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/ Series / The Second Coming of Gluttony, the First of Vainglory
The Second Coming of Gluttony, the First of Vainglory
The Second Coming of Gluttony, the First of Vainglory
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Seol Jinhee

Jihu's younger sister. Before his gambling addition, Jihu and his sister had a very close bond. But when he stole her car and laptop, leaving her stranded alone in the middle of the road, the love and affection that she had for her older brother twisted into hate.

At least, that was what should have happened.

Here, due to Jihu's absolute self-disgust and denying those events, Jinhee never suffered that cruel betrayal and continues to love and support her older brother. In addition, this Jinhee is much younger, still in her final year of high school rather than the adult in Canon.

Following certain events that led to Jihu entering Paradise, Jinhee worries that he has once again fallen into dark events and bad times because of her.

Eun Yuri

A weird girl that Jihu met at the university gym he uses to work out. Beautiful, but somewhat eccentric and strangely eager to talk to Jihu. 

In Canon, she plays a key role later on in helping to lead the way to an important area


as well as becoming one of Seol's wives.



Maria Yeriel

An elegant, cute, and innocent looking blonde priestess... with a terribly crass mouth, greedy personality, and love for alcohol. She's eighteen, but she looks younger than her age. 

In Canon, she's Seol's go-to priest and always caves to him offering her money. However, it always ends up with her losing more than she gets. Even so, because of his impossible actions, she continually throws her bets on him.

Here, she's also Jihu's go-to priest. And like in Canon, he wins her over with money... but due to Jihu's bad habit of returning goodwill with a lot extra, she feels guilty about the high expectations. While greedy at her heart, when faced with a sincere guy like Jihu who throws money away like it's running out of fashion, she can't help but get frustrated and worried for him, despite the troubles that come her way.

Yoo Seonhwa

Seol's ex-girlfriend. A childhood friend, she fell in love with Seol from a young age after he helped pull her out of her grief on losing her parents. Up until the time she went to university overseas, they were a happy and normal couple. But after that, everything fell apart.


While studying overseas, she entered Paradise and became Baek Haeju, gaining the reputation as the first Level 8, as well as the moniker of Sacred Empress.


In Canon, Seol fell apart after she left, but she stayed with him through his downward spiral and supported him even through the undoubtedly abusive relationship until Seol sought her out for money one last time just before entering Paradise.

Here, due to Jihu's intervention at an earlier time, she doesn't give up on him and tries to rekindle their relationship. However, as she sees him start to cut his own path without her, experiences the worry of whether he would return from his trips 'overseas', and if he still thought of her, she believes herself to be the cause of his downward spiral and feels guilty for ruining the kind-hearted young boy she fell in love with. As such, while she still loves him and wants to be with him, she is more tolerant of the women that enter his life (unlike Canon).

Seo Yuhui

The Daughter of Luxuria. A beautiful woman with a kind, elegant, and radiant demeanor as expected of such a position. However, she's known to be an infamous ice wall that doesn't let anyone close.

In Canon, she first meets Seol by chance when he is visiting Scheherazade after his accomplishments in Arden Valley. She is strangely comfortable with Seol despite her reputation and helps him a great deal, often going out of her way so excessively that he doubts her intentions at times.


The reason is because future Seol in the original timeline helped her a great deal and she fell in love with him. Just like how future Seol sent his emotions back, she did the same. However, due to having more contributions, she possesses more of her memories.


Here, a chance encounter early on led to her stalking Jihu at the PC Bang while he set up his online businesses. He jokingly calls her his stalker because of it, and the truth isn't far off.


She is fascinated at how different he is from her supposed memories and can't help but be happy that he's changed so much for the better when comparing Jihu to the gloomy future Seol in her memories.


Odelette Delphine

Odelette Delphine is an Earthling who awakened as a Magician in the Neutral Zone and gained the second most points in the The Tutorial. A bright, intelligent, and bubbly beauty who has a talent and enthusiasm for studying magic.

In Canon, she plays a supporting role in the Neutral Zone while a larger role near the final battles. She also respects Seol for his accomplishments and values the time they worked together in the Neutral Zone.

Here, due to Jihu's incomprehensible apparent mastery over mana and magic, you could say that Odelette Delphine's affection points were maxed out. While they still parted ways after the Neutral Zone, what Jihu taught her about magic and his method of solving the Impossible Mission were never forgotten. And so, in the future...?

Hao Win

Hao Win is a high ranking member of The Triads and an ally of Seol Jihu during the Neutral Zone and beyond it.

In Canon, he helps Seol a lot in the administrative side of things and on Earth, resolving a lot of the issues around PR and the battles in the background.

Here, his actions are the same, but his sincerity is greater. The fact that he calls Jihu his sworn brother-in-arms is not for show. While acknowledging Jihu's monstrous ability and unyielding personality, instead of fear, he respects it as suited for one meant to rule. And so, in the future...

Shin Sang-Ah

A young woman that Jihu met in the Tutorial and helped out of a rough situation. Worked as a first responder on Earth. Following the Tutorial, she gained the class of a priest and ended up making her home base in the kingdom of Eva.

In Canon, she played a minor role as Seol's acquaintance.

Here, Jihu created and lent her a mana sword during the Tutorial that allowed her to grow as a priest that could defend herself and fight on the frontlines. While currently hearing about Jihu's actions secondhand, in the future...?

Hyun Sangmin

A savvy man who knows how to read the room. He tends to wear a green cap with sunglasses. In the Tutorial, he's the first to recognize Seol's abilities and befriend him.

In Canon, he plays a minor role after the Tutorial, barely being mentioned again.

Here, he acknowledge Jihu as his Boss and respects him for his leadership and abilities. Although parting ways at the end of the Neutral Zone, in the future...?

Sung Shihyun

A crazy son of a bitch with a trash personality and a perverted streak wider than his infamy. The first ever Gold Mark and recruited by Sinyoung, he made waves due to his talent and ability. He was also known for refusing the path of a magician and taking the path of a warrior. 

In Canon, he shares a lot of parallels with Seol. Both of them are from Korea, rose up as an irregular level one and quickly made a name for themselves when leaving the Neutral Zone. Both are also unabashed perverts, with the difference being that Seol's is subconscious (for the most part). Although clashing later, in an alternate timeline where Seol defects to the Parasites, the two are shown to get along fairly well due to their similar personalities and temperaments.

Here, the parallels are even more striking to the point that everyone wonders if Jihu is the second coming of Sung Shihyun. Both refused the path of a magician to walk the blade. Both were involved with the Daughter of Luxuria. Both are shown to have an unyielding personality and refusal to compromise. And both have a reputation for being shameless flirts. 

At their cores, Jihu and Sung Shiyhun appear to be the same. However, their differences are because Jihu embodies 'Vainglory' and Shihyun embodies 'Pride'. One focuses his accomplishments and efforts outwards, while the other focuses his accomplishments and efforts inwards.

And when the two clash later on...?

Yun Seohui

Seora's older sister. Called an "artificial human" in Canon, she is callous and childlike, often acting on fits of whimsy. Even so, she is capable and manipulative, proven by the fact that she holds the reins to the tyrant organization that is Sinyoung. 

Here, she gains an interest in Jihu for much the same reason as in canon, but due to Jihu's actions...?

Yun Seora

Sinyoung's Second Lady. The second daughter of Sinyoung's founder, Yun Seojin.

A cold, apathetic, and yet talented young woman. She entered Paradise with the intent of rising up the ranks and meeting her father's expectations. However, events in the Tutorial led to her falling into despair and almost suffering a terrible fate.

Like in Canon, Jihu saved her before the worst could happen. However, due to his ripples, the situation she found herself in was worse than in Canon... And consequently, her affection towards him even stronger.

After Paradise, she works hard at Sinyoung to gain the authority and power to be able to help Jihu and repay her perceived debt to him... though she quickly finds out that may be more difficult than anticipated... 

Kim Hannah

Sinyoung's Fox. The one who wrapped Seol into a contract that prevented him from returning to Earth in the original timeline, but one of his greatest supporters in the second timeline of the Canon story.

Sharp, analytic, and business savvy. Also beautiful, but in the business secretary type of beauty.

She's pretty much the same here, but due to Jihu's ridiculous abilities and continuous over-the-top shenanigans, she has to deal with a lot more trouble than she did in Canon. However, she also trusts Jihu more as a result due to his seemingly absolute faith in her goodwill, something that she subconsciously returns.

Carpe Diem
Hugo Richard

A muscle-headed warrior who looks like he belongs in the NFL. Black, American, and a guy who acts accordingly, enjoying food, women, beer, and all the finer things in life.

A chill and easygoing guy. In Canon, he respects Seol for his abilities and as a person in general.

...Not much is changed here.

Chung Chohong

A beautiful woman with pure-white, milky like white jade. Long black hair, elegant... but only on a first glance. In truth, she's crass, short-tempered, dishonest, and not the brightest bulb in the bunch. 

Her class is a combination of a priest and a warrior, jokingly said to be as she didn't have the attitude or intelligence to walk solely down the path of a priest.

Jang Maldong

The famous Kingmaker. A man who has seen legends rise and fall in Paradise, respected by every organization and major power due to his skill in training Earthlings that went on to become famous.

One of the first waves of Earthlings in Paradise who fought to make it live up to his name but fell short and got discouraged as those he trained and those around him devolved into seeking nothing but benefits.

In Canon, he is encouraged by Seol's determined personality to fight for the sake of Paradise and his friends despite a lack of talent and power.

Here, he at first dismisses Jihu due to his outrageous talent. But after certain events...?

Seol Jihu

The protagonist of this story. 

A former gambling addict who was the worst sort of scum, dragging himself and everyone around him into all sorts of trouble and misery as a result. It got so bad that at the point of the story's beginning, his family had completely severed all ties with him and his girlfriend was about to leave him for good despite tolerating his behavior for years.

...At least, that should have been the case.

Here, a nameless spirit stumbled his way into Seol's body before the events of the story unfolded and before he completely ruined his relationship with his younger sister.

Unyielding, arrogant enough to believe he can change the inevitable future and save those who could not be saved in the story... Just where will his story end?

In Canon, he possesses the Nine Eyes, an ability that differentiates objects into nine titular colors each categorized with their own representational meaning, such as various levels of threat evaluation and modest understandings of fate and destiny.

The ability remains in this story, but it has been changed due to the different underlying core of the person taking on the role of Seol Jihu and his worldview.

Flonecia Lusignan La Rothschear (Flone)

The Heiress of the Rothschear family, one of the founding families of the Empire. While she was made a Saintess after her death, the circumstances surrounding that death were terrible enough to turn her into a resentful spirit persisting for hundreds of years.

In Canon, she was later freed from her resentment and became Seol's faithful companion, saving his life more than a few times after his reckless actions.

Here, due to certain events, she managed to gain a second lease on life and was able to live the life she couldn't in the past.

Skilled with a sword and shield, while possessing the abilities and status of a Unique Ranker as a Level Six Saintess.

Ian Denzel

An alchemist that Seol met in Paradise. A lecherous old man who is truthfully wise and insightful. 

In Canon, he serves as an advisory mentor type figure to a rehabilitating Seol.

Here, he becomes Jihu's first party member after certain events involving Haramark's Princess... And also got his youth back due to miraculous means. Of course, an old pervert is still a pervert at heart no matter the age...

Umi Tsubame
Ayase Kazuki

A famous High Ranker from Umi Tsubame. Skilled at tracking and fighting, he first comes across Seol and Jihu in the rescue mission to retrieve the people captured during the attempt to destroy the Parasite's breeding facility. During the mission, he sought to rescue his younger sister, Yui.

In Canon, he failed. Due to the circumstances, he mercy-killed his sister. Afterwards, he is grateful to Seol for attempting to help and giving him the chance to at least free her from her suffering, but the relationship doesn't become close until after certain events where he asks for help from Carpe Diem.

Here, Jihu manages to save Yui, creating a deep debt of gratitude on Kazuki's part, as well as respect and admiration. Though not much has changed so far, the tiny ripple caused by this event...?

Taciana Cinzia

The leader of Sicilia, the most powerful organization in Haramark. 

Harsh and intimidating as well as blunt. However, she has a strong sense of duty and respects those worthy of it.

Claire Agnes

Agnes is Cinzia's right hand. An infamous war hawk and brutal assassin with enough blood on her hands to stain Haramark red. Beautiful, with pure white skin and golden hair, but like a drawn blade.

In Canon, she's the one who whips Seol into shape and serves as his link to Sicilia. She is impressed by his feats and actions, but the relationship is strictly teacher-student. 

Here, due to Jihu's ridiculous physique and talent, Agnes sees him more as an equal, if not better. She respects his talent, skill, as well as unyielding and upright personality. After certain events, that respect deepens and she begins to see Jihu in a different light... as well as becoming uncharacteristically feminine and insisting on being called Claire.

Teresa Hussey

A Paradisian and the Princess of Haramark. Through the blessings of the gods, she possesses a Status just like Earthlings. 

Extremely beautiful, but has a crass and tomboyish personality due to the events leading to her being forced to take the fight against the Parasites.

In Canon, she grew to like Seol after being rescued by him and sharing life and death conflicts. However, she takes a bold and sometimes predatory approach to 'claiming' Seol.

Here, that affection emerged due to Jihu casually fulfilling her dreams and offering unconditional support. The nature of it differs slightly as well, and while she's still bold, underlying it is a desire to be worthy of someone standing beside him.

Arbor Muto

A former magician working in the Delphinion Duchy in the Empire before it fell. Old and in the fading years of his life. Even so, his keen intellect and insight haven't dimmed a bit.

In Canon, he helps Seol by unintentionally helping to recruit Jang Maldong, providing rudium for him during the rescue mission at the Parasite breeding facility, and then helping the Haramark royal family out, as well as providing the locations of his hideouts which have a great role in the final battles.

Here, due to Jihu's ability to comprehend and make use of Muto's magic engineering knowledge, the former magician sees hope for the future and rekindles his passion. Working together with Ian, he continues forward with the path left incomplete by the Empire after it fell. And in preparing for a certain battle...?

Jihu's Status Screen

As of Chapter 50

[Your Status Window]
[1. General Information]
Summoned Date: March 16th, 2017
Marking Grade: Gold
Sex/Age: Male/24
Height/Weight: 180.5cm/80.2 kg
Current Condition: Great

Class: Lv. 2 (Synthesis Blade)

Nationality: Republic of Korea (Area 1)
Affiliation: Carpe Diem
Alias: Jihu, Seol, Haramark's Hero, Miracle Worker, That Bastard, Incorrigible Stealer of Maidens' Hearts, Oppa, Benefactor, Shameless Flirt, and ten more.

[2. Traits]
1. Temperament:

  • Analytical (Takes in all the information to consider the situation)
  • Decisive (Once a decision is made, immediately acts with force)
  • Unyielding (Will not stand those that oppose or belittle him. Will not bend to those that attempt to bar his path.)

2. Aptitude:

  • Immeasurably Insightful (Can perceive patterns and information from the barest of traces at a level that seems impossible.)
  • Iterative (Continuously refines progress from quick reflection and contemplation)

[3. Physical Level]
Strength: High (Middle)
Endurance: High (Middle)
Agility: High (Middle)
Stamina: High (Middle)
Magic: Divine Beginning
Luck: EX
Remaining Ability points: 3

[4. Abilities]
1. Innate Abilities (6)

2. Job-Related Abilities (1)
Unbound Karmic Sword (Ungraded) - Cause and effect. Natural consequences. Order and Chaos, harmony and dissonance. A blade that defies all such concepts to sever and bind, unify and separate.

3. Other Abilities (0)

[5. Level of Cognition]
Domineering (One whose actions allow no compromise or defiance)/Contemplative/Karmic Rule(Malice with Malice, Goodwill with Goodwill, and one rule to connect them all)

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      New U.N.Owen
      Status: --

      Amazing novel, I recommend reading this, it is entertaining at every chapter, and many satisfying events occur, the MC is a nice guy but he can be ruthless when needed.

      At the beginning, most things will have small changes but as the story progress, we will see how those small changes will alter so many things....

      Enjoy reading this!

      Read More

      1 Likes · Like
      New Ikhsannorm
      Status: 68 – earthly affairs – 1

      Okay, where should I start?

      First, the motivation of the MC. It is more fundamental, it feels blurry at some moment but his goal is to be better, both his situation and dealing with the events soon unfold, than what 'he' read. Of course, since causality, fate and destiny are more apparent forces... they react accordingly to stabilize the trajectory and will make an interesting scenario......

      The second is about his stance with the girls. For a while, he hesitates whether to commit with them but the progress should move more because it will be annoying if it just stays the same right?

      Third and this is the reason I like this take on the story is that while it is a bit short, the content definitely fills you with quality, that every word is worth it.

      Read More

      1 Likes · Like
      Status: c44

      To put it bluntly, It's a wish-fulfillment, but a GREAT wish-fulfillment story. Seriously, I never thought there's an amazing guy who uses SCOG as fanfic but definitely approves it. As for the story itself, it's incredible. The story can stand for itself, similar yet different, clear flow while having suspense too. Most of all, it's VERY interesting (at least for SCOG fans who wish for a different ending.) Honestly, if I could pay money for advance chapters, I will because THIS is gold. Read it, you'll enjoy it. 

      Read More

      7 Likes · Like
      Status: c58

      It's good, really! The suspense and all what makes me read the whole thing in one go. 

      It's a bit regretful that there weren't r-18 scene. I mean, only thing that I hate in scog is it's lack of eroticism. (Teasing is good and all but speaking in a matter of honest brother need to blow some steam.)  

      "People communicate to know better, s*x also other form of communicate." 

      Read More

      4 Likes · Like
      Status: 1 – son of a-!

      This is amazing hands down which doesn't leave much to say other than if u love overpowered characters (like One Punch Man) or training to get OP cliche, you will definitely love this take on the og scotg side story and I 100% recommend it.

      Worth the read!!!

      Read More

      2 Likes · Like
      Status: 64 – [redacted]

      This is gold. Before I started reading this I honestly thought it would be a wish fulfillment harem story with a tinge of drama and emphasis on the 'capture' of heroines. 


      it wasn't... well, not completely

      Well, to keep things short this story is great and I hope that a lot of people will see it that way. 

      Read More

      2 Likes · Like
      Status: 48 – unyielding emperor

      Honestly is a big disappointment. The author shows several times that he has the creativity to use the setting and do his own thing with it. But instead, even though his MC is magnitudes more powerful than the original one, the sequence of events keeps being the same as canon to the point of absurdity. 

      The writing quality is good enough, the romance is as frustrating as canon and the tension is next to nonexistent since the MC is so powerful and he doesn't have the social handicaps of the original... Overall dissapointing but not horrible

      Read More

      2 Likes · Like

      worse than original.

      In original, MC wasnt that powerful or confident but still beta as much. Story didn't changed at all. "Fate" can't be changed I presume. MC talking like womanizer but always suspend effect. Its worse than original because you could find fault that MC is meek, and having confidence problems, but not this one so I don't know who to blame when character traits and his actual acts don't match up.. Disappointed

      Read More

      0 Likes · Like
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