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Perchance to Dream
Perchance to Dream
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Classical Chinese dance student Mei Yanran found her first love between the pages of a online novel. When a traffic accident grants her one wish, she seizes the chance to transmigrate into the world of her favorite story!

Bright, bold, and beautifully confident, Mei Yanran's determined to win the affections of resident side character Ling Fengxiao. But can pure personality and knowledge of the plot grant her a happy ending? What about that pesky prince who keeps trying to make a love triangle?

Deaths in the capital, chaos in the courts; the path to love is rarely a straight and easy road!

『An original story by Ruyi - Work in Progress with minimal edits | Cover art by the talented _iraseugin on Twitter!』


Ancient China Cold Love Interests Confident Protagonist Dancers Female Protagonist Handsome Male Lead Playboys Politics Protagonist Loyal to Love Interest Royalty Slow Romance Transmigration Unreliable Narrator Wuxia
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      Status: 32. cold reception
      Jun 8, 2020

      I figured I could do my part to give back as the audience and as a reader to determine if this is something you from the future would decide to take a chance on. To preface: 

      This is 1 of 2 books that keeps me coming back to ScribbleHub. 

      Summary of Review

      • The writing is quite refreshingly direct with a cleverness that sprightly keeps pace. It's emotionally driven, and lightly carries that momentum forward to further revelations of plot. The balance in description and dialogue is equal parts interesting and compact.
      • These characters are welcoming and warm through their introductions. There is a quiet sense of familiarity, an openness that allows your quick engagement to be grounded. They feel inhabited, deftly interwoven and understandable.  

      Writing - This writing is to be admired. It's classy, the kind of pure simplicity that comforts even as it lures. Explanations are supported at the moment they are needed, and with a certain flourish that doesn't break your stride. What is here is integral to the development, a leanness which is definitely hard to execute. What's more, it feels effortless, like a breath of peace at the dawn of morning. 

      I have more patience for the quiet enjoyment of words, and this story is kind in that regard. It captures your attention and keeps it very well. There's something for everyone, and I find it a smooth journey of tightly wrapped threads.  

      Characters - As previously stated, there is something magical in how the players are unfolded. An ease, the deepness of entering play, to which you associate these people. It's a little quirky, it's genuine, there are connections that link them and you see this enhance the chemistry. 

      There is tension, an air of lightheartedness which I hope will keep. This is a political drama conspiracy court epic, yes, but the framing makes me believe we could have a happy ending that doesn't come with the cost of dearly paid blood and tears. But I digress. 

      Conclusion - The premise is what originally caught me, because how amazing is that? Who hasn't thought, "this character is too precious for the world and needs to be protected, I will fight all of you and to the death"? Mei Yanran's intentions, and the way she resolves to be singleminded in pursuit is very much the kind of all in zero to a hundred enthusiasm you'd want. That honest youth, the vibrancy of chasing, it's beautifully blossoming. 

      And cautiously. The Ling Fengxiao she sees is still not the Ling Fengxiao he may be. This kind of flirtation, the deepness of their attraction is still quavery. Will there be consequences, a gravity to which her plans might fall through? What further modes of emotion will be conveyed through the artistry of form and function (which, I know nothing about and find pretty cool, the tidbits) ?

      A part of me wishes for fluffy success. A part of me wonders how real this will get. There's room here, and I intend to be along for the ride. Laughing and crying, softhearted. This story has given much to me, and I am thankful to read. 

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