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Sanguine Paradise
Sanguine Paradise
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4.4 (342 ratings)
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Micheal is a young guy in his late teens who just graduated from high school and now he honestly does not know what to do with himself. Sitting in his chair just relaxing and browsing the shit-show that was the internet, doing random stuff, he suddenly becomes oddly weary. The next moment he's fuck-knows-where and everything seems rather.... odd?

He was rather confident in himself, that he usually didn't have a 360-degree field of vision, and that everything wasn't always so... gigantic. Something was really off... As if to confirm his thoughts, the very next second a series of prompts invaded his sight followed by a rather soothing voice.

[Soul restoration - Completed!]

[Welcome to Eve]

[Status...... Species: Glade Mosquito.....]

Slowly taking in everything laid out before him, Micheal responded with the most intelligent and sagely response possible.


As such Micheal's unending search for power, adventure, and family begins.

This story features a protagonist with unconventional views and morals. In a world where only strength rules, concepts of good and evil become blurred as they fade to inutility. If you are looking for a goody-two-shoes, upholder of justice, and who goes around unconditionally saving any and all people in distress, this story is most likely not your cup of tea.

It can also get pretty dark and sensual at times, you have been warned.

Release schedule, Monday-Wednesday-Friday
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      Status: chapter 82
      Nov 19, 2020

      Great idea, poor execution.  MC is a douchey moron, but is rewarded for making bad decisions. Stands by while a rape happens because it's not his problem, but then goes murder hobo on the guy over a bowl of soup.  75% of the book is the author trying to explain things, or make lame excuses for the MC's bad decisions and sh*tty personality.  The pacing starts off great, but turns in to a patreon trickle format at around chapter 50.  Female characters are mindless blow up dolls that want the MC to make babies. Very flat, very predictable, very lame.  The setting is great, and the world has promise. Unfortunately, it is weighted down by abused tropes, bad characters, and a very stupid MC. I am sure some people will like it, but that is because the choices are limited in this genre and bad writing is common place. In that regard, some of it is decent but it really is a sh*tty MC with a dumb Lanister vibe.

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      Status: --
      Jul 27, 2020

      It's a unique idea being reincarnated as a mosquito, the names of different animals and skills are cool, I wonder if he will turn into a vampire later or something like that lol. Reason it's not a 5 is because I feel like the MC Is a bit boring and a bit monotone, though he was like that on earth so what can I say. Overall, I like it.

      Edit: He has WAY more personality now, so it's a 5 now :)

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      11 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c24
      Aug 1, 2020

      Just binge read this, because it was in trending.

      Great story so far!!!

      Definitely something that I would continue to read.

      Now some quick things about the story :

      Characters: not much development there, yet. Hints and bits scattered around but the dialogue of some small characters glimpse some things promising. The MC motivations till far remains just surviving and increasing strength, but he certainly is not "the good guy". He is still in Day 8.

      Story : it could be a generic monster evolution type of isekai. The innovative twist is MC starting as a mosquito. Not a bad thing actually, it's entertaining so far. 

      Grammar : I know it could be a deal breaker to some people and glad to announce that won't be a problem with this one. 


      The soft ceilings in his grinding (exp, evolution) makes the story more dynamic. Otherwise you could directly make the MC OP just with a small time skip. Even the glade lord makes sense in some ecosystem, otherwise there will be mayhem and over farming an area. That also implies that there could be area bosses that regulate their dominion in a sense. Maybe even the environment?


      I think is a solid entry, the stats, names and info feels polished, you could tell the author cares about the world building and there should be a story plan in his mind. 

      So mostly give it a try. 

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      Status: chapter 108
      Dec 1, 2020

      The story starts out interesting. Unfortunately, as in almost all such stories, the increase in strength is too extreme. In 100 chapters we go from a literal mosquito to an OP vampire, who is almost unstoppable. As usual, you have to start to introduce stronger and stronger opponents to make further growth possible.

      Each introduced character has only one specific role assigned to them, and once this role is fulfilled, they become NPCs. Bob just stands around and smiles silly, while Mia turns into a s*x-obsessed bimbo.

      The dialogues are extremely rare and are mainly dealt with in the next chapter as a short summary. And the few that exist are all rather shallow.

      And in the meantime, the MC has become an arrogant, power-drunk asshole.

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      6 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 93 – [day 52] – “stygian”
      Dec 13, 2020


      This is a story with a lot of promise. It has an interesting world with some depth and mystery. It also has a half decently done litrpg system which makes the characters growth somewhat exciting. The beginning of the story is quite solid and interesting, with the author neatly avoiding some of the moral clichés that plague monster MC stories. The plot also leaves room for a lot of growth and cool developments that could happen later. 


      Unfortunately, the story also has problems, mostly focused around the main character, especially when he gains humanoid form. Once that happens the story devolves into a teenage boy's cringey power fantasy.  The greatest example is when the super cute shy virgin hobgoblin girl with massive potential appears. Obviously, this anime waifu girl then instantly falls in love with the main character and becomes obsessed with him, who is a human shaped bug... Ya, alright

      On top of this, the main character becomes ever more super special as the story goes on. It's to the point where the system not only blesses him with super cheats, but its constantly giving him and his minions incredibly pretentious and chunni titles, just so everyone knows how incredible they are for existing near this reality's protagonist. 

      With that kind of special treatment anyone with near average intelligence could rise to godhood, which seriously devalues everything the protagonist does and makes him seem like a mindless author insert. 


      The difference in treatment between the protagonist and everyone else needs toned down. It's ridiculous. Apparently, the system just dooms everyone else to mediocrity and stagnation while making reincarnated people gods. Even the other promethean candidates have been around for centuries or longer. We don't know much about them so far, but it will probably take the protagonist only a few years to reach their power level and given a century he could easily conquer the world, so obviously they aren't his match. 

      The story would be better off if the protagonist earned his strongest cheats, such as limit breaker, instead of being handed them. For example, only after actually overcoming his limits by doing something like forcing his third evolution should he gain such a ridiculous ability. Skill shop is also a huge problem. How do others even get skills? Can they? Regardless, it needs toned down to be closer to what everyone else does. 

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      5 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 24 – [day 8] – “power”
      Jul 31, 2020

      Well I think this series is a bit original in his own way,   Many will go with monsters (this case a insect then a monster) then go somenting soo op, But this series start  applying the  say  "slow but steady win the race".

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      5 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 70 – [day 24] – “a call for...
      Dec 30, 2020

      I enjoyed this story quite a bit up until the MC 


      gained human form


      From the beginning it's clear that the author is not a native english speaker.  It's admirable that they are putting themselves out there and trying to write despite this fact, but the story very badly needs an editor.  The sentence structure is very difficult to get through.  The intent is usually comprehensible with context, but parsing the wording is extremely immersion-breaking.  There are some very positive reviews, so this clearly isn't an issue for everyone.  Immersion is critical for me.

      Best of luck to you, Konge.

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      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 31 – [day 9] – “sanguine guard”
      Aug 13, 2020

      pretty good so far I really wanna wait then just binge read alot but its hard with such a good story

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      Status: chapter 124 – [day 80] – “flames”
      Mar 24, 2021

      As you see from my status I'm pretty close to up date and for awhile I was reading the chapters day of release or day after stopped at 124 and haven't read the rest so I can get more chapters to read back to back rather than instantly reading and waiting. I loved the story in the beginning it has a strong start with very quick progress and an MC that thinks things through. This is a long review but an honest one that brings up some things that should not be overlooked. 

      The first is the MC is a human which already means he is more intelligent than an average monster which he does utilize early on however, once he gets his human form he suddenly becomes "dumb" with the way he handles things even though his intelligence stat is almost triple what he started with and as explained by his system in chapter 1 it is so high early because he is a human. So why is it that with an almost 3x boost to intelligence since chapter 1 and yet he doesn't truly think like someone who has that kind of intelligence. 

      Second thing is why is he not utilizing his knowledge of a much more advanced society, this is assuming he is from Earth as that is also never mentioned, and his sponsor that has only been mentioned once and since forgotten and never mentioned again doesn't say he is restricted on what he can remember. So once again being one more intelligent than possibly most people in his world on things most people have no idea about why does he not utilize that. A perfect example of this is the novel Chrysalis where the MC uses his intelligence and knowledge from Earth to use gravity magic because he knows as a human from Earth that Gravity is super OP which does prove to in fact be super OP. Now I do know the way magic works in this story is different and what he has been provided doesn't really enable him to take advantage of it but at the same time he hasn't even entertained the thought also I'm sure he could try to find a skill from his shop to help him with it also to help back up my point with another MC is Elaine from Beneath the Dragoneye Moons she uses her greater knowledge of medicine and the human body to become a ridiculously strong healer her knowledge from Earth has put her on the path to the top in a world that is not kind to humans in the slightest.

       Last thing since this is getting a little long is about his sponsor that I only remember seeing once I know he gave some benefits to the MC but he also threatened to come down from whatever higher plane he is in and take his soul and torture him for letting him down. How is he not worried about that at all wouldn't that give him the greatest reason to one think even smarter than he should be since if he dies he won't really die he'll instead get tortured and second wouldn't this make his need to get stronger faster more important than taking it so easy like he has since he got his human form. Also I remember seeing there is a deadline set by his sponsor for how long he has to do this (never mentioned how long the deadline is but I can't imagine it is decades since this seems to be a game for those higher beings)   so once again if he has a time limit he should be a little bit more concerned with picking up his pace since it will only take longer and longer to evolve eventually and the top of the world is still a very very long way away for him. 

      Overall do I think the story is good? Yeah I think it is. Do I think the author has gotten too caught up on other things in the story he left behind key ideas? Of course but what author doesn't make mistakes just need to learn from them and realize what you need to do from there once realized. Now to finally end this essay of a review. Hopefully the author sees this and doesn't think I don't like the story I do I in fact like it and I know it will get better. I'm excited to see the MC get stronger and what he will evolve into next! I just hope that you think of the things I've mentioned and think of if they are things you did think of but simply forgot about in the chaos of pumping out chapter after chapter or possibly things you put away for later in the story. Once again can't wait for the story to keep progressing and I know that this will get even better later! 

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      Status: c110
      Feb 11, 2021

      I picked it up expecting enjoyable story of MC quickly becoming OP and then dealing with whatever happens because of it.

      In a way that's exactly that, but execution drops in quality drastically. MC is an asshole (which is fine), but he is an idiot asshole that author pretends is somehow smart? The way he treats his companions is sh*t (and yet they completly love him), he cannot make and execute a decent plan, is blind to danger in a way that makes me WANT him to die...

      Also, I'm glad authors can earn money writing, but man, this novel feels like a microtransaction heavy game from the peak of Zynga era. It's hard to describe, but it really feels more as if it was written to make money, than to be a decent read. But hey, it seems to work, so good for the author I guess?

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