all worked and made sense.

    Book two undid all of that.

    Character convictions become flimsy. The entire arc up until chapter 10 is entirely pointless in the long run and really should have focused more heavily on Momo for it's purpose of character building, which it does not. It backtracks on a pretty major character trait with no explanation. And forgiveness, really isn't a yes/no question, well, unless it's here, where a single good deed means you are worthy of redemption even if you're a mass murderer. And if you kill a murderer or worse, why, you're no better than them.

    Anyway book 1 is fine but honestly just stop there, book 2 isn't worth reading and if you're like me, will ruin this novel for you, as; guilt can kill an immortal, and revenge is only ok as long as the target of revenge has never done anything nice ever, and has no friends or family. Sorry victims of torture, slavery or s*xual assault, the perpetrator has a family and likes puppies, so there's nothing to be done about them.

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    Status: book 3 chapter 3

    This book deserves far more attention then it is getting. The grammar and spelling are excellent, with mistakes here and there that the author so far has shown that they are dedicated to fixing. The author has also shown that they have a very clear outline for the plot going forward, speaking of which so far is quite good and interesting. The main characters are very complex and likeable, It seems like if there is some inconsistency or problem with a characters actions or thoughts, then there is a reason given for it eventually. 

    Possible issues someone might have with the novel is the amount of gore and general horribleness that happens, sometimes to an exaggerated degree. It generally doesn't bother me personally, but it is a very dark world in places.

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    Status: (Finale) Book Two – Chapter 11 – Part...

    First sorry for my spelling and English its not my native language.

    So This is the update after reading thru book2. whel in one part I want to drop the series but some how I got it thrue. What can I say I had high expectation for this one some come true some not. If I need to rate it its hard, why ?This is gonna be a long one. The rating gose like this. Book 1 and book 2 as one I give it 4 stars. Book 2 till chapter 10 part 1 5 stars after thet 2 stars reasons down below (let just say author forced one character in a way it is no logical, no build up nothing) whit minnior spoilers, gonna try to make blue box for heavy spoilers.

    So u got  a dark more adult like book1 then the author drops u down to some place where every one is happy, slice of lifes tory (like all the japanies light novels whit there happy illogical thinking). Like waching GOT or WD and in next scene u see Snow White. And its not bad to change and it was even needed for character development and to introduce  new characters.. but still it`s like the world build in book one went to waste, at least that the people could talk about what they think of the  Nightly Stroll and the new characters opinion would be game changing to see Servie`s reaction to them, and the aftermath of the Nightly Stroll how the city changes etc... that would balance out the to much fluffy stuff and to feel u are in the continuation of the first book (bits and there where like some talks but nothing important or game changing what u would expect from lets be honest after a terrorist attack) dont get me wrong it was a god book even whit the flufiffnes until one point (blue box down below)

    U got introduced to  some new characters and all of them had personalities, not just shallow side characters like in most of the books. And also the interaction between Servie, Momo and the rest felt normal not forced (except one person). The new characters also helped Servie but Momo the most to grow and u can se her in this book as she starts to mature a bit and also gain some self confidence. An the rest of the side characters can add so much to the story (i miss the elf couple and the magic Singi from book one) Even the villain  had the complete backstory this time

    So now go to why I give it the second half 2 stars and what ruins this book. Its gonna be long and try to explain as much as I can


    Fhiser Jin the villain and the hero. Till Chapter 10 part 1 I got no problem whit the book but then author dose somthing that is out of character he forces a character in relationship that is illogical and out of place just for plot development. Let me explain first fisher backstory a bit.

    Fisher has the most complex backstory so far has a wife and 2 young daughter. All of his actions in the past makes him evil killing innocent Demihumans from children to adults, out of anger and hate for his paste where his village was killed from demihuman bandids. In book one he is the one whit the guy that cut`s off the ear of the demihumen slave children and he watch his friend do it and after he give the sword to Fisher, so every one think he did it. (author use this as an excuse later remember this part) later on he defeat his inner demons and come to term whit him self and his past and try to change.

    So except from that he did not get any punishment I got no problem whit the character. The illogical part starts here. Servie tries to kill fisher and come in to a state where she lost control of her emotions and became consumed by rage. Fisher tries to tell his past and story but Servie is out only itar is listening. So she helps fisher lowering the immortality so fisher can use slipping gas on here. An the downfal starts here. After servie woks up Itar tels here Fisher story and also say they can trust him. So fisher and servie talk and just like that out of nowhere Servie forgive Fisher becous it was a misunderstanding after he tels him it was not him that cut the ears of the children? (my point of wiev.. WTF he had the pover, autorithie to stop him doin it but he just wached so he is as much as guilte than his friend no misunderstanding). Then next illogical thing servie apologies to Fisher for the killling atempt because it was a MISUNDERSTANDING. They make up and from ther on servie and the author make fisher a hero, good guy in every ones eye. And thets not enough the momment they go hunting just the 2 together servie tells most of her secrets including Itar to fisher, then the aouthor even put them like they have common past and out of nowhere they have tactical understanding just buy eye contact (for my question he sad they both kild children) I can argue and I will (call me insane) fisher killed becose of hatred and fear whyle Servie bag and cry so she dose not have to kill them (i dont make here a saint hell she can be the finnal boss for momo if she goes the wrong phat but still... no common past here and actuly servie even saved the maid because she was innocente) Servie tell his children that their father is a hero ho sawed here life, and try to make him look god from there on etc... even go so far that even Momo thinks Fisher as a friend and a nice guy in inner monolog. Evre thing that happens is forced no build up just happens so plot can go on and Fisher is made an idol. its IRITATING. al the other carachter feals natural then author had to do this where everething is FORCED whit Fisher, I dont know what is the point in him being so close to Servie but if is to healp him in some way pore job, this ruined the book completely, if u made him slowlie gain here trust and forgivnnes like u made every other character whyt care I would have no problem but its like thanos came made a snap and everithyng changed just so u can put Fisher on the spot


    After all this I have no expectation for book 3 just hope and hope and hope oh and about the necromanice, it can ruin the book if the MC can bring bag all the dead people, it will make killing and dead miningles. To many books been ruined that way whit resurrection spells just saying

    Bok1 rewiev

    i wanted to write a review like every one, whit story, characters etc.. but I cant so gonna just write down what emotions I got from this book. So lets start whit a big 5 star from me for the first book. Dont get me wrong this book has lots of flows but still the dark settings that make u feel u wanna blow up the city, the MC Servi whit here ruthless approach for the things she things is wrong  and acting on here emotions is refreshing.I love her attitude, and if she stay this way and author dos not change her into a typical hero she will be my no 1 on this site. lot of people complain about the dark and gorre but it is what helps you understand the world shes in and for me its not disturbing and hope author will not ton down on it, I will not say about momo much just that she has the most potential for growth bot emotional and mentally. the Twins....i dont know what to say about them, they are idiots at least no logic for there actions and I don, t even wanna go in to it because its irittates me to think of them and there guardians Veris and Trerk. And 1 last flaw is the lack of the villains personality, and to much put on Morality of killing the bad guys . Come on we are in a fantasy world not in modern day Earth,

    So yeh this is what I get from book 1, waiting to finish book 2 then blink read it

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    Status: book three – chapter eight – part...

    This story had potential, but as of my writing it is suffering from some glaring flaws that have only exacerbated since book 2.

    That isn’t to say the story is without merit. The world building, especially throughout book 1, is exceptional at times. Most of the reason I managed to read as far as the current chapter is due to how fascinating those moments proved to be. 

    It took me a long while to express the problems with this tale. At first I thought it might be the characterizations, but that isn’t quite right, there are a plethora of instances where characters that appear to be nothing but side characters have entire three part arcs dedicated to a rich fleshing out of their background. Then I thought it was the brutal and horrific events that were peppered throughout, but it would be unfair to claim that as a flaw with such an upfront disclaimer on the matter in the prologue. No, the issue is pacing. With a combination of the slow burn pacing and its long chapters on dark subject matter, it seems to me that this story is trying to hurt its readers. I’m quite certain that with the decent gap between parts being published it would be unnoticeable to those following it for a long time, but in the short period I fought up to the current chapter It was became blatantly clear that this story is almost torture porn. Nearly the entirety of the book three is a problem. 

    The first chapter or so spit out all the warning signs that things will get bad, I was prepared. The previous book had touched on things such as unhealthy dependency, murder and physiological issues. I have read worse. Book three is nearly non-stop madness, laughing, crying and torture from where I am. That is the problem, non-stop. If there were light breaks and focuses that allowed the reader to rest from all the killing and pain this turn of events would be absolutely fine. But, as of my writing, there are barely a paragraph of text between the words die or kill. It is a shame, I likely would have stuck with this story if this weren’t the case- the autocorrect errors can be forgiven, the strange views on relationships can easily be given a pass, the focus on mental illness could even be lauded. The reader needs to be given a reason to believe things will get better though, even if it is false. After reading what I’m sure was more than 20, 000 words about a mental break and the foreshadowing leading up to it, I’m stepping off this train before it crashes in the station.

    I won’t say this is a bad story. I will say that I hope the author is alright, this kind of writing does things to people.

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    Status: book 3 chapter 5

    Great story and nice implementation.

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    Status: chapter 11 part 1

    To begin this review, I really like this story.

    In the beginning, I was given the impression this would be another cliche story about some overpowered protag who only could do good, but I was quickly proven wrong. Over the chapters I've read, I found the characters endearing, yet not without glaring flaws. Each side has it's own motivators and reasoning that can't be completely refuted (Excluding the Slave masters, f**k them), and even if a select few are unreasonable, they're understandable coming from a emotion standpoint. The story gradually changed into one of acceptance, change, and relationships branching off each character. The wrong grammar is so simple to ignore, that I barely find it necessary to mention in a review. I also find the long chapters nice to binge (If you're like me) or take at your own pace one chapter at a time since they come out daily.

    Anyways, great story so far :D

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    Status: on my second read through,...

    Great story. With the exception of book 3, everything was written well, and the reason book 3 was my least favorite is because I'm not a big fan of grim dark themes, not that grim dark is a bad thing, just not my  thing. 

    I'm not sure why some people didn't like book two, but the only part of it that I didn't like was that last match with Servi, but I understand the reasoning behind it, so it wasn't a bad thing. 

    There is one thing that I think makes less sense than it probably does; and that's how Itarr can't communicate with Servi through their thoughts, after all, they share a soul. 

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