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/ Series / The Gray Moon Pack
The Gray Moon Pack
The Gray Moon Pack
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A pack of 7 wolfkin and a human that travel the worlds as heroes looking for a place to settle down while having peace and quiet time where no one bothers them for who they are. They use a multiverse spanning system named "The Hero Transmigration System" to help with traveling from world to world to help them find this place. But the gods that use this system, and the godless worlds that call for this system are not ordinary. What will our pack await on each world? That is something most god won't even care to know.

If you came here to see betrayal, go away, this is a pack of loyal beings.
This story will have racism against the mc's, this is not the main point and will often be shrugged off.

Auteur here, I hope you will enjoy this series that I came up with. I might have some grammar and spelling mistakes. Please point those out so I can learn from them.
Cover photo by Ganapathy Kumar ( )

AdventureFantasyIsekaiMysterySlice of LifeSupernatural
Beastkin Demi-Humans Fantasy World Heroes Human-Nonhuman Relationship Level System Multiple POV Multiple Protagonists Multiple Transported Individuals Mysterious Past Racism Summoned Hero Teamwork World Hopping
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