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The Last Aldrian
The Last Aldrian
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"I don't deserve any of this... I've done nothing wrong."

Ever since she was a child, Avice Alera has gone day by day constantly bullied by everyone around her. She didn't even know why. To her, it felt like the world created her just to fuck with her.

But she had a glimmer of hope. Once she was eighteen, she believed she'd finally break free and get out of her town. To get away from everything. She could go to college, find someone who cared for her, and maybe, maybe for once just live out her life.

Until she finds herself in the middle of a forest...

Stuck in a new world, Avice Alera must fight through countless of foes and enemies who desire her secret, find her way home, and make the biggest decisions in her life.

Beastkin Character Growth Dark Demons Destiny Distrustful Protagonist Elemental Magic Elves Emotionally Weak Protagonist Empires Fantasy World Female Protagonist Kind Love Interests Magic Magical Technology Multiple Transported Individuals Past Trauma R-15 Royalty Slow Romance Spirits Strong Love Interests Transported into Another World Weak to Strong World Travel
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