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/ Series / The Earthborn Emissary
The Earthborn Emissary
The Earthborn Emissary
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4.6 (52 ratings)
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My name is Catherine Sierra, and a month ago I thought I was a human boy. Turns out I was neither, and I wasn't even born on Earth. Now I've been thrown into a galaxy that was a million times wider than I could have ever expected, fighting an enemy that nearly wiped out my entire species. The only people on my side are my parents, my ex-girlfriend, my best friend, and an alien scientist who doesn't like people all that much. So, in other words, everything's going totally peachy.

Cover art by Chirichirichiri

ActionAdventureGender BenderSci-fi
Adopted Protagonist Aliens Autism Caring Protagonist Comedic Undertone Death Death of Loved Ones Female Protagonist Girl's Love Subplot Human-Nonhuman Relationship Male to Female Non-human Protagonist Romantic Subplot Transgender Wars
Table of Contents 48
Reviews 4
Table of Contents
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    Status: breakout
    This is quite an interesting tale. I'm a sucker for stories featuring insect protagonists (such as Kumoko or Her Majesty's Swarm) so it's nice that a queer-themed one popped up on SH!
    The elevator pitch here is equal parts Jupiter Ascending and Andromeda. Basically, a teenaged 'human' discovers they're not actually human, and are instead one of the last survivors of an insect species called 'Emissaries' that recently got genocided by a bunch of evil space fascists. Said space fascists are now after our protagonist, who goes on the run with their parents and two best friends. Cue lots of running, intermingled with space adventure!
    The worldbuilding here is pretty good, and generally parceled out in snippets instead of infodumped on the reader; that's a balance I still manage to bork up myself, so mad props to the author for finding that sweet spot. The characters, however, are a mixed bag. The protagonist is given lots of development by virtue of being the POV character, and their arc thus far has been visceral and fulfilling as they slowly discover themselves. Two male deuteragonists, Quinn and Xara, are also given their time to shine, especially Quinn who is 'The Quippy One' and leans full-on into the role. However, the female deuteragonist, Miri, doesn't seem to have much of a character outside of being 'The Love Interest' which... isn't great, to be honest, given her lack of focus compared to her two aforementioned male compatriots. She's presented as being this badass martial artist type early on, but once the story shifts to space and she breaks up with the protagonist, she's relegated to moping around the ship and occasionally trying to rekindle the old spark, efforts which are continually rebuffed. Maybe this peeves me because said relationship is on the rocks as a result of that most tired romance trope, The Misunderstanding, but it would be nice to see her develop her own goals and motivations outside of her status as The Estranged Girlfriend, especially since she's the only explicitly stated person of color in the cast. I mean, heck, I'd love a scene of her learning how to use space weaponry from the protagonist's parents, given her martial inclinations. That might be a good opportunity to flesh out the parents' characters as well.
    I'm quite eager to see where this story is headed. I get the sense the author is building towards some much-needed catharsis, and I greatly look forward to seeing how it all plays out.

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    Status: looking forward

    There's a lot of stories in the 'transformation leading to self discovery' genre, but this story remains totally unique. The way the characters are faced with real, dramatic changes (physical or otherwise) in their lives and are forced to reconcile with them makes these characters and this world feel incredibly alive. I'm really looking forward to seeing where the story takes them next.

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: Girls(?) Night

    What a wonderful story!

    The universe that Saffron is creating here is outright stunning. The species, the locations, the cultures, history, friends, foes,...

    And all this packs so much drama in it. Feelings, friendships, tensions, support, stupidity,... it's just so much! I couldn't help but gobble it all up until I reached the end of the already public part of the story. And now I am waiting anxiously for the continuation.

    Addendum: By now, the story has grown about twice as long and my previous opinion still holds true. In addition, all these wonderful genderfeels in between the whole drama are such a mood. 🥰

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    Status: learning experience

    I am absolutely crazy for this story rn. The premise has me absolutely hooked, I currently check everytime there is an update. The lead character is deeply relatable in interesting and nuanced ways. She just feels well executed in every way. The worldbuilding feels excellent to. All of these interesting sapient species and fascinating glimpses into worlds that feel beyond the protagonists full understanding really add to the story. The story is captivating and uses a series of cliffhangers every chapter that some may find annoying, but I find it engaging. Side characters and plot are interesting enough, but I find the story primarily hinges off Cathy herself. It behaves as a sort of coming of age story that explores queerness and the neurodivergent and probably takes the term "alienation" a little too literally. I think I should stop writing here, sorry if this was a disorganized mess, I just wanted to gush some about this story that doesn't get nearly enough love.

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