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/ Series / Vampire and the Implausible Cube
Vampire and the Implausible Cube
Vampire and the Implausible Cube
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4.9 (14 ratings)
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Valerie finds herself stranded in a fantastical land of magic, with unknown dangers and no possessions aside from a mysterious, Rubiks Cube-looking silver object that follows her around no matter where her adventures take her and proves to be an invaluable, albeit stoic travel companion. However, things aren't as simple as they first seem, as she soon discovers a newfound thirst for blood, a society built upon strength to combat the oddly intelligent and cunning amalgamations of various creatures cropping out of the woodwork, as well as a hatred for all creatures magical; including her.

Author's Note: Just a fun little side project that popped up in my mind after reading a bunch of isekai and wanting to write my own. If there turns out to be demand, however, then I shall turn this into my main project and deliver content more regularly.

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Ability Steal Alternate World Antihero Protagonist Artificial Intelligence Character Growth Fantasy World Female Protagonist Magic Monsters Multiple Identities Non-human Protagonist Pragmatic Protagonist Proactive Protagonist Reincarnated as a Monster Secretive Protagonist Selfish Protagonist Slow Growth at Start Tomboyish Female Lead Transported into Another World Vampires Weak to Strong
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