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/ Series / Alice Angel of Mercy
Alice Angel of Mercy
Alice Angel of Mercy
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4.2 (91 ratings)
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Meet John, a normal everyday teen that went from having a normal life to being paralyzed and an orphan. Now without much hope left in the world he decides to risk it all to test the first deep dive system ever created. Accepting all the risks of plugging your brain into a computer just to walk and be normal again he gave his ok, But is it all as it seems?
Now Locked into a world he can't escape from
in a girl character he made
John now called Alice, is left to figure out what is going on and why is this world and the people in it are so real if it is a computer game.

The picture is from a Pin by Blanca Bernace and is not mine I just really like her work.
I work a ton of hours so updates will be sporadic. I am not doing this for cash so no donations will be requested or needed.
If you have suggestions or issues just post them and I will take a look :)

ActionAdventureFantasyGender BenderIsekai
Alternate World Dungeons Fallen Angels Language Barrier Magic Male to Female Transgender
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      Status: chapter 2
      Oct 12, 2020

      This story filled me with joy, it feels like reading something from a experienced author. Not just a event  followed by another event, no they're using details and make the MC and other characters express their feelings in a appropiate time, in a appropiate time span. No exageration or lack of anything remotely human. Just perfectly balanced, like all things should be.

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      Status: c14
      Nov 30, 2020

      I love what I've read so far, the author is great and I love the MC's insights and the slightly amusing and hillarious situation the character finds herself in.

      I found descriptions to be a tad sparse and the pace a tad rushed, for my taste. It could do with more ecchi for my tastes, the setting is quite nice.


      The initial setup hasn't come into play yet, except giving a backstory as to why the MC has a aversion to getting into romantic relationshipswith the opposite s*x.

      The MC could've simply atarted off as an isekai'd female or skipped the isekai portion of the tale altogether, but this isn't necessarily bad per se.


      I've enjoyed the tale so far, it's a wonderful 1st draft, the author has a bright future. I hope the author republishes after some polishing later in the future.

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      Status: c13
      Jan 17, 2021

      I'm sorry I tried to read this but this is so f**king annoying to no end. Who can possibly read this when the main characters f**king mother is just f**king whoring away her daughter when she THINKS that her daughter was raped and traumatized. JESUS f**kING CHRIST, chill with the 13 year old s*xualization. I know it's supposed to be a medieval setting BUT WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS f**kING MOTHER. And the main character just f**king goes with it.

      "Oh my mother is buying me clothes that only cover the private parts but nothing more."

      Really? I'm not even a father but I fell like I would slap the sh*t out of this mother for doing this to her daughter. I can't read this story of "How my mother sold me of to prostitution" or "I almost got raped because of my mother".  

      The story itself is quite good and has some promise, at least until c13. But my head hurts with these characters. And when was a duke threatened by a school? A duke is only less influential/powerful than the royal family.

      Do some research.

      I know everybody has their sh*ts and gags with different "kinks and s*xual stories or jokes", but this is to far for me my man. 

      It's her MOTHER for crying out load. What is the father doing?


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