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/ Series / The Wanderer – A X-Men Crossover Fan-Fiction
The Wanderer – A X-Men Crossover Fan-Fiction
The Wanderer – A X-Men Crossover Fan-Fiction
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4.3 (114 ratings)
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Dying painfully and in despair, Elijah Frost wakes up in a new reality, where he finally got the chance he had been denied before. Using his unique gift, he plans to wander the galaxy, as he enjoys the freedom his power grants him.


This Fan-Fiction is a Crossover between the X-Men, MCU and the Marvel Comics. Characters, events and timelines will be mixed to create the world the MC finds himself in after his abrupt transmigration.

It is a slow paced story and therefore a bit different than my other works, which means it will also be longer.

I know that a lot of things are overused when it comes to FF in the MCU, so I can only ask you to trust me that I will create a unique story that will not leave you wanting for anything.

There will be romance.

I have no real update schedule, but more than 50 advanced chapters of this story are on my patreon account. I will probably only upload it here occasionally, as this account isn't a priority of mine and just exists to stop others from stealing my intellectual property. (My patreon-acc:

Last, but not least, I don't own anything but my own characters, as I do not own the cover image, which I found on the internet. If you are the creator and want me to take it down, just send me a message or leave a comment.


ActionAdultFanfictionFantasyMartial ArtsRomanceSci-fiSlice of LifeSupernatural
Marvel X-men
Accelerated Growth Antihero Protagonist Based on a Movie Beautiful Female Lead Calm Protagonist Confident Protagonist Overpowered Protagonist Power Couple Pragmatic Protagonist Protagonist Loyal to Love Interest
Table of Contents 180
Reviews 10
Table of Contents
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    Status: c55

    Extremely slow-paced, most of the series is just MC having s*x with a girl who barely knows him, somehow they fall in deeeeep love, and essentially every second chapter has them kissing, and every third chapter has a s*x scene.

    It gets old really fast, especially when the series is extremely slow f**king paced there is barely anything happening (when u add the fact the MC is basically almost op with very few potential opponents you realize this is just a slice of life novel of a couple having sez) there's only 2 fleshed out characters, and one of them heavily revolves around having MC around.

    The grammar is good, very readable, the story not so much, there isn't much going on besides talking about s*x and love. 

    Nothing against people who like smut but this guy is clearly trying to sell his fiction to a certain audience for a certain reason. 

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    Status: chapter 054 – peak human

    It’s good and has an interesting premise but there’s so many s*x scenes! Why isn’t this tagged as smut! 54 chapters in and all they’ve done is have s*x 

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    8 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 077 – home

    This story is honestly a breath of fresh air, The story flows well and it is well written. One thing to note is that the story seems romance heavy, at least 60% of it is romance and if that turns you off then I dont recommend this for a read. One other thing of note is that I have never read of a MC putting so much thought into a singular power, its amazing and makes this read worth it all on its own. Other than that it should be noted that the protagonist is quite strong and is honestly smart compared to other protagonists I have read about, to the level of being overpowered. However his overpoweredness is somewhat understandable later on, all in all it is a great read and I highly recommend.

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    Status: c40

    It's perfect 😌 I like the chemistry between jean and Elijah and I'm looking forward to seeing more of their love life good job to you mister author.

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    Status: chapter 001 – prologue – born without a...

    Don't start reading this story!

    It is well written and the concept is a bit trope filled, but is immersive. The sentence structure is good and the grammar is fine. The story flows well and is fun to join in on the authors self insert story. So why shouldn't you read it? 

    This story is all promise and no delivery. 150 chapters in and no action. The MC wins the everlasting love of his girl with zero effort. Male heros from the comics are reduced to creeps, simps, or psychos. No meaningful conflict occurs to challenge the MC. There was literally one chapter of significant fighting and that was just a flex to show how awesomely OP the MC is. He holds back the entire fight, which everyone can somehow tell, while still winning the mindless adoration of a second powerful female character from the comics. The author drops enough nuggets about villains to make you feel like eventually an epic fight will occur but doesn't. The MC grows in power and prepares for the battles that never materialize. 

    This novel is a power fantasy with no battles. It reads more like an erotic novel made a baby with Twilight then cut out everything but the angst and s*x. The side characters are all bland, boring, and only get pov time in order to gush about the amazingly wonderful MC. Hundreds of words written about how terrifying his eyes are and how he exudes calm manliness. One of the most powerful characters in MC is reduced to a bubbly airhead that loves to shop, gossip, and get taken by her soul mate savior.

    There were parts that had real promise. I won't mention specifics but the MC stumbles on a possible reason for his GF's trouble in the comics and how her story goes "dark". Unfortunately this was used as a plot device to hook the MC up instead of in any meaningful way.

    The MC has some douche nozzle world view that makes no sense except as justification to do nothing and help no one. The author clearly aims to make him a neutral character, neither good nor bad, but only manages to make him boring and self centered. Large parts of the story are pointless, as the MC doesn't really do anything except watch another hero's story unfold while philosophizing about a weird sociopathic take on karma. 

    Don't read this unless it gets a serious rewrite or you are just in it for the adult scenes. 

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    Status: chapter 137

    Tl;dr: A very self-indulgent fic with an incredibly rushed romance and a spineless MC even with all the power he possesses.

    This story had promise. It really did. Then it got to when the MC and Jean somehow fell in love with each other even though they've only known each other for a day. I still read through it, hoping to find some more excitement, only to find some mushy romance about how "dreamy" and "gorgeous" the MC's eyes are and also a lot of smut. Like, 50-60% of the fic after them moving out of the mansion is them having s*x or some cloying display of their incredibly rushed romance. And somehow, everyone just immediately accepts him getting with the hottest and most powerful girl in their group in an incredibly short period of time as if it was a normal thing to happen? Can this get any more self-indulgent?

    Then there are the issues with the MC himself. What a f**king asshole. The guy yearns freedom and is so devoted to seeking that he lets innocent people die in front of him because if he saved them, it somehow means he has the responsibility to save everyone he can. He doesn't want to save or fight anyone because he doesn't want to be burdened by karma. That would be reasonable and would fit his ambition of attaining true freedom, if it weren't for the fact that he f**king shackled himself to a girl he somehow bonded with almost at first sight, as if it was a sh*tty soul-bond fic, and now has to fight against a foe that the girl herself could handle, but that the MC insisted on handling himself because of his f**king pride. What a hypocrite. He acts like he's above it all, as if he's an immortal looking down on peasants, but infringe on his personal interests and he suddenly finds himself wanting to interfere with the mortal world. I'd even go as far as to day that he's spineless because he clearly doesn't regard his ambition all that highly if he's willing to shackle himself just so he can eat that pu**y. Xianxia protagonists are assholes of a really high degree, but even they have the resolution to follow through their goals even if it means abandoning who and what they love. Not to mention, him choosing to not save people he definitely could have saved because he doesn't want to get burdened by responsibility and karma is f**king stupid when you think about what he's been working hard for all this time. He's supposed to want absolute freedom, meaning he should choose to do whatever he wants and not be shackled by whatever higher being or concept that decides what should happen. This is entirely antithetical to his supposedly deepest desire, and is another reason to call him spineless. I get that this is supposed to portray him as a neutral player, but all it really did was make him look like an absolute sociopath who sees human life that isn't his close ones as having less worth than a blade of grass.

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    Status: chapter 50

    In the beginning its good but the whole premise which seems cool in the beginning just kinda drags the story down as you proceed.  His need for freedom is so flawed but is countered by his ability to make women fall in love with him at a glance. You can only go so far with a story built on meaningless intimacy and s*x scenes to sustain the plot. Freedom is an illusion and this stories flaws prove it. 

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    Status: chapter 137

    The story was good, nice plot, MC too emotionally portrayed and too many romance scenes and s*x scenes..

    But when is it returning? Stopped right on a cliff 😑

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: c137

    I haven't gotten too far but I love the story so far. It really focused on the characters and a little bit on developing his power. I will say that his progression in the relationship with Jean is comically fast. Like 4 days and their basically ready for marriage. While a little strange it makes a little sense with them both being more god then human I guess, there might be a soul mate type thing going on. Pretty nice but if that happens again with another character I'll be a little upset cause to me that just wouldn't make sense for either of their characters. Wish more would happen but at the same time I love the pacing so far.

    Edit: I've finished what's up so far and it's still good. The progression for plot is still very slow. But both his powers and the characters all experience immense growth. While reading takes a while and a lot happens the actual time in the story is super slow like the first 50 chapters take place over a single month. Also there's a lot of lemons I think they should be spaced out a bit more as reading through the scenes over and over again is a little stale. I can't wait for things to start happening right now its kinda been a slice of life novel with a ongoing training montage in the background. Which is fine and I enjoy reading but I'm excited to see him smack some people around. 

    Also what's up with his like aura being able to scare everyone like that from the glimpses we've had into his past he seemed like a normal dude so like what's up with his bloodlust scaring like super OP folks

    Side note: it is infinitely cruel of the author to stop where he did. I am very cross right now, especially with his upload style making it unlikely we will get an update soon.

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    Status: chapter 137 – honesty

    I have enjoyed this story greatly so far. I am a bit worried though about the possibility of polygamy and the balance of power.

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