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An all-expenses-paid trip across an Empire, fully sponsored by the King? Comes with a first-class ticket on board the Orient Express? And a murder case to solve in your free time?! What kind of isekai travel package is this??

When a sabotage stops the Orient Express dead in its tracks, Saintess Rasputina and Princess Anastasia suddenly find that their trip may be more than they bargained for. Then, a lady is found stabbed to death along the corridor of a first-class carriage—with no sign that the murderer has escaped the train. Except she had assumed another passenger's identity, and all fourteen passengers recorded in the Conductor's list are still very much alive. Who is she? And more importantly, who murdered her?

Worry not, for we have the three worst minds on the case—the genderbend fake Saintess with the sole purpose of scamming the Empire's gold, the transmigrated princess embarking on the most exciting isekai adventure of her life, and the sidekick who was roped into this disaster of a train! Together, they shall solve a murder on the Orient Express...?


The first fourteen chapters including the prologue will be released daily, 12pm UTC.

Cover art by 鵜飼沙樹 (pixiv)

ActionAdultComedyDramaGender BenderGirls LoveHistoricalIsekaiRomance
Androgynous Characters Appearance Changes Aristocracy Based on a Movie Beautiful Female Lead Calm Protagonist Clever Protagonist Clingy Lover Comedic Undertone Cross-dressing Cunning Protagonist Empires European Ambience Forced Living Arrangements Male Protagonist Misunderstandings Multiple POV Politics Reincarnated into Another World Reincarnation Saints Transmigration Transported into Another World Underestimated Protagonist Wealthy Characters
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TCFS (Prequel)
Table of Contents 37
  1. EpilogueJun 30, 2023
  2. Thirty fourJun 23, 2023
  3. Thirty threeJun 16, 2023
  4. Thirty twoJun 9, 2023
  5. Thirty oneJun 2, 2023
  6. ThirtyMay 26, 2023
  7. Twenty nineMay 19, 2023
  8. Twenty eightMay 12, 2023
  9. Twenty sevenMay 5, 2023
  10. Twenty sixApr 28, 2023
  11. Twenty fiveApr 21, 2023
  12. Twenty fourApr 14, 2023
  13. Twenty threeApr 7, 2023
  14. Twenty twoMar 31, 2023
  15. Twenty oneMar 24, 2023
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      Status: epilogue


      Cough cough, sorry, my inner fangirl came out for a bit.

      Like the first one, is good.

      Maybe even better.

      The relationships and romance is uncovered to be more complex than before.

      It's a bit different genre-wise from the first (It's obvious why) but still hits the same spots.

      Please please, make more.

      I'll drop everything to read it, even if my wife is giving birth, this would be more important.

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