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/ Series / Rise of the Anti-Hero
Rise of the Anti-Hero
Rise of the Anti-Hero
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Kuro Shirokami 18 years old is just a boy who lives in an above-average family. While he just sitting in his chair and looking at the computer, suddenly a magic circle below him appeared and the next thing he knew he was in another world.

Kuro wanted to return quickly as her Mom and cute little sister is waiting... He is not dumb enough to stay in a new world as someone is waiting for him... But troubles kept coming and it took him 5 years before he finally returned... But his world... Is... Another Story...


****You can try and read Everyday life of Tanaka the Average boy too, and maybe the Emptiness too..****

Hello guys I'm just trying to make a story and this is my first time. I will probably suck at it (tehepero)

This will probably a cold-blooded MC (because I hate stupid *ss mc's). Don't worry he will still have humanity on him because it just stupid if you just kill here and there...

(Be cautioned I maybe suck at writing so please forgive me and my grammar, English is not my mother tongue)

I may write or I may not write it depends on me I'm Lazzzyy af I just don't want to do anything... So the chapters will be inconsistent.

Beautiful Female Lead Cold Protagonist Cunning Protagonist Dark Determined Protagonist Fantasy World Level System Male Protagonist Mature Protagonist Monster Girls Monsters Playful Protagonist Protagonist Strong from the Start R-18 Underestimated Protagonist
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