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/ Series / Fighting to be Kind in a Cultivation World
Fighting to be Kind in a Cultivation World
Fighting to be Kind in a Cultivation World
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Cultivation World Basic Concepts

Credit for the below information belongs


Seriously, check it out when you get a chance. I've made some additions to the information, but the majority is the hard work of someone else. 


What is Cultivation?

Cultivation is ultimately the refinement and usage of qi.

Slowly incorporating more and more of it to achieve a form of “immortality” and

power. There are many ways to integrate it and use it to affect the world

around, so there isn’t just one method. 

Qi - the vital

energy which exists in all things. The cultivation of Qi is a major theme in

Wuxia, Xianxia & Xuanhuan novels.

  • Qi is sometimes written as “Ki” or “Chi”.

  • Spiritual Energy of Heaven and Earth - the natural

    energy of the world.

Cultivator – a person who trains in martial & mystical

arts, generally in order to become powerful and increase their longevity.

Meditation and the cultivation of Qi are common practices among cultivators.

Rogue Cultivators – literally translates as “Loose

Cultivators”. Independent cultivators unaffiliated with any sect, clan, or

other martial organizations. Cultivators in this category typically have

much less resources and near to no backing from any large groups. 

Demonic Cultivators –

also translated as Devil Cultivators. Wicked cultivators who emulate Devils (
) and seek power by any means necessary. They are often said

to follow the Devil Path / Devil Dao , in opposition to the orthodox Immortal

Cultivators. In this novel, they are cultivators who practice

sacrificial or evil cultivation methods. 

Righteous Cultivators - Cultivators who are purportedly more righteous and

'good' than the Demonic Cultivators. This is most definitely not always the

case. On the whole, though, you can expect a righteous cultivator to attempt to

maintain the image of doing the right thing.

Sect – an

organization dedicated to the practice of cultivation and/or martial arts.

Typically led by a Sect Leader or Patriarch. With the help of Sect Elders
, they instruct Disciples in the proper methods of cultivation or training in the

martial arts styles of the Sect. The Disciples live in the Sect, which provides

for their daily needs. There is practically always a strict hierarchy amongst

members of a Sect, and respect for the elder generations is demanded.

In some novels, the common Disciples are divided into

another hierarchy of Core Disciples, Inner Disciples , and Outer

Disciples  – based on their level of talent and meritorious service to the

Sect. Disciples higher on the hierarchy have greater status and receive more

resources from the Sect.

This Novel's Sect Hierarchy:

1. Sect Founder:

The Founder is not always the Patriarch, if they’ve fallen out of power. 

  • Patriarch:

    If weaker than or deferential to the Founder, they will come in second

2. Council Sect Elders/Advising Sect Elders

3. Sect Elders/ Spell Formation(Array) &

Talisman Experts/ Alchemy Experts

4. Core Disciples

  • Sect Elder Direct Servants: Treated with respect by lower rankings, but less than

    from core disciples

5. Inner Court Disciples

a. Core Disciple Direct Servants: Should be

treated as respectfully as Inner Court Disciples

6. Outer Court Disciples

7. Sect Servants

8. Normal People



a school of cultivation or martial arts. Doesn’t differ much from a Sect.

Clan – an

extended family related by blood, sharing a surname. They often pass down

heirlooms from generation to generation along with secret cultivation methods

& martial arts styles which were developed by the clan’s ancestors. They

tend to guard these jealously from outsiders.

Spiritual Roots –

The foundation of one’s body and spirit

  • This ties into natural talent

Cultivation Base –

The total amount of qi stored in a user

  • Stored in the dantian

  • Dantian –

    Where a person’s qi is concentrated

  • Normal usage is the lower dantian, but true

    purification can unlock the middle and upper dantian, allowing for

    extraordinary qi storage. 3 Dantians total.

  • Meridians - 

    act as reservoirs or pathways for the circulation of Qi. 

  • Acupoints -

    "acupuncture points", related to pressure points. There are

    several hundred of them on the body, mostly located along the meridians.

    Knowledge of acupoints can be used in healing (through acupuncture or

    similar practices) or in combat by deliberately striking them to achieve

    certain effects.

Qi Circulation

  • the act of controlling Qi to flow from the dantian,

    through the meridians, and back into the dantian in a cycle. The purpose

    of this varies between novels, but usually it helps replenish stamina, purify

    the Qi, or strengthen the meridians. 

Breathing Exercises -

A special way of breathing which expels the turbid Qi within the body and draws

in the Qi of the natural world. 

  • Embryonic Breathing

    also known as Taixi or Fetal Breathing. A form of breathing without using

    one’s nose and mouth. Instead, the practitioner might breathe through

    their pores or dantian (for example). This is generally considered to be a

    highly-advanced Breathing Exercise which grants mystical benefits and

    brings the practitioner closer to nature. 

Meditation -

a practice for training or calming the mind and spirit. 

  • Cultivators spend a great deal of time in meditation,

    as both the cultivation of Qi and contemplation of Insights generally

    require it.

Lotus Position -

sitting in a cross-legged meditative position.

Constitution –

Pecularities of the body and soul that either benefit or hurt cultivation or

martial arts

Cultivation Furnace – Using someone’s else’s cultivation base to

fuel your own (unwillingly). 

Table of Contents 323
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 53 – growing plans

    I commend the idea, it's unique enough and certainly a pleasant idea. There aren't many grammar mistakes. These are the good points.

    The bad ones. Ooh boy. The story starts out nicely and we meet the main characters quite soon. The MC, a young man, who after getting isekaied into a cultivation world decides that he wants to keep his morals, which he breaks barely hours after by killing a person, granted the situation was reasonable enough, but my point stands. 

    He gains the power of healing and can heal basically everything, even mental problems. The problem is how he uses these gifts. Further into the story he uses his power of healing on random people around him just to feel good, the problem with this is that he is in a freaking cultivation world. This problem is even pointed out by other characters.

    Also, at this point there is still no progress in cultivation, not even a start really.

    But I digress, the main problem for me is the almost complete lack of interaction between the main characters. All we see is them planning and planning but other than that there is nothing, it's like the characters don't spend any time together at all, despite living together.

    If you enjoy seeing characters constantly plan something, then go ahead and have fun, I am dropping.

    Read More

    34 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 92 – air ambulance premium services


    The MC can’t keep his words and have no sense of danger. He should have died already but he continu to meet Nice people in a world where everyone kill each other for benefit. It’s a bit too much, it’s not kindness, at best it’s luck at worst the reader is taken for an idiot. 


    Read More

    30 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 139 – the maw

    OK to start off with... the story itself is top notch!... BUT, there are some butts [giggle]. First the world is well developed and the cultivation is fairly easy to follow. The MC's powers are cool. The character building is good but a bit on the slow side. There is a good amount of action.... Now for the Butt's.

    The harem is nonexistent... he has literally had over 10+ women want to take his 28 year old V-card from him.... and he turns them ALL down.... the author may disagree.. but trust me just look at my name I think I can tell a flat tire when I see one. Anyway the only downside to the story that most will find annoying is the MC having a Chad/white knight/Mother Taressa, bleeding heart [that he did not have on Earth!!!] that gets everyone around him in tons of trouble...I mean he makes promises to his friends and literally breaks it in less than a day... repeatedly... sigh anyway, the story is still great but I fear that it develops too slowly... for instans its well over 145+ chapters and the dude has not even started CULTIVATION yet lol. Phew sorry just wanted you to know what to expect!

    Its currently about 146 chapters in and I am dropping due to nothing going on... his ability is dictating all his actions and its boring... good luck.........

    Read More

    28 Likes · Like
    Status: call

    It certainly is nice to see someone writing a xianxia with a MC who has some morals. Sometimes those transmigrated MCs become the very thing they did dislike in some early chapter of their story and it makes me stop reading which is a shame since a lot of the authors of cultivation stories are really talented. Even in our society - which if you look at it from a certain viewpoint is immensely chaotic and complicated - some people adhere to certain principles, instead of focusing on screwing with anyone first before s/he can screw with them, so it makes sense that some people in cultivation stories would have certain principles or restraint behind their behavior as well. So I like the idea behind this story. 

    Read More

    16 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 116 – a staple trope

    This novel is a little strange, because we are not going to hide it we are invaded by stories that claim to be Grimdark because it is more "realistic". This story is quite the opposite.

    So no, here the author is not rewarding his readers by having the MC kill anyone with whom he interacts.

    Our protagonist James, despite being transported to a cultivation world, is trying somehow to safeguard the moral codes he has.

    He received a healing power during his transfer, and he uses it as much as he can.

    It is this conflict that makes this story interesting. Despite the fact that using his abilities can get him in trouble, he refuses to restrict himself. Some will call it idiocy.

    I don't find that more silly than an MC who's a Murder Hobbo, and that type of character doesn't shock anyone.

    So if you want a story without Angst every 4 pages, with an author who takes their time to build the world the characters operate in, I recommend this story.

    Read More

    15 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 102 – details, details

    Okay I couldn't read it anymore, the MC is too stupid to live and actually make more trouble for those around him. This isn't fighting to be kind, this is actually fighting to not die at every arc because the MC do stupid sh*t.

    Beyond that, the characters are actually fleshed out well and make us empathize with them; but I am unable to care for the male lead. He actively give me headache about how stupid he acts. This isn't for me, maybe it is for you? Who knows...

    Read More

    12 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 45 – a positive solution


    This is a good story, but the concept of kind and stupid are intermixed with each other.

    till chapter 45, no cultivation is done.

    at first couple of chapters, the story was progressing pretty good, but it got halted as we get to know lin and ai and gong, which by the way are not that interesting.


    Read More

    12 Likes · Like
    Status: c156


    This story is about a kind, if a bit stupid, man transferred to a cultivation world.  

    On the whole, the story is slowly advancing. It hasn't quite reached actual cultivation yet, but there has been enough action to keep the world building interesting. 

    [C156 update] 

    Still no cultivation, but the world building is still interesting. Given where the MC is at, I estimate that in 15 chapters he'll be cultivating to some degree, if he ever cultivates.

    Read More

    10 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 129 – enjoy the silence

    This story presents a unique perspective to powers and the effects it can have over the society.

    The author does not pull rabbits out of the hat. There are no -  "Hero's bloodline is purer than villain. How can villain's attack work" moment. The hero is like an artist - learning by practising - many a times overdoing it and facing consequences because people around you have their own mind and goals.

    Give it a try. It is not from the same templates of the many wish fulfilment and xianxia around.

    Read More

    9 Likes · Like
    Status: prologue

    I didn't read it yet but I like to thank you for this novel I dropped so many novels because the MC is selfish or ruthless and it's rare to see a novel with a kind protagonist so thank you??

    Read More

    9 Likes · Like
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