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/ Series / In Danmachi with Plasmids
In Danmachi with Plasmids
In Danmachi with Plasmids
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4.5 (57 ratings)
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First, I'm posting this Novel on Webnovel as well, but I have decided to start posting here as well.
In there, it's one chap every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

As this is severely behind, I'll post 3 chapters per day until we catch up with it, though that might take a few months.
Since it's a lot of chapters, in order to make this simpler and easier for me, I'll try to correct any mistake you guys point out, but please, don't be angry if I don't.
I'll prioritize my Novel on Webnovel, that's all.
There are many mistakes people marked to me over the years, and I fixed most, but when I have 100 comments per day on Webnovel, it gets a bit difficult to fix them all, so in the case I don't fix it, please, give me a break, you can always remember me once or twice, perhaps on that day I'll be keener on just doing it, but I'm only Human after all.

Lastly, I used to post this Novel here, but I stopped due to some problems, hopefully, this time I won't stop.

That's it, peace.
A man who lost his family due to an accident dies from overwork trying to prove himself to society.
He gains a second chance in a parallel world studying and researching for decades in order to find a way to travel to other worlds, only to once again die alone, overworked, alone, and bored, achieving nothing.
In the end, he achieved power, respect, and fame, but he still wasn't satisfied.
Yet destiny has something reserved for this hardworking man.
Will he now achieve his dreams in a world of magic and Gods, with power from another world? Or will he be shunned for being different?
I have a Patreon go take a look! You can access advanced chapters there!
or this one if you are having trouble
https://[email protected]/AbadomWriter?fan_landing=true

And the Discord Server of course

The first chap will be more about exposing the world of Bioshock and how Plasmids works and setting up the storyline for the future.

I am not a writer, I do this for fun and you are reading this for free. The minimum you can do is to just leave a reasonable opinion, please don't hate mail me.

(Work in progress)
R18- In the medium to far future
Slow romance
Gore- In some fighting scenes
Intelligent Mc
Fast-paced- At the start
Medium-paced, it's neither slow nor fast.
And more to come if I feel like adding them.

I don't own the cover image, the world of Danmachi and Bioshock, or the characters apart from the Ocs.

Thank you for reading!

ActionAdultAdventureFanfictionFantasyMartial ArtsSupernatural
Bioshock Series Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls In a Dungeon?
Adventurers Age Progression Based on a Video Game Based on a Visual Novel Based on an Anime Calm Protagonist Fantasy World Fearless Protagonist Game Elements God-human Relationship Reincarnated into Another World Slow Growth at Start Subtle Romance Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents
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    Status: undefined

    This fanfiction is well written, I'm glad our MC Silver doesn't have the same traits as the Original MC. What Silver has in common with Bell is his kindness that likes to help others. Meanwhile, his naive, beginner and gullible nature is not the same as Silver's. Our MC Silver is smarter, not a beginner in battle, if he encounters an enemy he will resolutely kill him this is what made me very happy to read it. It would be funny if he let go of his enemy then one day an enemy would appear and bite him even harder.

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    4 Likes · Like

    Came from Webnovel to leave a review, this is an absolutely awesome story with a very intelligent and creative main character, with what a few absolute badass moments. I feel like the characters are very well written, the dialogue is smooth, and overall great grammar that makes for an excellent reading experience. I would highly suggest you give the story a try as I very much doubt you will regret it, and feel that you will definitely enjoy the journey the author has written out so far.

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: c99+

    I'm a wn reader and got informed he put some chaps on scribble to show some support, definitely a five stars from me, and Abadom has a patreon with advanced chaps any whales who want to be ahead and smug about knowing future plots from us plebs

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    2 Likes · Like
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