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Lieforged Gale
Lieforged Gale
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4.8 (384 ratings)
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Kicked from his guild for insulting the guild leader in a complicated altercation, Rosco is left adrift and alone in the VRMMO called Rellithesh. That is, until, the hidden prologue event for an upcoming expansion lands him with the perfect opportunity to start over.
Equipped with a shiny pink katana, a new female-locked class, and the skills from her childhood, the newly dubbed Keiko sets out into the world with no intention of ever bumping into her old friends again. Unfortunately fate, or maybe some meddling AI, have something to say about that.

ActionFantasyGender BenderGirls LoveLitRPGMatureRomanceSci-fi
Artificial Intelligence Fairies Female Protagonist Futuristic Setting Game Elements Hiding True Identity Slow Romance Transgender Unique Weapon User
Table of Contents 50
  1. 50: FoggyMar 25, 2023
  2. 49: Rube Would Be ProudMar 16, 2023
  3. 48: DelugeFeb 18, 2023
  4. 47: Title EmpyFeb 7, 2023
  5. 46: Wading Through ItFeb 5, 2023
  6. 45: A Paid GigFeb 5, 2023
  7. 44: Pacts and PortentsOct 22, 2022
  8. 43: A Return to NailsAug 14, 2022
  9. 42: Free FeatherJul 16, 2022
  10. 41: Aite the WayJul 11, 2022
  11. 40: VanishmentJul 2, 2022
  12. 39: RackidsJun 27, 2022
  13. 38: Security, Safety, and SleepMar 24, 2022
  14. 37: NailsMar 4, 2022
  15. 36: Bottle FeedingFeb 25, 2022
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      New Keerith
      Status: 48: deluge

      The author's writing style is fantastic and enjoyable to read. Keiko is super cute. I am really invested and want the next chapters. ^^

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      1 Likes · Like
      Status: 23: double sided incident

      Lovely small scope gamelit story with big heart. Good balance of wholesome, heartwarming, heartbreak, and drama. The mood/feeling it gives me reminds me somehow of Log Horizon, if Log Horizon was a VR game and the characters were queer. 

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      36 Likes · Like
      Status: 28: a weakling and a whore

      It's hard to put into words how much I like this story, but I'm going to try anyways:

      First of all, the characters. Valerie has shown time and time again that she can write really great and relatable characters, and this time is no different. Not just that, but the interactions all the different characters have are really good as well. The main character is in a very rough place at the start, and it's very satisfying to see the process of her healing, as well as discovering new things about herself.

      For the worldbuilding, despite being set in the same universe as trouble, and also taking place in a fantasy game, the setting still manages to feel different and more importantly, very intriguing. Without spoiling anything, there is quite some stuff that raises some questions, and the lore that we have seen thus far has been pretty cool and interesting.

      While I cannot say much about the combat without spoiling a lot, what I can say is that it's very exciting, and I love the way the skills, the combat, etc are written/described

      All in all, QuietValerie shows once again she's a great writer, and I cannot wait to read more of this story

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      34 Likes · Like
      Status: 19: definitely not arson

      Awesome story that gives a very different look at the Troubleverse. While the story takes place primarily within Rellithesh, the occasional look outside the game helps build the overall setting and shows more of how the events in the other Troubleverse stories effect those not directly involved in them.

      CORA felt more sandbox-y like it was almost another world, Rellithesh feels much more game-y so stuff like skill choices and mastery of game mechanics feel as though they hold much more weight as they provide direct limitations on what she is actually able to accomplish. 

      Also favorite part of Lieforged Gale is that while tragic events and trauma are present and meaningful, Keiko is not entirely without support or made to suffer unnecessarily. This tends to be the case with basically all of QuietValerie's stories but Lieforged in particular feels like it has been done perfectly. And is probably why Keiko just feels so real.

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      31 Likes · Like
      Status: 24: payment plans

      Like it so far. Seems a little more chill than Trouble with Horns. The game world is less violent or maybe just less gore.

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      30 Likes · Like
      Status: 19: definitely not arson

      Another excellent story from QuietValerie! The backstory established in the first chapter had me hooked immediately. The characters are adorable and I'm often left with a huge grin after reading their antics, and the fight scenes are spectacular.

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      28 Likes · Like
      Status: 32: phd in murder

      I've read serval of the authors other stories. Ive also read serval other stories of this type. This is by far the most engaging story ive read here on scribblehub. The characters feel like they are people playing a game, and the game itself seems like something I would actualy play, which is a lot more then I can say for other Iseki MMOs. The MC dose occasionally make some decisions that dont make sense, but that hasnt decreased my enjoyment of the story any less. 100% recomend giving this story a shot 

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      26 Likes · Like
      Status: 39: rackids

      Once again QV has given us a wonderful transgender themed story with a cute protagonist and a bunch of complications so she can live her life on her own terms. Without giving Spoilers, it is set in her trouble verse, but not in the same settings, games, or even locations. But it has many similar features, and the story has some of the same antagonists as Trouble and other stories in this setting. 

      Over all it's been a lovely tale, set in a grim dark future that sadly seems to be coming true. 

      Can't wait for more. 

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      15 Likes · Like
      Status: 32: phd in murder

      I love this story. It's one of my favorites from Vale, up there with Ryn. Keiko is very human, rather than just having some lame plot reasoning for leaving her guild. I really liked the extra prologue chapter as well - it helped to add some backstory to the whole thing without making it seem forced, as backstories so often do.

      Also, it's just funny. The jokes and funny situations don't appear too much, and when they do, it's always with a good explanation to back them up so they aren't just there for a laugh. Take the brick scene, for instance. There was a good reason for him having a bunch of way too many basalt bricks, and it fit in nicely instead of breaking the flow.

      We also got time to settle in with the characters before [redacted bc spoilers], which definitely helped with the progression. We learned about the world, got some info on the mechanics and the cast, and then had a emotionally painful twist leaving me hanging from the edge of a ravine. All in all, I highly recomend.

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      11 Likes · Like
      Status: 24: payment plans

      Cool, at first. Then the MC explain Why he deleted all his friends and restarted a new character.

      And let me tell you it make no sense. It was not by anger at his friends who kicked him without trying to ask questions, no it's worse.

      He used a F. Word, and was so sad and angry at Himself for his reaction that he wanted to punish himself and deleted all his friends... and his character.

      Whoo what a plot twist... Beh, too much expectations, Yuri romance but for kids. It's disappointing.

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      11 Likes · Like
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