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Life was relatively normal and cozy for Itsuki and Haruto—two Japanese high school best friends living in the peaceful little town of Chizu on the foot of the great mounts of Tottori Perfecture. Takemura Itsuki, an all-time bedroom gamer, and Shiratori Haruto, a noob game fanatic, were just playing an RPG game they found lying alone on the dark streets after their end-year exams. But, as the game completed, something relatively darker starts to unfold as the beasts came to life, threatening the existence of the whole village. How did this turn up like this? What the heck was happening? And, most importantly, why? Why the hell were they the ONLY ones chosen, out of all the people? Was… life really cozy and stuff for Haruto and Itsuki?
Written by Dhruv Pabreja
New Episodes Every Saturday, starting from January 15, 2022
Warning: The series contains profanity, gore, and traumatizing content. Rated 13+.
P.S.: Isekai'd series has a slow start and a comparatively slower pacing at the beginning of the series, but as the series goes on, it surely is gonna hook you up. Thanks.
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Anti-social Protagonist Average-looking Protagonist Awkward Protagonist Calm Protagonist Caring Protagonist Character Growth Cold Protagonist Coming of Age Death of Loved Ones Dense Protagonist Depictions of Cruelty Depression Rivalry
Table of Contents 135
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Table of Contents
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