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/ Series / Bonded Summoner – Books 1-5 on Amazon!
Bonded Summoner – Books 1-5 on Amazon!
Bonded Summoner – Books 1-5 on Amazon!
80.9k Views 506 Favorites 25 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 1059 Readers
4.4 (75 ratings)
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Jake was a young man trying to find his way in life, when a God forced their way into his apartment and drafted him into a never-ending multi-versal war against Eldritch beings.

The war resembled various aspects of MMORPG games that Jake was used to playing, and Jake became the Summoner Class to face the challenges that the sentient infinite dungeon that spanned the entire cosmos would bring him.

Jake would summon a devious demoness and a Valkyrie as he levels and grows in Tier, seeking: safety, glory, and family.

Warning: Contains: LitRPG system, multiple love interests, adult activities, cultivation, probably too long status sheets, dungeon crawling, dating, and an infinite multiverse.

Chapters: Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
Sex scenes will be completely skippable and separated into interlude(s), of which there are two for book 1 only.
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Crafting Cultivation Devoted Love Interests Doting Love Interests Dungeons Familiars Fantasy World First-time Intercourse Game Elements Gamers Harem-seeking Protagonist Late Romance Level System Magic Monster Girls RPG Summoning Magic
Table of Contents 25
Reviews 2
Table of Contents
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    Status: c0

    I'm going 4 stars because I didn't like some parts of the MC like he gets embarrassed for saying s*xual things, since he's not a virgin anymore it's already annoying, and he keeps saying that it will help in the relationship since he basically doesn't do anything the only thing that help and Fhesiah, he is "kind" with them and it's over he just does what they want, he doesn't try something like increasing his registration or looking for positions that they like or trying to be more active in the relationship, that is he is an almost one beta who doesn't know what he wants right away.

    another thing without the villains they seem not at all intelligent they are that type are only hands they do not use strategies correctly and when they go wrong it is said silly of (how is it possible how strong you are) for someone who is a champion he is very stupid.

    I also don't like the MC being altruistic and saving people because yes and not for benefits and resources, and since the story makes it seem that the MC can do everything and the gods are oxen and that's it, I would like the gods to only help people because it is they adhere to these gods they gather faith which helps them get stronger and they have rivalries for gathering people's faith.

    (may have some errors due to being trudzido in google translator)

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    Status: book 4 – chapter 31 – mates forever

    Around a 4, (Made at chapter Book 4, chapter 31)

    Bonded Summoner was a good story.

    A LitRPG, jumping between different battlefields while during the breaktime, rest, train, chat, and develop some characters!

    This story has a fair bit of combat, spaced between other moments. Besides the initial grind, most of the combat has been done in a "War" setting, so two big sides trying to kill each on multiple fronts. The action has been good, and yeah.

    On the harem side of things, it's done well enough. With on average 1 girl being introduced per Volume, with that statistic probably decreasing as the cast of characters grows. So far each romantic interest has had a fair share, romantic development, as well screen time.

    This story has some combat heavy moments, and so far every character does get their moment to shine.

    The story is a Subbed? Stub? Currently have a mind blank moment on the term, but at the time of writing this review. Volume 1~3 isn't on Sccrible anymore, so you will have to look at other sources to read it.

    I've enjoyed the current Book 3~4 plot the most so far, it has added a lot of needed interesting development, and has just further explored the larger universe and with plenty of good moments and character development, from the main and side cast.

    But yeah, I've enjoyed it. It was a good read, umm, nothing really to complain about either? Which is also a good thing. Overall just a really good story, that had some really good individual moments, good characters and a decent plot.

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